Aged Care Cleaning Melbourne

Let’s Face It


  • Have suffered SEVERELY from Covid-19 outbreak
  • Have sadly registered many deaths
  • Have low standard aged care cleaners in Melbourne
  • Are struggling to keep up with all their day to day duties
  • Having most of their residents grumpy, worried, stressed and hostile
  • Suffering from high stress which makes them more vulnerable to more disease


This has to STOP today.
Few Aged care and nursing homes have even risked losing their licence!

Enough Is Enough
  • Our elderly can NOT go through all this hustle, discomfort, pain and suffering from someone’s negligence.
  • They deserve more care, love and respect.
  • They have built the country we now enjoy
  • We owe them more attention and gratitude.

At Clean House Melbourne, we feel the urge to assist you with the highest cleaning service possible, which our elderly deserves.

We must provide them with the cleanest homes possible. It’s not our choice. It’s our duty. Picture your Aged Care COVID free and with happy residents. Dare to see the life inside your home care

  • How happy and healthy would your residents feel?
  • How much extra expenses would that help you save?
  • How much less stressful would everyone feel?
  • How high your reputation could go?
  • How proud would you feel about your Aged care?
  • How much impact would that make to your bottom line?
Would You Like To
  • Have the highest aged care rating?
  • See your resident happier and enjoying life in full?
  • Provide your residents with the cleanest and safest environment?
  • Have a long waiting list of prospects?
  • Stop the suffering and the stress in your nursing home?
  • Rank your aged care facility among the best in Melbourne?

It’s possible, and we would love to help you.

Our Mission
  • Never go back to Covid-19 struggles and daily deaths
  • Make sure your residents live with dignity
  • Provide you with a consistent, reliable and outstanding level of cleanliness from our fantastic cleaners

It’s not our choice. It’s our calling
Clean home = healthy and safer home

Let us make you proud of your facility and celebrate everyone’s good health and wellbeing.
Gift us the opportunity to make your aged care the cleanest and the most rated in Melbourne
Trust the 800+ customers who have rewarded us with five stars comments online for being able to provide a consistent and reliable 5-star level of cleanliness for the last four years of business.
We love doing it, and it gives us much pride.

We can help you take your aged care to the next level.

Let’s work together to better the livelihood in your Aged care and to make sure, NO elderly has to die because of poor cleaning and sanitation in their nursing home.

Call us today to have a chat and discuss ways to serve you. Let us help you make a difference in the quality of your resident’s life.

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