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Mattress Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning


Mattresses, the very places we lay our heads every night, require regular attention as part of a home’s maintenance. Although amongst one of the most used items in our homes, mattresses often fall through the cracks in terms of regular cleaning schedules; most people don’t think about cleaning our mattress unless something spills or there is an obvious problem; but there is more involved than meets the eye!

Over time, mattresses can accumulate a surprising amount of not-so-nice things like dead skin cells, dust, dirt, body oils, sweat, environmental pollutants, pet hair, and the ever-unwelcome dust mites. While changing your sheets regularly is great, it doesn’t quite do the job of removing all the hidden nasties you’re sleeping on each night.

Here at Clean House Melbourne, we’re passionate about helping you get a better night’s sleep with our professional mattress cleaning services. We’ve been steam cleaning mattresses all over Melbourne, from the bustling CBD to the whole Melbourne area, making sure everyone sleeps better.

Mattress cleaning with us is more than a good idea–it is essential if you suffer from allergies, have children or pets in the household or an older mattress which has collected dust over time. Here’s why:

Allergy Relief: Deep cleaning your mattress can remove allergens that cause sneezing, itchy eyes and other annoying symptoms. 

Family Friendly: If you have small children or furry companions at home, their mattress could be hiding more dirt and allergens than you realize.

Old Mattress Care: Cleanliness can do wonders for older mattresses, extending both their life and performance.

Clean mattresses provide not only a healthier sleeping environment for you and your family; it’s also about creating a place of restful repose each night. Ready to give your mattress a new life? 

Reach out, and let’s work together towards making your bed an inviting, safer place where dreams can blossom!

Our mattress cleaning service is a necessity for everyone; However, it’s even more important if you have an older mattress, have allergies, respiratory conditions, children or pets.

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
Clean House Melbourne is a highly-rated, Award-winning steam cleaning company that provides 5-STAR cleaning services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your bedding and possessions are in safe hands with us. Our professionally-trained mattress cleaning staff are experts at mattress steam cleaning and they will clean your mattress to the highest standard. We will rid your mattress of many years’ worth of embedded dead skin, dust, dirt, sweat and stains. The hygiene of your mattress (and your health) will be greatly improved.

With 1300+ positive reviews online, Clean House Melbourne is known as one of the best house cleaners in Melbourne. Check out our full range of services!

For the best mattress cleaner in Melbourne, Book us! We clean to impress.
Mattress Cleaners Melbourne
Mattress Cleaners Melbourne

What is mattress cleaning?

Mattress steam cleaning is designed to clean, disinfect and sanitise your mattress, while removing stains. Using a mixture of hot water extraction and professional cleaning products, mattress steam cleaning rids the mattress of unsightly stains that come from sweat, blood and urine, as well as removing much of the build-up of dust particles, dust mites, dirt, and general soiling which occurs through daily use. While it’s possible to spot clean some visible stains yourself, this doesn’t compare to the in-depth steam cleaning provided by our professional mattress cleaning methods. This is partly because the fabric used on mattresses is often not designed to stain resistant, making stains very difficult to remove without the proper tools, knowledge and equipment.

Secondly, spot cleaning visible stains doesn’t get to the core of the problem which is the deeply embedded pathogens that can only be removed via the use of high-pressure extraction equipment.

Cleaning mattresses the proper way, requires know-how, specialist biological cleaning products, and special machinery. Mattress cleaning is not a DIY task that anybody can do.

Matress Cleaning Service Melbourne
Matress Cleaning Service Melbourne

Benefits Of Mattress Cleaning

As explained above, there are many reasons to get your mattresses professionally cleaned regularly. Mattress steam cleaning will help with:

  • Allergen Reduction: Our allergy solutions reduce dust mites, pet dander and other allergens in the air – ideal for people suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions.
  • Improved Air Quality: By eliminating dust and particulates matter from bedroom air quality can be enhanced significantly.
  • Extended Mattress Life: By eliminating body fluids and skin cells that degrade mattress materials, regular mattress cleaning extends its lifespan and improves sleep quality. A clean and hygienic mattress improves comfort and peace of mind resulting in enhanced restful nights’ rest.
  • Odor Elimination: Helps eliminate odors caused by sweat and bodily fluids, keeping the bedroom fresh. Stain Removal: Clean up spills or accidents quickly to prevent permanent stains. 
  • Pest Prevention: Regular cleaning helps avoid infestation of pests such as bed bugs.
  • Mattress Lasts Longer: Maintaining regular mattress cleaning can extend its physical life by eliminating materials that degrade its components, offering greater peace of mind to you as you sleep on an uncontaminated mattress. When done correctly, regular mattress cleanings can increase comfort levels and health benefits – as well as adding years to its physical lifespan!
  • Warranty Requirements: Mattress warranties often stipulate regular mattress cleaning to stay valid, providing peace of mind to both you and your customers. With so many advantages associated with professional mattress cleaning services available today, there’s every reason for you to provide this as part of your services offering.
Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

The Clean House Melbourne Mattress Cleaning Service

Our professional mattress cleaning is a MUST for any household. And if you or your family suffer from allergies or respiratory issues then cleaning your mattress every 6 months is highly recommended. We believe that a happy home is a healthy home, and that means keeping all facets of the home clean, hygienic and sanitised.

Given that bedding is THE most heavily-used item of furniture in the home, it simply makes sense to schedule regular cleaning of it.

With expert know-how, we can revive dirty and old mattresses, making them fresh and clean for you to enjoy.

When you get your mattresses cleaned with us, you will receive the services of our professionally-trained mattress cleaning staff who have the best cleaning products and tools to remove stains, dust, and allergens from your mattress.

No matter what we are cleaning, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or steam cleaning a mattress, our goal is to beat even the most demanding cleaning expectations!

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne – What Is Included?

  • First, we will speak to you on the phone and discuss your needs and provide a quote.
  • Before our mattress cleaner starts, we will inspect your bedding and note any damage or particular areas that require specialist attention.
  • We treat the mattress with a range of cleaning products designed to kill biological and other types of stains.
  • Lastly, the professional mattress steam cleaning will occur. Using a specialist mattress cleaner, we will extract any embedded matter and moisture from your mattress, leaving it almost totally dry upon completion.
Professional mattress cleaning cost
Our rates for mattress cleaning start from
$160 per side

More than one mattress?  Bundled pricing is available. Call us for a tailored quote!

If your mattress is stained, smelly, or affecting your allergies, then professional mattress cleaning is a cost-effective way to make it clean and fresh again.
Call now to book your professional mattress cleaning
Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Why Choose Us For Your Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne?

As experienced house cleaners with many years’ experience, we know that every piece of furniture has a right and wrong way to clean. For example, we know that mattress steam cleaning requires a different technique than regular upholstery cleaning, and that different types of stains need different treatments for best results – and to avoid damage.

Our Multi Award-winning premium steam cleaning service also includes the following:

• Steam cleaning 

• Stain removal service

• Deodorisation 

• Sanitisation


We are not the cheapest. We are one of the best mattress steam cleaning companies in Melbourne. 

We can not guarantee that all the stains will be gone 100%, but we promise to do our best to make them gone and less visible as much as possible.

Feel free to check our 1300+ 5-star reviews online before you proceed.

For your complete peace of mind, Clean House Melbourne is:

  • Australian owned and managed
  • Triple ISO certified
  • Family business
  • Equipped with full public liability insurance against all incidents.
  • Our staff are police checked, fully-trained and vetted, to ensure your complete satisfaction and trust in us.
  • Proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • In the cleaning business since 2016
DIY mattress cleaning
DIY mattress cleaning

Don’t make the mistake of DIY mattress cleaning, or using a non-reputable firm.

For your complete peace of mind, it’s recommended to leave mattress cleaning to the professionals. Using the wrong cleaning technique can not only damage your valuable mattress, it can cause greater health problems than beforehand. Don’t risk the breeding of mould and bacteria, fabric erosion and new stains by trying to tackle this job yourself. Now that you have learned the importance of regular mattress steam cleaning, take action. Outsource this task to a professional mattress cleaning company in Melbourne such as Clean House Melbourne.

You’ll rest easy knowing that you are sleeping on a clean and hygienic mattress every night of the week.

Don’t risk your home and furniture to an unproven cleaning company. By booking us, your satisfaction is guaranteed – Clean House Melbourne has over 1300 verified positive reviews online!

Schedule a quote with Clean House Melbourne and let our mattress cleaning service bring health and hygiene back to your bedroom.

Mattress Cleaning In Practice

For us, keeping mattresses cleaned and sanitised is a crucial part of the yearly cleaning schedule and spring cleaning services. While it’s easy to concentrate on regular house cleaning tasks and forget about cleaning the things we don’t see, it’s the hidden germs that can have the worst impact on our health! The best strategy is to schedule a yearly or twice-yearly professional mattress cleaning service to tackle this problem properly. Not only will you sleep a lot easier, your mattress will get a new lease of life!

If we regularly clean your home, ask us about scheduling your mattress cleaning alongside your other cleaning services such as spring cleaning. If you’re a new customer, please call us to discuss the professional mattress cleaning cost in your area.

Someone who has used our service said:
My mattress and carpet had been damaged by a leaking ceiling and they took care of it! They showed up right on time and finished with everything within two hours. They are also super-nice and will talk you through whatever needs to be done. They have also offered me a discount. Highly recommend!
John Wilson
Clean House Melbourne was wonderful. We had a new mattress that had been stained from our toddler. He was very professional, quick, and super friendly. They were able to clean the mattress on the same day as the estimate, and were very affordable!
I would definitely use them again!
Jane Fields
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