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We believe that luxury homes, with luxury furnishings, demand a luxury cleaning service.Clean House Melbourne is passionate about providing a luxury house cleaning service that exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning homeowners.Servicing Melbourne CBD, Southbank and surrounding areas, Clean House Melbourne is a highly-regarded professional cleaning firm that delivers a 5-STAR, luxury cleaning service to our elite clientele.

Your home and possessions are in the safest, most caring hands of our owners and head cleaners who execute our luxury cleaning jobs with absolute precision.

We will personalise the cleaning schedule in your home to match your needs and wants.

With over 1300 positive reviews online, Clean House Melbourne is considered one of the most respected cleaning providers in Melbourne. Let us take over the reigns of maintaining your beautiful home to the highest possible standard.

Clean House Melbourne
Reliable & Meticulous Luxury House Cleaning
“We clean to impress.”
What is luxury house cleaning?

Luxury house cleaning is not just in name only. It’s a combination of skills, specialised knowledge, and attention to detail that creates a level of cleaning perfection that exceeds what a regular clean can accomplish. It can take many years of experience to learn the skills involved in luxury house cleaning, and unfortunately, many run-of-the-mill house cleaners lack the ability to perform luxury cleaning properly.

The Clean House Melbourne Luxury Cleaning Service

Our Luxury House Cleaning Service is a high-end house cleaning service for residential and commercial properties that far exceeds the average industry standard. Clean House Melbourne’s mission is to provide the broadest spectrum of house cleaning, done to the highest level. We strive to surpass even the fussiest cleaning expectations!

Luxury house cleaning clients receive the services of our owner Nancy, along with her fully trained luxury house cleaners, who are equipped with the latest cleaning products and tools to safely remove all stains, dust, and debris to an astounding level of cleanliness. Beyond “cleaning”, Nancy and her team meticulously polish, tidy, and prepare the home so it can be enjoyed by residents to its fullest potential.

  • Complete sanitisation and cleanliness in bathrooms
  • Complete cleaning of kitchens, oven, microwaves, toasters, dishwasher, cupboards, stove, range hood and utensils
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Dusting, tidying and polishing of living rooms, library, office, gym, relaxing area, hallways and more
  • Rugs and upholstery steam cleaning
  • Blinds and curtains cleaning
  • Floor mopping and maintenance
  • Laundry and Ironing service
  • Tidying and sanitisation of playing areas
  • Vacuuming all areas
  • Total housekeeping
  • Cleaning of electric fitting, plugs, switches, door knobs and handles
  • Window cleaning (inside and outside when accessible)
  • Balconies, Terraces and Verandas

We are focused on listening to our customer’s cleaning needs because we believe there is NO cleaning service that fits all. With a highly trained luxury cleaning team, we provide the highest level of cleaning services in accordance with our client’s requests and instructions.Clean house Melbourne is a domestic cleaning company based in Southbank with a very high standard of excellence. We deliver an exceptional and reliable 5-STAR cleaning experience to all of our customers.

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Why Choose Us For Your Luxury House Cleaning?

At Clean House Melbourne, we are acutely aware that every surface has a proper and improper way to clean. For example, we know that cleaning your wooden floors requires different techniques than cleaning your marble floors, and that each surface type has unique requirements for proper cleaning without damage.We are also adept at cleaning very valuable and fragile items in your home such as chandeliers, marble, antique furniture, paintings, curtains, silver, and decor.

After the first deep clean, we usually program a regular maintenance schedule which includes cleaning these items to fit in with the properties needs and activity.

For your complete peace of mind, Clean House Melbourne is:
  • Australian owned and managed
  • Equipped with full public liability insurance against all incidents.
  • Our staff are police checked, fully-trained and vetted, to ensure your complete satisfaction and trust in us.
  • Proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
Someone who has used our service said:
Mimmo, You really impressed me with your Luxury Cleaning service you rendered for me. I never knew such service exists in Melbourne. Your cleaning team made my home looks a new again. This is a paradise on earth. Everything is 100% glittering like gold. I’m short of words………..You are just the best!
Emmanuel Oyelere
Mimmo is seriously a lovely chap… he is very focussed on customer service and strives to do an awesome job…. he and his team go the extra mile, this is what makes Clean House Melbourne different and better than the rest … thoroughly recommend
Jodi Homer
Don’t make the mistake of trusting your luxury cleaning needs to a disreputable cleaning business.

We recommend paying close attention to whom you entrust one of your biggest assets.If, in the past, you’ve had some unpleasant experiences with low-grade cleaners, you may have suffered broken glassware, marks on the walls, stained carpets, uncleaned corners, a general low standard of cleanliness, unreliability – to name just a few common complaints.

Now that you have found us, look no further. Rest assured that we can handle the high-end luxury cleaning your home deserves. We are obsessed with professionalism and aim to exceed your expectations each and every time we clean.

We are very familiar with all sorts of special materials and finishes found in luxury homes, and our cleaners will clean them to perfection, and with extreme care. For example, when dusting, we don’t just go around with a dusting brush and move the dust from one side to the other. We dust every item first, remove it, sprinkle the surface with the appropriate cleaning product, then put everything back exactly as it was displayed at first.

We sincerely understand how much you value your home, and the importance of its contents. Consequently, we treat them with the most appropriate care and attention they deserve. We take our time, and we meticulously and methodically address each task the right way.

It is simply crazy to trust your home and valuables to an unproven cleaning company with no demonstrable feedback, recommendations or reviews. By booking us, you’re in good company – Clean House Melbourne has over 400 to 1300 verified positive reviews online!

Schedule an inspection with Clean House Melbourne and allow our high-end luxury cleaning service to transform your home into the haven as you have always expected it to be.

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Case Study
For us, cleaning is not limited to the basics of bathrooms and kitchens, as we also ensure that all other belongings are in perfect condition. While visiting a client and helping out with regular cleaning services, we were asked to step in and carefully clean an expensive glass table they owned. With a beautiful structure and hardened glass, our cleaning resulted in a sparklingly clean and shiny glass top that brought the table back to its former glory. We believe that clean indoor furniture is something that adds to the aesthetics of a property, so let us help out with beautifying the items in your home as well.