Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Pristine Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne

Would you like to return your upholstery to its former glory?

We are skilled upholstery cleaners who can drastically improve even the most well-loved furnishings.

Sofas, couches, cushions – these are magnets for all sorts of dirt and germs in the home.

Because these are some of the most heavily-used items in our houses, they bear the brunt of a busy family’s daily activities. In no time, your good upholstery starts to look tired, stained, worn out and worthless.

Whether it’s food stains, pet smells, dirt, or grime, nothing looks and feels worse than sitting on furniture that needs a good clean!

Upholstery Cleaning Service Melbourne
Upholstery Cleaning Service Melbourne

Unfortunately, getting rid of embedded stains, allergens and bacteria isn’t as simple as a once-over with the household vacuum.To fix your upholstery the right way, you need professional upholstery cleaner in Melbourne who use a professional cleaning method to not only improve the LOOK of your sofas and couches, but to SANITISE them – making your home a much healthier and happier place in the process.

If you’re sick of looking at that tired and stained sofa or those dust-ridden cushions, then a professional upholstery clean by Clean House Melbourne is a MUST!

Upholstery Cleaner Melbourne
Upholstery Cleaner Melbourne

With a meticulous and proven approach, we will restore your well-loved furnishings to a very clean and healthy condition, FAST. Leave this difficult job to us, we know what we’re doing!

  • Your home and property will be treated as our own
  • Your high-end luxury upholstery (fabric and leather) will be meticulously cleaned
  • Your high standards are our high standards
  • Your possessions are in safe hands, thanks to our 1300+ 5-star reviews online
  • You’ll appreciate our flexible hours and 7 days service.

Contact us between 6 AM to 10 PM and speak to us straight away.

Contact our cleaning manager today on 03 8583 9102 to book your professional upholstery cleaning service now.

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

For The Best Upholstery Cleaning – You Need Us!

The best part about our upholstery cleaning technique is that it’s designed to prevent resoiling! Yes – our tried and tested approach will do more than freshen and sanitise, it’ll help stop stains and smells from appearing in the future.Using safe techniques, and many years of experience, Clean House Melbourne will ensure all of your furniture is cleaned to the best extent and remain that way for as long as possible.

Following a natural way of cleaning, our techniques are 100% safe for your family and pets. With minimal drying time, your furnishings will be ready to use again quickly.

And another great thing about our cleaning approach is that it suits ALL of your upholstery and furniture. There’s almost nothing we can’t clean for you!

Best Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Best Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Why Choose Us for Your Upholstery Cleaning?

If you demand reliability, consistency, and a wonderful result – we’re the people to call.Our professionals have the equipment, the expertise, and the technical know how to turn out perfect cleaning work every time – no exceptions!

Booking us will guarantee:

  • Your surfaces will stay cleaner for longer
  • Our techniques prevent dirt, dust, mites, pollen and germs from re-settling
  • Superior freshness and elimination of bad smells. (We use special deodorisers that kill the foul odours that get absorbed by the fabric.)
  • A healthier home – Allergens and the other pathogens will be drastically reduced.
What Our Clients Are Saying
When booking your professional upholstery clean, why not bundle an extra cleaning service for a house that REALLY amazes?
For a cleaning service you’ll want to rave about, contact us now! We’re at your service.
Someone who has used our service said:
Clean house Melbourne have been doing my house weekly cleaning for the last two years. Besides, all spring cleaning twice a year. Their cleaners have also been able to assist me with various other services such as carpet shampooing, window cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. The work has always been very satisfactory, and I am most pleased with their customer service.
Aleeha Fatima
Amazing people and fast responders. They also do carpets, upholstery, etc but if you have a mattress you’d rather get made like new than paying $$$ on a new one it’s worth a call.
Willie Torres
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