4 Reasons To Do A Full Spring Clean This Season

Spring is right around the corner, and that means we’re ready to start enjoying our homes to their fullest potential over the warmer months.

If Autumn and Winter have cast a pale over your property, and it’s looking and feeling less than its sparkling best, then Spring presents the perfect opportunity to dust off the cobwebs, get into those dark corners, refresh those rugs and carpets and bring every shiny surface back to life.

And, if you suffer from allergies, it’s not just the enhanced visual impression a spring clean will make to your home, there’s plenty of health and happiness benefits too.

Here we explain 4 reasons why you should book in for an exclusive Clean House Melbourne ‘Spring Clean’ this season!

1. Spring cleaning brings your home out of hibernation

Reverse the effects of heavy-use: It’s natural to hide indoors when the Winter weather starts to bite, but before long, heavy use of your internal areas starts to show.

As you’re most likely at home a lot more often when it’s cold, this means greater use of kitchens and bathrooms, more traffic and stains on flooring, and increased use of items such as ovens, microwaves and laundries. All of these places accumulate wear and tear, dust and grime, and signs of tiredness.

Reverse the effects of Mother Nature: Having endured many months of windy days, rain, sleet and storms, your property has been subject to an even set of tougher conditions – Mother Nature.

Affecting both the outside as well as the inside of the property, forces of nature cause particles and dust into every nook and cranny of your home, from the windows and window frames, to bookshelves, the inside of cupboards, and literally everywhere in between!

A full-service Spring Clean will reverse the effects of Winter; bringing brightness and freshness back to the property.

Spring Clean

2. Spring cleaning prepares your home for easier, regular cleaning

If you’re a stickler for home cleanliness, then it’s likely you’ll be tackling your home cleaning duties at least once per week. Whether you outsource your regular cleaning duties to a professional cleaning company, or you conduct your cleaning yourself, it’s easier to keep on top of things when you clean with consistency.

A full Spring Clean which fully eradicates every cobweb, every dark dusty corner, and every piece of winter buildup is absolutely essential if you want to streamline your cleaning routine for the rest of the year.

At Clean House Melbourne, this is part of what we call ‘proactive cleaning’. It is having the foresight to do a deep-clean at the right time, so that the rest of the cleaning chores are made easier.

A full Spring Clean will set you up for more simplified and faster regular cleaning for the rest of the season.

3. Spring Cleaning assists with allergies

Spring can be a miserable time for allergy sufferers, when pollen, dust, and irritants are circulated in the air wherever they go. Nature aside, the situation for allergies is made even worse if the sufferer has not taken care of the build-up of winter dust and debris inside their living quarters.

To make living and breathing a lot easier, a thorough Spring Clean, designed to rid the home of dust completely (not just move it from one side to the other) is highly recommended.

Only a professional cleaning company with a meticulous attention to detail (such as us!) will be able to conduct these in-depth kinds of cleans to the satisfaction of the allergy sufferer!

4. Spring cleaning brings the aesthetic beauty back to your home in time for entertaining and enjoyment

Whether you’re planning an extravagant summer party, a neighbourhood get-together or a relaxed family BBQ, Spring and Summer are the times we want to enjoy (and show off!) our homes to their fullest potential.

This year, wow your family and friends with a spotless and shiny place that you can be proud of. Imagine, tiles and flooring that are polished to perfection, sanitised and sparkling bathrooms, stain-free carpets and glistening windows. These (plus more) are all the hallmarks of a well-managed home.

A thorough Spring Clean will get your home off on the right foot, and provide the foundation for a happy and enjoyable summer season.

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