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No matter the size of your business, the office is regarded as a second home to yourself and your employees. Your office is also the first point of contact for your customers and prospective clients, suppliers and visitors.Unfortunately, a dirty, disorganised, or unattractive office environment sends all the wrong messages to these key stakeholders in your business! By contrast, a clean and sparkling office shows that you take great care of your employees, while deeply respecting your customers and visitors.

It pays to have a reliable and meticulous office cleaning company on hand who’ll help build a positive environment that allows your business to flourish.

We are proud to be one of the most respected office cleaning services throughout St Kilda, Southbank, East Melbourne and Melbourne CBD. Our office cleaners never stop striving to improve the look and cleanliness of your office.

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Our Mission
At Clean House Melbourne, our mission is clear: We clean to impress. We strive to be the leading provider of office cleaning services in Melbourne by creating a positive impact on our customer’s quality of life in their offices. We believe that cleaner offices are happier and healthier places, and with greater productivity as a result.
Our Core Values

We are a ‘customer first’ business, so the relationship we have with our clients is the most important thing. We strive to build trust and a relationship over the long term built on total client satisfaction. We back it up with our reliability, consistency, high standard of cleanliness, discretion, friendliness and flexibility.

We are NOT the cheapest office cleaning service available, but we are dedicated to providing huge value to our clients. When you book Clean House Melbourne, rest assured you will get more value than you’ve imagined for the amount spent.

Why Professional Office Cleaning Is a Crucial Ingredient in Business Success:

Regular office cleaning and maintenance plays a significant role in promoting your business image and growing your business. However, it must be done right, and in a professional way to guarantee the desired result.

Professional office cleaning is not the same as routine house cleaning, and likewise, the benefits are usually hidden. Studies have shown that clean office environments make employees several times happier and healthier!

5 Ways That Professional Office Cleaning Can Improve Your Business:
  • #1 – Keeps your customers happy: First impressions are crucial. New and old customers love the feeling of entering an office that is cleaned and tidied to perfection. A clean office relays all of the best impressions to your customers that will make them want to come again and do more business with you.However, the reverse is true if they approach an office that disappoints or discourages them. Most disappointed customers won’t express their unhappiness, they just won’t come back to your business again, leaving you confused and bewildered (and with a smaller bottom line!)Put simply, if your working environment is disorganized or untidy, potential customers and visitors will notice, creating a very bad impression for you and your enterprise.
  • #2 – Reduces absenteeism: Your office is the second home to your employees, so it’s essential the premises are professionally cleaned and hygienic at all times. Dusty, mouldy or bacterially-infected premises can pose a threat to employee health which results in sick days and low productivity.Cleaning your office regularly – in a thoroughly professional way which sanitises the space while removing allergens, is a giant step toward creating a healthy and safe workplace.
  • #3 – Prevents costly mistakes:Another advantage of a professional office cleaning service is that the cleaning staff are thoroughly trained to take care of valuable and costly office property.Our office cleaning staff are trained to do the job by using the right cleaning techniques and equipment. Cutting corners by assigning cleaning duties to regular employees is a sure-fire way to encourage costly mistakes.
  • #4 – Saves time and money: Cleaning tends to be very time-consuming if not carried out by professionals. The results also tend to be far less than what can be achieved when trained experts take over.Note that office cleaning is not just cleaning, but professional cleaning. We operate methodically, and on time, to meet up the demand of the business.
    Save time and money today by engaging a professional office cleaning service like Clean House Melbourne and notice the difference.
  • #5 – Prevents hassles associated with cleaning: Some cleaning tasks can be stressful and dangerous. Subjecting yourself or your employees to office cleaning can be hazardous whilst posing a threat to the health of your employees. This is another sure-fire way to add to absenteeism and low productivity by your staff.For example, some tasks such as rug vacuuming, deep dusting or deep cleaning involve the spraying of chemicals which can expose the cleaners to hazards. However, if professionals handle these tasks, they can perform the cleaning without any danger.If you want to get your office cleaning done right – and safely, try Clean House Melbourne’s workspace cleaning service.
Someone who has used our service said:
I’ve used other cleaning companies before, but Clean house Melbourne takes office cleaning to a whole new level. Never have my work place look so good and tidy!
Fahad Rafi

Really happy with Their service. My agency is fussy and that company has cleaned it to a really high standard. It looked like new!
Thanks Mimo , will be using your service again
Madina Almat

A Complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our Quality Cleaning Service Audits

Clean House Melbourne offers a 100% customer service guarantee for each and every cleaning service we provide.

For office cleaning, we conduct quality service audits which are supervised by the monitoring team.

We give it all it takes to keep your workplace and office properties clean to encourage and enhance your business growth. Our professional office cleaning service guarantees you will get great value, and an impressive return on investment for every dollar invested in your workplace.

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