Pre-Sale Cleaning Melbourne

Let us help you get more money for your property!

First impressions are everything, and this is especially true when you’re selling a property in Melbourne! Buyers are picky, and their exacting standards demand the best. A sparkling property is a sought-after property, so cutting corners on your pre-sale clean is not only bad mathematics, it is a risky business. If you’re like most smart vendors, you would have already gone through several steps to help your property achieve the best price possible, from picking the perfect agent, to having the property styled, photographed and marketed.

It follows then, to invest in an experienced and highly-reputable cleaning business (such as Clean House Melbourne) who can engage in an intense cleaning service to position the property in the best light possible.

Unfortunately, many inexperienced vendors don’t pay attention to this rather large detail. Instead of booking a professional cleaning company whose expertise will add value to their property, they hire anyone to do their pre-sale cleaning – resulting in a lacklustre clean and underwhelmed buyers.

Savvy vendors who know how to get the most money for their property, use specialised pre-sale cleaning companies with the right experience and plenty of excellent reviews online that showcase their excellent work standards.

Here’s how savvy vendors maximise the sale price of their property in Melbourne:
  • They forget about scrimping and saving on their cleaning budget.
  • Before the inspection day, they ask the cleaning manager to give them the best cleaning service possible. (We love dealing with vendors of this calibre because they allow us to do miracles with our house cleaning service!)
  • They accept the quote and pay in full in advance, to allow Clean House Melbourne to start working their magic.
  • On the cleaning day, the vendors move aside and allow Clean House Melbourne’s squad of specialised pre-sale cleaners to arrive at the property and start their makeover.
  • Equipped with all the necessary cleaning products and tools, Clean House Melbourne expert cleaners commence their mission to revitalise the property for the maximum sale price.

Clean House Melbourne cleaners take immense pride in their pre-sale cleaning work, boasting a strong track record of property owners who have entrusted them with their pre-sale property preparation.

Vendors are astonished at the level of cleanliness we have been able to achieve in their properties, and the results on auction day speak for themselves.

“After a few days, we typically receive a thank you call saying that they have already sold their property at least $50,000 above their desired price. We feel so proud of our work, and we feel overwhelmed by the contribution we made in that vendor’s financial situation. Sometimes, we receive champagne, gifts, tips as a thank you gesture. WE LOVE IT!”
— Mimmo Lahia, Founder Clean House Melbourne

Our pre-sale home and office cleaning services are suitable for Melbourne vendors who want to get the best out of their biggest asset without having to lift a finger or work up a sweat. Trust us, we know how it’s done and you can leave it to us! By using our pre-sale cleaning services, Clean House Melbourne will do all that is possible to impress your prospective buyers, giving your home the best presentation possible to achieve top dollar.

Clean House Melbourne’s Top Tips for A Dazzling Home on Inspection Day:
  • Look for the most reliable and trusted pre-sale cleaning company, such as us.
  • Have the mindset that the money spent on cleaning is an investment in your property.
  • Tidy and refresh your property before the inspection and quote day. We can help you with that too.
  • Clean before the arrival of the cleaners.
  • De-clutter the home.
  • Throw away all empty bottles and rubbish.
  • Hide all clothing, shoes and personal effects in the wardrobes.

Be assured that the more you spend on your property, in any way, the better it will look and the more buyers will be attracted to it. Your return on your cleaning investment is as certain as the day that follows the night.


In your Pre-Sale cleaning service list, you can select the tasks that suit your budget and your cleaning needs:

  • Dusting internally from floors to ceiling
  • Removing all cobwebs
  • Removing Mould from bathrooms, walls and balconies
  • Tiles and grout cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning: Roller blinds and Venetians
  • Cleaning all skirts, fixtures, lights and switches
  • Spot cleaning all walls
  • Wiping all the furniture to make it shine as much as possible
  • Window cleaning inside and outside (where possible and reachable)
  • Cleaning window seals and rails
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen: oven, range hood, microwave, sink, tiles, stove, cupboards (inside and outside), drawers, floor, dishwasher, toaster, handles, walls, windows, blinds, …
  • Deep clean bathrooms: tiles (top to bottom), showers, shower glasses, sinks, toilets, floors, mirrors, lights, switches, cupboards, doors, handles…
  • All floors: dusting, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Carpet steam cleaning and Uphostery steam cleaning
  • Specialised carpet and Upholstery stain removal service such as: pet, urine, medicine, wine, vomit, wax, ink … etc
  • Remove any rubbish: from inside and outside
  • Veranda and balcony cleaning: removing all cobwebs, tidy, dust, vacuum, mop …
  • And any other task that will help you get the best price for your property.
Maximise our presale cleaning service by:
  • Clean and tidy your property before the inspection and quote day
  • Clean before the arrival of the cleaners
  • Throw away all the clutter that is unnecessary
  • Throw away all rubbish, empty bottles and boxes
  • Collect and organise all your shoes, boxes and clothes
  • Look for the best reliable and trusted pre-sale cleaning company.
  • Allocate the right budget to invest in preparing your property for sale
  • Treat the money you spend on cleaning as an investment in your property for sale, not as an expense
  • Be assured that the more you spend on your property, the better it will look and the more buyers will be attracted to it. Your return on your cleaning investment is as certain as the day that follows the night
What does our pre-sale property cleaning service in Melbourne include?

Our Presale Cleaning service takes into consideration your budget and cleaning needs. Your list could include:

  • Dusting internally from floors to ceiling
  • Removing all cobwebs
  • Wiping all the furniture to make it shine as much as possible
  • Windows cleaning inside and outside (where possible)
  • Windows seals and rails cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen: oven, range hood, microwave, sink, tiles, stove, cupboards (inside and outside)
  • Deep clean bathrooms: tiles, showers, shower glasses, sinks, toilets, floors, cupboards, fan, doors, handles…
  • All floors: dusting, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Remove any rubbish inside and outside
  • Veranda cleaning and tidying
  • And any other task that could help you –the seller- get the best outcome from your property.
Someone who has used our service said:
A big thank you to Mimmo and his team, they have done an amazing job with our house with the pre sale cleaning.
Nicole Bainbridge
My sisters and I hired Clean House Melbourne to clean our house for pre-sale. Every communication with Mimmo was professional and he came to the house to provide a proper quote prior to the work being carried out. This was super helpful as it gave us a chance to ask questions and make sure everything we needed was covered. The result was an immaculately clean house and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service.
Maria S
If you are really interested in this special pre-sale cleaning service, please call Clean house Melbourne. We will estimate the time required over the phone or inspect your property, give you a quote with NO hidden charges.
We would love to make your property shine like a diamond.
Call today. Mimmo 03 8583 9102
Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is presale cleaning?
A. Presale cleaning is a thorough cleaning process aimed at preparing a property for sale. It enhances the property’s appearance, making it more appealing to potential buyers by ensuring it is immaculately clean and staged.

Q: Why is presale cleaning important?
A: Presale cleaning is crucial because it helps create a strong first impression, potentially increasing the property’s marketability and sale price. A clean and well-presented home attracts more buyers and can lead to quicker sales.

Q: What areas are covered in presale cleaning?
A:Presale cleaning includes a deep clean of the entire property: kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces. It also involves detailed cleaning of windows, carpets, floors, fixtures, and fittings.

Q: How does presale cleaning differ from regular cleaning?

A: Unlike regular cleaning, presale cleaning involves a more detailed and comprehensive approach, focusing on aesthetic details and minor repairs that improve the overall presentation of the home.

Q: How long does presale cleaning take?

A: The time required for presale cleaning depends on the size and condition of the property. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

Q: Should I declutter my home before presale cleaning?

A: Yes, decluttering is highly recommended before presale cleaning. Removing personal items and excess clutter allows cleaners to be more thorough and effective, and makes the space appear larger and more inviting.

Q: Can presale cleaning address pet odours and stains?

A: Absolutely. Presale cleaning includes specialized treatments to eliminate pet odours and stains, ensuring that these do not detract from the appeal of your home.

Q: What should I do to prepare for presale cleaning?

A: To prepare for presale cleaning, remove personal belongings and valuables, secure any pets, and provide clear access to all areas of the home. This helps the cleaning team work efficiently and effectively.

Q: How often should I schedule presale cleaning if my property doesn’t sell immediately?

A: If your property remains on the market, scheduling regular touch-up cleanings every few weeks can help maintain its pristine condition and appeal to visitors and potential buyers.

Q:Is presale cleaning worth the investment?

A: Yes, investing in presale cleaning can significantly enhance the attractiveness of your property, leading to faster sales and potentially higher offers. It’s a strategic move that can provide a substantial return on investment.

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