Do You *Really* Need A Move-In Clean?

Whether you’ve just finished a renovation, bought a brand-new home, or you’re moving into a rental property, a move-in clean might be the perfect solution for an all too common problem. Read on…

Situation #1 – You’re moving into a new rental property


A lot is said about the importance of booking a professional cleaning company when it comes time to move OUT of a rental property. After all, it’s well-known fact that landlords love to try and withhold rental bonds and picking faults in cleanliness is the easiest way for them to siphon away your hard-earned money. (Don’t miss: 7 end of lease cleaning mistakes you must avoid.)

But even if your new home received an “end of lease clean” when the previous tenant moved out, this definitely does not mean that the property will be clean and sparkling when it comes time for you to move IN.

There are usually weeks (if not months) of vacancy between tenants, not to mention groups of people coming through thanks to many open inspections. By the time it’s your turn to take over, that end of lease cleanliness is all but a distant memory…

As an incoming rental tenant, it’s common to be greeted with a heavy accumulation of dust over all surfaces, dirty windows from rain and pollution, stale-smelling carpets, grimy bathroom areas, scuffs and dirt from foot-traffic, plus a general lack of freshness. All these areas require your attention before settling in, and amidst all the stress and hassle of moving home, it’s better and easier to outsource the added cleaning burden to a professional cleaning company.

Then there’s the fact that one person’s idea of “clean” is never the same as another’s. If you hold high standards for cleanliness, you’ll probably be disappointed to enter a new place and see a sloppy end of lease clean done by a disreputable company, or worse – the tenant themselves. Crumbs inside kitchen cupboards, dirty dishwashers, finger prints on door handles, dark bathroom grouts (walls and floor), mirror rails not cleaned, oven partially clean, sticky rangehood, air-con with a load of dust, carpets only poorly vacuumed(not professionally steam cleaned) and many dirty hidden areas are all the hallmarks of a sloppy clean that an incoming renter has to contend with.

Situation #2 – You’ve bought your “dream” home


You’d be forgiven for assuming that when you BUY a property, all of these common move-in cleaning problems will be a thing of the past. Wrong! Because there are NO standards or requirements for a vendor to leave a sold property in a certain condition, it’s possible when you finally pick up the keys, the place you have bought is handed over in an absolutely filthy mess as well! And trust us, you don’t have to be a stickler for cleanliness to be horrified by the way some houses are handed over between owners – we’ve seen it all.

Aside from merely being disappointed in the state of your new place, arriving at your new dream home to find a catastrophic mess can be heartbreaking and health-affecting. Like anything, it pays to be proactive and forward- thinking to avoid any problems on settlement. For a little added extra cost, pre-booking a move-in clean can save you a lot of annoyance and disruption.

But don’t just take our word for it, in the words of our customer –

“I just moved into a new place and it was dusty and uncleaned by the previous owner. Not good for a hay fever sufferer… I called [Clean House Melbourne] explaining my plight and within the next TWO hours, they appeared and basically saved me from two days of hell… It was a good comprehensive clean. Thanks to Mimmo and team, every corner in my new place is now dust free.”

Situation #3 – You’ve built a new home, or renovated


Last but not least, moving into a property straight after a construction or renovation definitely does not mean you’ll be walking into a sparkling, clean home either! (In fact, it’s usually the opposite!)

Whilst builders and tradespeople do an excellent job of remodeling a rundown house, or installing that glamourous new bathroom, they are notorious for not cleaning up afterward. And that leaves it to you, the homeowner to tackle this huge and difficult task single-handed.

Renovations and constructions are a major cause of dust, and it can literally be found in every nook and cranny of the home. Aside from dust, builders and tradespeople are known to leave building material and packaging scattered throughout the home, with rubbish such as empty paint tins, sticky tape, protective coverings and off-cuts plentiful. Shiny new bathrooms and kitchens are usually buried under masses of grubby hand-prints, piles of dust, paint drops and debris.

A professionally-trained and meticulous cleaning company can alleviate these enormous tasks on your behalf, so you don’t go mad in the process! And if you’re a builder, it pays to consider finding a trusted cleaning company to do post-building cleans on your behalf. Your clients will be delighted to experience the service of a thorough end-of-build clean, so all they need to do is walk in and enjoy their new home.

So – because there is no way of knowing how your new property is going to be handed over, whether you’re moving into a rental property, buying a new home, or entering a newly built house for the very first time, proactive steps (such as booking a move-in clean) is always highly recommended. A professional move-in clean will bring the property up to the standard you expect, whilst minimizing any nasty surprises.

Post-construction cleaning and move-in cleaning is far more meticulous than regular cleaning, so we’ve rounded up the main areas these services cover to make the transition to your new home a wonderful experience:

  • A full and thorough cleaning of the kitchen including inside and outside of cupboards, bench tops, inside & behind drawers and cabinets, outside and behind the fridge, inside the dishwasher, under the sink, inside & outside the oven and microwave.
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping several times all flooring to remove dust and footprints.
  • Spot cleaning walls and detailing skirting boards and cornices.
  • All parts of the doors, paying attention to door handles especially.
  • Inside and outside window cleaning (where reachable)
  • Removing all dust, paint, and plaster from sockets, light switches, air-con, floors and lights.
  • A full and thorough cleaning of bathrooms including wiping all walls, tiles, mirrors, cleaning inside cupboards, removing paint drops from the floors and walls.
  • Steam cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • Dusting and wiping wardrobes, furniture and mirrors
  • Wiping curtains and blinds.

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