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Life is not so easy. With a disability, it becomes even harder

We make is easier for you.

We have helped a lot of NDIS participants with their:

NDIS Service

Why choose our NDIS verified cleaners?

All our cleaners are:
  • Healthy and they go nowhere when they have even mild symptoms
  • Police checked and vetted
  • NDIS cleaning certified
  • Covid cleaning certified
  • Hand-picked, well-mannered and trained
  • Up to date with all the NDIS requirements and recommendations
  • ISO trained on quality, safety and environment
  • Work flexible hours
  • Trained to help you with any domestic chore
  • NO out of pocket payment required
  • For your payments, we will deal with your account management directly
  • NO need for you to anticipate any payment
  • Minimum 4 hours per visit
NDIS decluttering service
NDIS decluttering service
NDIS decluttering service

Our Fantastic cleaners can help you with your home decluttering as part of your cleaning service. For our decluttering service, we charge $100 to $150/hr and per person.We don’t take any rubbish with us. Most people call their council or hire a rubbish collector after our decluttering service.

Rest assured; we will not throw anything without asking for your permission. On the day, we require the presence of a family member or a friend who can assist us, guide us and help us sorting. This person should have NO emotional attachment to the things we are decluttering and be familiar with the home we are organising.

Otherwise, your investment won’t give you much return and it will be a fiasco.

On the other hand, choosing the right person for the job, could help us speed up the process and get more done with less budget.

NDIS service provider
Who needs this service?

You will need this service if you want to:

  • Declutter a garage
  • Declutter your closets which are full of clothes
  • Declutter your kitchen
  • Downsize your home
  • Move to a smaller place
  • Travel interstate
  • Create more space for new things
  • Sort out all the things you have
  • Get rid of all the things you don’t need
  • Declutter and reorganise your deceased spouse or family belongings
  • Create more order in your home
  • Expecting a baby
  • When all the children have moved out your home
NDIS home organisation service
NDIS home organisation service

Once we declutter, the next step is to organise a home organisation service.What does a home organisation entail?

A home organisation is good for you if you want to:

  • Create more order in your home and your life
  • Give everything a home and maintain it that way
  • Make your home look good
  • Live in cleaner and more organised environment
  • Live in better energy home
  • Maximise the space you have
  • Create more space for more shopping
  • Understand what you have and what you need
  • Understand how impulsive shopper you are
  • Be aware of what you have spent your money on
home organisers
How we do it?

One of our fantastic home organisers, after decluttering, will propose different options to start giving your home an identity. We will not force you to do anything. We are there to support you and to make your home more organised. We need your input, and we want to make sure you are happy with what we do for you.Your cooperation is paramount in the success of this service and to make it last.

Then, once we have finished decluttering and organising your home, our job will be finished. is that right?

Most people think that way and it’s a total disaster.

Smart people hire our home maintenance service to help them maintain the structure, layout, and the organisation we have created for them.

We are creatures of habits and it’s easier for us to go back to our old habits than to change.

What’s does that mean?
After you home decluttering, home organisation, one of your organiser, needs to visit you at least once a month. The organiser’s job would be to teach you, help you maintain the new organisation systems, make you more familiar with them and to restore it in case of more disorder.

This maintenance home organisation is essential and will help you get more acquainted with your new home look, layout, organisation and to follow it with ease and joy.

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