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Renovations are massive undertakings, and the process always causes dust and dirt to settle into unimaginable places. After a renovation of any size, there is simply no chance to escape from cleaning.If you’re building or renovating, be prepared for the onslaught of dust, plaster and dirt which finds its way inside and behind the drawers, inside the light fixtures, on top of the doors, on the walls, in the window sills, inside the dishwasher, inside washer & dryers, inside cupboards, ceilings, behind frames, inside oven and microwave and more…Then there’s the windows, windows sills, skirts, floors, and bathrooms which accumulate paint drops and debris, while the ground is covered with cardboard and tape installed to protect the floors.

While its possible to try and do this heavy cleaning yourself, the better choice is to outsource this difficult task to an expert cleaning firm. Only expert restoration cleaners know how to deal with all the challenges that this specialised cleaning requires.

Our post-renovation cleaning service is a specialised cleaning program for newly built apartments, houses, residential and commercial properties.

It is the ONLY solution to really get to the bottom of the mess left by tradespeople, and to eradicate all traces of dirt and dust after a partial or major renovation.
Clean House Melbourne has completed many builders’ cleans in all inner city suburbs and surroundings, and is often called upon by quality builders to help high end new properties to be ready for owners.
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Why hire an expert post-renovation cleaning company?

Renovating a home is an exhilarating experience. Once it’s all done, the tradespeople can simply pack up and leave. However, the property owner is left behind, stuck with all the mess! With already enough to do, the property owner can easily become overwhelmed by the scale of cleaning up required after the building work is finished. Don’t even think about doing it yourself – it’s a suicide mission!Savvy home owners enlist the services of an experienced cleaning company who bring in a team of several cleaners to bring the property back to perfection. This job takes them a day regardless of on the size and the load of cleaning required.

You need to hand it to the right cleaning company, but don’t leave it until the last minute! We recommend doing some thorough research online, whilst paying particular attention to reviews. Clean House Melbourne have over 1300 verified reviews on Google, and these positive reviews mean you’re guaranteed of getting a perfect, professional post-renovation clean.


Not all cleaners can do these types of cleans if they lack the patience and high attention to detail that is required to leave the property as sparkling and dust-free as it can be. Post construction cleaning is one of the most tedious and meticulous cleaning services available, and Clean House Melbourne has all the experience and know-how to deliver the best results, every time.

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After Renovation Cleaners Melbourne
What does an After Renovation Clean include?

When you book with us, we’ll take care of:

  • Kitchen: outside and inside cupboards, benchtops, inside & behind drawers and cabinets, outside and behind the fridge, inside the dishwasher, under the sink, inside & outside the oven and microwave.
  • Floors: Sweeping and vacuuming all floors several times, then mopping them with the right green cleaning products according to their nature (tiles or wood) until they are dust free
  • Skirts: all over the property bottom and top of the walls.
  • Doors: doors, door handles, and door frames
  • Walls: spot cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Window: inside and outside (where reachable), windows frames, rails and sills.
  • Fixture: remove all dust, paint, and plaster from all sockets, light switches, air-con, and lights.
  • Bathrooms: wipe all the walls, tiles, mirrors, dust everywhere, clean inside cupboards, behind & under washing machine and remove paint drops from the floors and walls.
  • Carpet and upholstery: Steam clean carpets, rugs and upholstery and dust all the furniture and the cupboard inside carpet
  • Rooms: dusting and wiping all the wardrobes and the mirrors from both sides and the door rails. Vacuuming the cupboard inside carpet
  • Living room: spot clean walls and ceilings, windows sills, windows in and out, wipe curtains and blinds.
After Renovation Cleaner Melbourne

Post-renovation cleaning is a big and demanding job. It requires a lot of knowledge, patience, time and elbow grease. Not handling these cleaning requirements properly can cause the property owner damage, loss of money and time.

Note – If you’ve done only a small renovation, then most of these tasks won’t be necessary. Or if they are necessary, much less effort will be required.

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After Renovation Cleaner
Case Study

One of our clients underwent a massive renovation for their property. After it was completed, the home was covered in dust and debris from corner to corner. Everything from paint sprays to dirt; and debris such as broken wood chips, tiles, glass and other dust particles infiltrated every part of their newly completed home.The family was unable to manage the scale of the cleaning required on their own, so they enlisted us for help. Our team of specialised post-renovation cleaners tidied up every speck of debris and dust, ensuring their house looked perfectly new and ready to move back into.

After Renovation Cleaning Service
“After renovation cleaning service” is also known as:
  • Builders cleaning
  • After construction clean
  • After reno clean
  • Renovation cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning or Post remodeling cleaning
  • After remodeling cleaning
  • Reno cleaning
After Renovation Cleaners Melbourne

Whether you are looking for an “after construction clean”, a “builders clean”, or a “post renovation clean”, and you want the job done RIGHT – regardless of the size of your renovation, contact us NOW on 003 8583 9102.Clean House Melbourne has a team of skilled and trustworthy commercial and residential cleaners that have the patience, experience, and attention to details required to handle any kind of post-renovation cleaning.

We are well-organised, flexible and equipped with all the necessary equipment, products and knowledge to make your home shine again in NO time.

No job is the same. Call us (NO obligation and at NO charge) and schedule a walk-through inspection, where we’ll tailor a professional cleaning solution to suit your needs and budget.

Someone who has used our service said:
Clean House Melbourne cleaners came to clean my house after my renovation. They did a good job. Mimmo personally conducted the walk through & made sure everything was done to my satisfaction. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Weng Kong Chee
Extremely professional. This is my second experience with Clean House – the first was a post renovation clean when the results were exceptional. The second time I wanted a general spring clean. There can be no greater recommendation than knowing there will be a third cleaning experience with this company. A wonderful staff too.
Sandra McDiarmid
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