How to Clean your Oven Quickly and Effortlessly

Stop contaminating your food!

Just as drips and spatters are unavoidable on your oven; likewise, cleaning your oven is inevitable. A messed-up oven stinks and poses a danger to your food and lifespan of the appliance. Cleaning oven can be stressful, time-consuming and may involve chemical activities as employed in some conventional oven cleaning methods.

Occasionally, the oven gets burnt with food on the bottom; dried food stuck and splattered food on the rack and sides respectively. Some ovens have the self-clean option; hence, cleaning is easier and effortless. However, if you don’t have it, you can still clean your oven quickly and effortlessly. Even, if you have the self-cleaning oven, other tricks that will be discussed here can be useful for you. Self-cleaning oven owners have also reviewed that there are some associated issues with the use of self-cleaning cycle due to high heat which may result in fuses and makes elements to burn out faster.

Today, Clean House Melbourne is of the opinion of coming to your aid by sharing with you some best approaches to clean your oven quickly and effortlessly. Also, we will be sharing some useful tips to keep your oven clean. There are many benefits attached to this. Let’s dive into one after the other.

Methods of Oven Cleaning

There are different methods of cleaning oven based on its designs. Just as it was mentioned above, some can be cleaned by self-clean feature and as well as natural methods. Some conventional methods also make use of chemicals to clean ovens. Whichever ways, the aim is to get the ovens cleaned and free of burnt foods, foods splatters, and drips.

To break the jinx, the article will start with the self-clean method for those ovens with the built-in self-clean feature.

How to Clean Oven with Self-Clean Function

Remember, not all ovens have this function, but there are chances that your oven has this function if it is less than 50 years old. Many users are unaware that this feature is available in their oven; hence, they might not have used it once ever since the ovens have been procured and put to use. How can you use this function? Follow below steps:

  • Step one: The oven self-cleaning can be performed by start heating your oven to a cycle of about 4820C from about 2 ½ – 4 hours with the door locked for safety and effectiveness. At this temperature, the high heat will burn the food debris such as food splatters and drips to white ash.
  • Step two: Switch off the timer and allow the oven to cool. Note that the oven can be safely opened only when the temperature drops to a considerable level.
  • Step three: Simply wipe clean the oven to get the ash out of the oven bottom plate with the help of a damp paper or towel.

No other method of cleaning oven can be as easy as this. However, you need first to check if your oven has the built-in self-clean function before you can use this method to clean your oven. It is of worth noting that the high heat cycle of the self-cleaning process can give your house a funky smell for the period the cleaning cycle is running. This is one of the reasons to perform this task when you would be around all day so you can open up the house windows to allow easy ventilation to the home. Let’s look at another oven cleaning method.

How to Clean an Oven with Natural Oven Cleaner

If your oven doesn’t have a self-clean function or you are the type that doesn’t like the idea of subjecting your home to such high temperature through your appliance. Don’t worry; This method is referred to as natural oven cleaning method. This will be looked into step by step. But before that, let’s quickly discuss three significant keys to a successful natural oven cleaning. They are:

  • Preparation: Natural oven cleaning method is not a spray-and-wipe task, as you need to prepare for it as little as possible. For example, you will need to soak the grime overnight especially if your oven has been long cleaned and you have years of grease baked; but if not, some hours is enough for this exercise.
  • The appropriate tools for the cleaning: Getting the right tools are vital to easy and stress-free oven cleaning. Below are the tools you need to prepare for the cleaning task:
    • Stainless steel scouring pads for hassle-free scrubbing.
    • In the case of stubborn stain or dirt, get set a small stainless steel scrubbing brush for complete removal of stuck food cracks.
    • To protect your fingernails from oven grime, you will need a pair of good quality cleaning gloves.
    • A few number of microfiber washcloths or paper towel for easy grease wipe-up.
  • The right cleaner: The aim is to use natural means to clean your oven without harsh chemicals that can burn your hands. Most of the natural and green cleaners carrying around by the professionals are not that natural as claimed, as they are also tagged with hazard warnings; hence, the need to get the right cleaner for your oven cleaning. One of the natural cleaner you can consider is baking soda. This cleaner has been studied to clean oven without harsh chemicals effectively. It doesn’t pose any threat to skin and general health.

Guides to Cleaning an Oven with Natural Oven Cleaner

Now, let’s discuss step by step on how to clean an oven with natural oven cleaner. They are as described below:

  • Step one: This is the preparation stage. Remove the oven rack to get access to the bottom plate of the oven. Spray a mixture of baking soda and water (in a paste form) based on the level of the grime in your oven.
  • Step two: Allow the paste to sit in the oven for at least 2 – 3 hours. But if your oven has stayed long without cleaning you can leave it overnight to soak efficiently for easy scrubbing.
  • Step three: After a thorough soaking, get your tools on. Put on your gloves and get ready other tools such as cleaning brushes, scouring pads, and washcloths.
  • Step four: Grab your scouring pads and scrub the grime bulk while the steel brush is used to remove those sneaky greases that stuck in the hidden zones of the oven. You can do this along with a good rhythm of music to make it more enjoyable.
  • Step five: Wipe off any visible dirt with a washcloth, microfibre cleaning cloths or paper towel and rinse with warm water.
  • Step six: If there is still some stubborn stains in the oven, you can apply baking soda one more time and then wipe off.
  • Step seven: Open the oven and let it air-dry.

There is no doubt; your oven is going to be as clean as expected. No chemical is involved and you would still achieve a decent oven look. What is next for you now is to maintain your oven to keep it as clean as possible. This will be discussed next.

How to Keep your Oven Clean all the Time

Now, that you have cleaned your oven, your next task is to keep it clean every time. This can be achieved through quality maintenance. Your oven plays vital roles in getting your food done, and this is on a daily basis. This implies that little wear and tear is unavoidable over time. To extend its lifespan and continue enjoying your oven, you must ensure it is in good condition always; hence, maintenance is essential.

The manufacturer’s guide can help you in getting much-needed tips to maintain your oven. However, below are the general tips that are essential for keeping your oven clean:

  • Schedule a routine cleaning: You make use of your oven everyday; hence it is essential to create a routine cleaning to maintain the appliance. This is based on the frequency of use of the oven. Your routine cleaning may be once in a month or as applicable to your home.
  • Pay attention to safety precautions during cleaning: There are some safety precautions highlighted in the manufacturer’s manual that are important to follow especially during cleaning. For example, it is not advisable to clean the oven when it is hot.
  • Monitor your oven: Seldom inspect your appliance to prevent or detect problems that your oven may have over a period of use. Always check the components of your appliance during cleaning for possible faults.

How Important is to Keep your Oven Clean?

You have been hearing these from the professionals times without number -“keep your oven clean” but don’t know the reason behind this campaign. Many think it is just for the fun of it or the experts are just giving their opinions. Considering the stress involved in performing this task, the harmful chemicals many people are using, and the time it takes to clean the oven and much more, it seems messy and unpleasant.

Hence, many users see no reason to involve themselves in such a challenging task, and they choose to ignore the advice. Over time, the acts render the oven useless as grimes, greases, and dirt continue to build up in the appliance and to expose the appliance to many avoidable faults.

Many people later think of giving the appliance to the professional cleaners to clean, and they end up spending much on cleaning their long-time built-up dirt. The importance of keeping your oven clean cannot be overemphasized, and the benefits are numerous. Despite its inconvenience or costs, the importance of keeping your oven cleanis worth it. We will be looking at the major importance of keeping your oven clean. They are:

  • Prevention of dirt build-up: Dirt build up in the oven is inevitable. The oven always acts as a trap for food splatters and grease based on the frequency of your cooking. If the grease and splatters of food are allowed to build up, it will create more work for you and may as well damage the oven.
  • Food taste: If you don’t want any alteration to the taste of your food, it is important to keep your oven clean. Grease and dirt build up don’t only discolour your oven head which results in smoke billowing under the bottom plate but also add a taste of charcoal to your meals, and this can be dangerous to your health.
  • Consider your hygiene: Regarding hygiene, keeping your oven clean worth it. A grimy and messy oven can lead to unhealthy heating which can produce harmful heating smoke to create a non-ideal environment for food preparation.
  • Oven effectiveness: To maintain the optimal performance of your oven, ensure your oven is kept clean all the time. Just like an engine or other mechanical appliances, oven is expected to be kept in effective performance. Failure can tell on the components of the appliance; filters can get clogged and result in temperature problems, smoke build up and overall drop in performance of the oven.


Cleaning your oven is something you can’t help but do. Some users keep ignoring it but turn out to be a big task later. There are many available means of cleaning your oven. While some are safe and stress-free, some involve the use of harsh chemicals. However, this article has addressed the most harmless and hassle-free methods of cleaning oven ever.

The use of baking soda in cleaning many household appliances also finds its use in the process of cleaning oven. This was extensively discussed in this paper. You have to ensure that you maintain the recommended standard of keeping your oven clean so you can enjoy its benefits. Consider your health, food taste, and the effectiveness of your appliance. It is essential to continue cleaning food splatters from the oven and as well as wiping the surface area of the oven.

However, if you can’t pass through the stress of cleaning your long-term use oven with stubborn grimy and messy status, you can seek expert assistance in cleaning it, and you keep track of its constant clean. If you need one, Clean House Melbourne is available to do it for you at affordable fee; It can be even included in your regular cleaning service. You can contact us anytime because we are open 7 days at 0407 094 444.

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