When our home requires decluttering, our minds are often burdened too. Mental health suffers, anxiety elevates, even our relationships can be impacted.

Piles of possessions line countertops and nestle into every available space — lining the hallways, beneath beds, covering furniture.

Going about daily tasks becomes burdensome. It is impossible to move freely or operate with efficiency and contentment. Your home can seem small and cramped. At the end of a long day, there is nowhere to relax. Clutter is everywhere so you refrain from inviting loved ones into your home.

The irony is that although you have an abundance of possessions, you are often unable to locate them. This leaves you feeling frustrated, depressed and demoralised.

Freeing one’s self from clutter can seem impossible. It can feel lonely, challenging and overwhelming.

We are here to help.

Our premium decluttering services make a profoundly significant impact on our clients’ lives and overall wellbeing. Once the clutter is gone, homes feel spacious, luxurious and calm.


Specialist decluttering areas
While each home and each client is different, Clean House Melbourne can assist with the following types of home organisation.
  • Removal of unwanted and out-of-date foodstuffs
  • Decluttering countertops
  • Effective use of cupboard space
  • Deep cleaning
  • Decluttering, tidying and organising wardrobes and drawers
  • Decluttering and sorting bookshelves
  • Clearing and cleaning under beds
  • Transforming the “junk room” into a usable space — a guest room, home office, playroom or home library
  • Removal of unwanted and out-of-date medicines, toiletries and cosmetics
  • Decluttering countertops
  • Organising cupboards
  • Effective use of vanity unit
  • Scrubbing and sanitising
  • Tidying and organising cupboards and shelves
  • Decluttering and organising countertops
  • Transforming the laundry into a systemised, usable workspace with dedicated areas for dirty and clean clothes
Kids’ Room or Playroom:
  • Removal of broken, disused or outgrown toys
  • Implementation of storage systems based on toy-type or frequency of use
  • Creating safe spaces for unsupervised play
  • Creating an appealing space
  • Enabling kids to maintain their own organisational systems
  • Rubbish removal
  • Sorting, tidying and cleaning
  • Implementing organisational systems and storage solutions
  • Utilising walls and ceiling for hanging storage
Arrange a FREE, no-obligation phone consultation to discuss your unique home decluttering needs.

During this 30-minute discovery call, we will discuss your unique decluttering challenges. Then, we create a customised decluttering strategy to achieve your goals and honour your budget.

Once you choose to declutter your life, you can be living in a clutter free home in as little as a week. We can even make improvements in a single day!

We accept home decluttering jobs of all shapes and sizes!

Begin your home decluttering journey with a FREE 30-minute discovery call
I think Clean House Melbourne is the BEST! They were so nice but also very professional and does such a great job! Always going above and beyond what needs to be done and prices are very reasonable. I will be using them for a very long time, very happy and very impressed!
Marc Antoine
I highly recommend Clean House Melbourne. From the first phone call to the cleaning of my home, I've found Clean House Melbourne to be very professional and thorough. It is an absolute delight to arrive home to my beautifully cleaned home!
Stasia Bayley

Take a look at some of our amazing home decluttering results

Our promise to you
Our discreet and understanding decluttering team perform life-changing decluttering services in Melbourne. At Clean House Melbourne, we:
  • Get to know your unique home decluttering needs
  • Treat you and your possessions with respect, understanding and care
  • Operate without judgement
  • Remove unwanted items only with your consent
  • Invite you to collaborate with us as much, or as little, as you want
  • Create a realistic budget and never exceed it
  • Can integrate cleaning into your decluttering and organising service
  • Will be an amicable and pleasant presence in your home
Our team of highly skilled, professionally trained declutterers are ready to achieve your decluttering and organising goals.

Case Study #1: Assisting Mr. Thompson with Hoarding Clean-up

The Challenge: Mr. Thompson, an NDIS participant diagnosed with a hoarding disorder, had accumulated many items over the years, making his living space very crowded and hazardous.

The Solution: Understanding the sensitive nature of hoarding, our team approached the situation with empathy, understanding, and respect.

**Step 1**: Conducted a non-judgmental consultation to understand Mr. Thompson's needs, desires, and preferences.

**Step 2**: Sorted items into categories—keep, donate, store or dispose, with Mr. Thompson's input.

**Step 3**: Deep cleaned and sanitised thoroughly the whole house.

**Step 4**: Organised the remaining items neatly, optimising the space for comfort and accessibility.

The Result: The transformation was significant, and Mr. Thompson appreciated our team's respectful and supportive approach.

**Safety**: Improved living conditions by removing fire hazards and improving air quality.

**Mental Well-being**: Mr. Thompson reported feeling more at ease, relaxed, and in control of his life.

**Client Satisfaction**: 5/5 stars on the post-service survey.

Case Study #2: Revitalising a Busy Professional's Apartment
The Challenge: Emma, a busy professional, struggled to maintain an organised and clean home due to her demanding work schedule and night studies.

The Solution: Our team devised a plan to declutter and clean Emma's apartment and implement organisation systems to make it easier for her to maintain order.

**Step 1**: Decluttered and organised Emma's personal belongings.

**Step 2**: Implemented storage solutions and organisation systems.

**Step 3**: Conducted a deep clean and sanitisation of the apartment.

The Result: Emma was delighted with the transformation and felt a sense of relief in her newly organised and clean space.

**Efficiency**: Emma reported saving an average of 1 hour daily due to the new organisation systems.

**Mental Well-being**: Emma reported reduced stress levels and improved sleep quality and productivity.

**Client Satisfaction**: 5/5 stars on the post-service survey.

Case Study #3: Decluttering and Organising for an NDIS Participant - Karen's Transformation

Background: Karen is a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), residing in Melbourne. Over time, like many households, Karen's home had accumulated a variety of items in both her kitchen and garage, making these spaces challenging to navigate and use. Recognising her need for a safer and more organised environment, Karen's support coordinator sought the best in the business to help.

The Challenge: Karen's kitchen had become cluttered, with no clear system in place for where items belonged, making everyday tasks like cooking, and cleaning a struggle. Her garage had reached a state where it was nearly inaccessible, preventing Karen from quickly and easily retrieving stored items or using the space efficiently.

The Solution: Having heard of our home decluttering and organising company through our outstanding reviews and high Google ratings, Karen's support coordinator decided to entrust us with the task.

Kitchen Transformation: * Duration: 1 day
* Team: 3 professional organisers

Upon arrival, our team began with a comprehensive assessment of the kitchen. The three home organisers sorted items, discarding, or donating what was no longer needed and categorising the rest. Each item was then given a dedicated space. By the end of the day, the kitchen had undergone a complete transformation. No longer a space of chaos, it was now a functional, streamlined environment where everything had its designated home.

Garage Makeover: * Duration: Half a day
* Team: 2 professional organisers

The garage posed a different challenge. At the start, there was little to no pathway to navigate. Our team's primary goal was to create an accessible space for Karen. They strategised a U-shaped passage, allowing ease of movement. Utilising wall shelving, they maximised vertical storage, ensuring every item had its place, and the floor remained clear. By the afternoon, what was once an overwhelming storage room had transformed into an orderly, accessible space.

The Outcome: Karen's life at home has been transformed. She can now enjoy cooking in her decluttered kitchen, knowing exactly where every item is. Her garage, which was once a source of stress, is now an efficient storage area she can easily access and find whatever she needs in no time.

Feedback from Karen: "I'm beyond grateful for the fantastic job done by the team of organisers. I never imagined my kitchen and garage could look this good! Every day tasks have become so much simpler and stress-free. Thank you for giving me my space back!"

At Clean House Melbourne, we believe everyone deserves a functional space they can feel proud of. Karen's story is just one of many successes we're thrilled to share. Don't hesitate to reach out if you or a loved one require decluttering and organising services. Our team of home organisers is committed to creating beautiful, functional spaces for all.
Areas Covered
  • Decluttering Wollert
  • Decluttering Epping
  • Decluttering Roxburgh Park
  • Decluttering Bulla
  • Decluttering Taylors Lakes
  • Decluttering Taylors Hills
  • Decluttering Derrimut
  • Decluttering Deer Park
  • Decluttering Ravenhall
  • Decluttering St Albans
  • Decluttering Sunshine
  • Decluttering Maribyrnong
  • Decluttering Essendon
  • Decluttering Footscray
  • Decluttering Altona North
  • Decluttering Seabrook
  • Decluttering Hoppers Crossing
  • Decluttering Caroline Spring
  • Decluttering Fitzroy
  • Decluttering Elwood
  • Decluttering Brighton East
  • Decluttering Hampton
  • Decluttering Moorabbin
  • Decluttering Mentone
  • Decluttering Dandenong
  • Decluttering Keysborough
  • Decluttering Rowville
  • Decluttering Wheelers Hills
  • Decluttering Wantima
  • Decluttering Ringwood
  • Decluttering Croydon
  • Decluttering Bayswater
  • Decluttering Greensborough
  • Decluttering Bundoora
  • Decluttering South Morang
  • Decluttering Coolaroo
  • Decluttering Craigieburn
  • Decluttering Broadmeadows
  • Decluttering Tullamarine
  • Decluttering Preston
  • Decluttering Chadstone
  • Decluttering Clayton
  • Decluttering Chelsea
  • Decluttering Box Hill
  • Decluttering Doncaster
  • Decluttering Heidelberg
  • Decluttering Thomastown
  • Decluttering Werribee South
  • Decluttering Werribee
  • Decluttering Aintree
  • Decluttering Rockbank
  • Decluttering Nunawading
  • Decluttering Glen Waverley
  • Decluttering Hampton
  • Decluttering Morrabbin
  • Decluttering Glen Iris
  • Decluttering Ashburton
  • Decluttering Burwood
  • Decluttering Surrey Hills
  • Decluttering Kew East
  • Decluttering Rosanna
  • Decluttering Macleod
  • Decluttering Kingsburry
  • Decluttering Wattle Glen
  • Decluttering North Warrandyte
  • Decluttering Warrandyte
  • Decluttering Warrandyte South
  • Decluttering Wonga Park
  • Decluttering Yarrambat
  • Decluttering South Morang
  • Decluttering Yuroke
  • Decluttering Oakland Junction
  • Decluttering Calder Park
  • Decluttering Keilor North
  • Decluttering Alphington
  • Decluttering Ivanhoe
  • Decluttering Dallas
  • Decluttering Westmeadows
  • Decluttering Gladstone Park
  • Decluttering Keilor Park
  • Decluttering Kealba
  • Decluttering Sydenham
  • Decluttering Melbourne CBD