The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

There are plethora of reasons why we encourage households to undertake a “Spring Clean” at least twice a year.

From improvements to health and wellbeing, to a general feeling of calm and cleanliness in and around the home, spring cleaning creates a space that you and your family will LOVE to spend time in.


And if anyone suffers from allergies, spring cleaning is a MUST. It’s simply essential for the allergy sufferer that the home is cleaned of build ups of dust, dirt and other allergens. You’ll be amazed at just what irritants accumulate inside the home over the course of a year!

Now, while you may be thinking a spring clean comes around only once per year in the spring, a super thorough, deep clean is a great thing to do at ANY time of year.

In fact, here at Clean House Melbourne, we strongly encourage you to conduct a spring clean-style clean at least every six months. And if you have a very active home, then it’s a great idea to get stuck in and do this task with every change of season.

Now, we won’t sugar coat this, but the job of spring cleaning is a big one. Spring cleaning goes far and beyond regular house cleaning, to include all the little nooks and crannies in the home you can imagine.

Spring cleaning is a big task, and one that’s easiest left to the professionals! Expert house cleaners like us are familiar with all aspects of spring cleaning – in all environments, and we can complete the job with the least amount of fuss.

But – if you’d like to tackle your next spring clean yourself, we’ve compiled the ultimate spring clean checklist to help make your next clean the best it can be.

So gather up the family and work your way through the following cleaning list below!

General Spring Cleaning List

(The basics for most types of rooms, use where applicable)

  • Vacuum the floors everywhere
  • Clean and mop hard floors
  • Full carpet steam cleaning (use a professional)
  • Shake-out rugs – vacuum them or steam clean
  • Steam clean upholstery
  • Clean blinds
  • Clean and dust ceiling fans and light fittings
  • Dust cornices and skirting boards
  • Spot-clean scuffs and marks on the walls
  • Clean windows
  • Polish furniture and handrails
  • Clean and dust air vents
  • Dust around wall hangings

Spring Cleaning the Bathrooms


  • Clean and disinfect shower and bath
  • Clean and disinfect sink and countertops
  • Clean any glass areas
  • Clean and disinfect floors and clean walls
  • Clean the shower curtain
  • Dust and clean windows
  • Polish faucets and handles
  • Scrub and disinfect entire toilet area
  • Wipe down cabinets, knobs, towel racks and toilet paper holder
  • Remove dust from extractor fans and air vents
  • Clean light switches
  • Wash floor mat
  • Wash towels
  • Wash and disinfect rubbish bin
  • Tidy and sort medicine cabinet

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen


  • Declutter everywhere
  • Deep clean floors
  • Clean the outside of all cabinets and handles
  • Deep clean the sink
  • Deep clean the oven
  • Disinfect door knobs, switches and handles
  • Clean the fridge (inside, out, and underneath)
  • Clean the microwave (inside, outside and underneath)
  • Clean disinfect the rubbish bin
  • Run a cleaning cycle through the dishwasher
  • Clean the hood of the oven and any extractor fans
  • Clean the cooktop and splashback
  • Deep clean any pots, pans and kitchen utensils

Spring Cleaning the Living Room and Dining Room


The items listed under “General Spring Cleaning” where applicable PLUS –

  • Pick up any clutter or loose objects and put away
  • Dust and polish knick knacks and display objects
  • Dust and polish electrical appliances
  • Dust and polish surfaces such as entertainment units, cabinets, tables, chairs etc
  • Disinfect remote controls
  • Condition leather furniture
  • Tidy bookshelves
  • Clean Air con and filters

Spring Cleaning the Bedrooms


The items listed under “General Spring Cleaning” where applicable PLUS –

  • Declutter everywhere and put all belongings away
  • Tidy wardrobes and bookshelves, cabinets
  • Dust and polish all surfaces
  • Clean and organise bedside tables
  • Wash pillows and all bedding
  • Flip and rotate the mattress
  • Dust above wardrobes and anywhere dust can settle
  • Vacuum inside wardrobes
  • Clean all mirrors and rails
  • Clean windows, including frames and sills

Spring Cleaning the Laundry Room


  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wash walls
  • Clean inside, outside, beneath and behind the washing machine and dryer
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Clean extractor fans and vents
  • Clean sink and taps
  • Dust ceilings and corners
  • Clean any cabinets
  • Disinfect handles and door knobs
  • Tidy cleaning products
  • Clean tiles and grouts

Spring Cleaning Outside Areas


  • Sweep and hose outside flooring
  • Clean garage doors
  • Shake out any mats
  • Clean outside furniture
  • Disinfect outdoor rubbish bins
  • Remove cobwebs and fumigate any insect areas
  • Gardening as required

Spring Cleaning Miscellaneous


  • Clean pet feeding bowls, pet bedding and toys
  • Clean remote controls and gaming equipment
  • Declutter and sort children’s toys and equipment
  • Wash any stuffed toys
  • Disinfect bath toys and children’s bathing equipment
  • Dust and polish home office surfaces
  • Spring clean your computer, keyboard, and mouse

If you’d like to outsource your next spring clean to the professionals, give us a call. We’ll tailor a thorough deep clean that’s just right for you.

Speak to our cleaning manager today to see how Clean House Melbourne can transform your home without you needing to lift a finger. 0407 094 444

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