What *Really* Happens When You Book Clean House Melbourne

At Clean House Melbourne, we like to think we are no ordinary cleaning company. There are a few things we do a little differently, that you mightn’t be aware of.

We managed to stop our founder and cleaning manager, Mimmo, for a 5 minute chat to run through the Clean House Melbourne process. As we’re always on the lookout to develop long-term relationships with our customers, there’s a way we like to do things that benefits both parties for the best possible outcome.

Step #1 – Handling the initial enquiry

When you call us, you’ll be speaking directly with Mimmo, our founder and cleaning manager who immediately sets to work on understanding your requirements. Mimmo will enquire how you heard about us, before asking a series of important questions that determine whether we are the right company for you (and vice versa!)

He’ll ask: your location, the type of cleaning needed, the day & the time-frame for your cleaning, your budget, any particular requirements, a description of the property, your flexibility with timing, and whether you’ve had any professional cleaners before.

This initial call is designed for Mimmo to get a full understanding of exactly who you are and what your expectations are, relating to the cleaning job. Mimmo wants to know what is important to you, what you are comfortable to pay, and the level of service you expect.

Unusually, based on the feedback from you, Mimmo might suggest another cleaning company who is better suited to your needs (such as one that is closer to your location, more within your budget, or one that offers a different standard of service.)

Step #2 – The quote

Generally, on the same phone call, after speaking with you and understanding your needs, Mimmo will give you a rough estimate for the job to be carried out.

For special, or very large ‘one-off cleans’ this quote is more of an estimate, as Mimmo can only quote accurately after visiting the job first hand – for a free walk-through inspection, in order to give you an exact costing.

For regular cleaning work, Mimmo will offer you an hourly rate for the first clean only. Then upon completion of the first clean, He will tailor a cleaning package for your ongoing weekly or fortnightly cleans that suits your needs and budget.

Step #3 – Acceptance

After agreeing on these terms, Mimmo will send you through an electronic quote via email or text message. If you are happy, Clean House Melbourne asks you to pay in advance, in order to secure your booking. (Please note, that we do not offer COD, or any bookings that are not paid in advance.)

Once payment is received, your booking is scheduled, confirmed and a receipt is sent immediately to your email address, and the next step is for us to come and work our magic on your property!

Please note: For your complete peace of mind, we conduct a same day follow-up for every clean, ensuring your satisfaction before we leave your property.

Step #4 – At the cleaning (large cleans)

For large cleans, such as End of Lease, After Renovation Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Pre-sale Cleaning, Clean House Melbourne will arrive on time early morning with all the necessary cleaning equipment, cleaning agents and tools required. Our team of fully-trained cleaners will work according to the schedule and checklist of tasks required.

Step #5 – The follow up (large cleans)

For your complete peace of mind, Clean House Melbourne offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Mimmo, or our cleaning supervisor, with you, will personally inspect the finished clean at the end of the booking to ensure that the work is carried out to the highest possible standard.

As a client, this is your opportunity to check the job and let us know if there’s anything else you would like us to pay attention to. Because Clean House Melbourne is committed to client satisfaction, we won’t leave until you are completely happy with the cleaning work we have provided!

Step #6 – At the cleaning (regular cleans)

For regular cleaning work, Mimmo always recommends to start things off with a really thorough deep-clean for the first clean. This deep-clean will get into all the overlooked nooks and crannies of the property and will bring your home into a new realm of clean. This foundational clean sets the tone for the rest of the cleaning and makes the cleaning job easier and better for each week we come back.

For regular cleans, (after the first booking) we do not charge by the hour, we charge by the RESULT. This way, we are committed to giving you the perfect result every time, Through a flat rate, for no extra charge to you.

Regular clients also receive what Mimmo calls ‘pro-active cleaning’. This means we LOOK for other things to clean in your home that aren’t part of the ordinary cleaning schedule! This, not only adds value to your home and cleaning experience, but it makes our job better in the long run. Eventually, your home will be cleaned with precision and perfection without you even noticing and at NO extra charge.

For regular cleaning clients, we are also happy to include all domestic cleaning tasks in your regular cleaning service at no extra cost.

Mimmo says that he loves to “look after” customers who can be flexible with the time of day of the clean, and those that supply all the cleaning tools and equipment. These help to make our job easier and smoother, and so Mimmo passes on his appreciation by offering lower prices on regular cleaning work.

Step #7 – Follow up (regular cleaning)

Customer satisfaction is critical to Clean House Melbourne, and we always want to build TRUST and long-term relationships with our customers.

So, following every regular clean (especially the first one) Mimmo calls the customer to get valuable feedback on the work conducted by the house cleaners. This feedback is important so that Mimmo can really tailor the cleaning routine to your needs. If there are any areas for change or improvement, we would like to know about it!

Mimmo will call the client after each clean, until a pattern is perfected, and we get 100% familiar with your needs.

This is the way Clean House Melbourne operates, and what you can expect when you take the step to engage us in your cleaning enquiries.

At Clean House Melbourne, we are dedicated to offering you the BEST cleaning service that exceeds your expectations every time. Call us now on 0407 094 444 to talk to Mimmo and arrange your next clean.

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