Top Cleaning Pre-Sale Checklist Tips to Sell Your Home in Melbourne

Top Cleaning Pre-Sale Checklist Tips to Sell Your Home in Melbourne

Selling your home or building properties in Melbourne require professional strategies as real estate market has become competitive in the recent time. Only listing your home for sale has been discovered inadequate for prompt and better deal. Some efforts need to be made to put your home in the best position to withstand the enormous rivalry market of realtors.

Everyone aims to sell their property as fast as possible and at the best rate. However, if you are hoping to sell at the best return on investment rate, you must take cleaning seriously. The truth is that no one is attracted to a property that is not in a good state regarding cleaning.

A super clean and well-maintained home with appealing decorations and scents do sell better and faster than the ones in the shoddy state. The question is “How do you attain this super cleaning and well-catered home?”

Pre-Sale cleaning is the only way to achieve this goal. This service gives a new face to your home to attract better offers from serious buyers. However, this pre-sale cleaning must be done and followed correctly for the best result.

Some cleaning services in Melbourne carry out pre-sale cleaning like regular cleaning. Pre-Sale cleaning is more than just routine cleaning. Because of this inappropriate pre-sale cleaning service, Clean House Melbourne has come up with this tremendous Pre-Sale cleaning checklist to ensure the best result of the service. This list is put together by the different expertise of pre-sale cleaning to get your home ready for sale. However, this doesn’t mean you have to run your pocket down. Let’s look at this checklist as is promised to offer the best result ever.

Pre-Sale Cleaning Checklist Tips

There is a checklist for every cleaning service, be it office cleaning, luxury cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more. Likewise, Pre-Sale cleaning; from the interior to exterior cleaning, all the cleaning activities are targeting towards attracting buyers to your property promptly. Below are the Pre-Sale cleaning checklist tips based on each area of the house:

Home Interior cleaning

These areas of the house require much of the cleaning under our checklist. This comprises of the rooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and much more. We will be discussing them one after the other to know the checklist for each of them.

Living area cleaning 

These consist of the cleaning of all spaces occupied by your household from top to bottom and below is the checklist for their pre-sale cleaning in a view to sell your home faster:

  • All doors should be checked for any possible repaired and cleaned to bring out their beauty.
  • Arrange all the valuable items in a secure place and not to cause obstruction.
  • Vacuum all the carpeting in the house for optimal looks. Steam cleaned them if necessary or in case of stained carpets (rugs or upholstery)
  • Clean all the draperies in each room.
  • Amend any visible holes or cracks in the walls with a touch of paint to cover up.
  • Pack items that may mess up your room or make the rooms smaller.
  • Ensure all the tile is in the perfect state by cleaning the hearth and screen.
  • All the noisy doors, cabinets, and windows should be lubricated.
  • Burn or get rid of all the unused and out of season clothing that may clutter your rooms.
  • Apply deodorizers or air freshener for an appealing scent.

Bathroom cleaning 

All your bathrooms should receive total cleaning attention to turn the toilet facilities in the home into new ones if possible. Some of the required Pre-Sale cleaning checklist includes the following:

  • Clean all the bathroom facilities for shining outlook.
  • All the bathtubs, toilets and sinks’ stains should be removed.
  • Clean out all the bathroom mirrors.
  • If some of your sinks and tub caulking are faulty, repair or replace them.
  • Remove drain odors by sanitizing and unclogging them.
  • Replace and close the toilet seat covers.
  • Replace or repair every leaky faucet in the bathrooms.
  • Keep a fresh towel in each of the bathrooms.

Kitchen cleaning 

This is one of the vital rooms in the house and must be ensured cleaned and neat. A pre-sale cleaning should project the kitchen in a way that will be attractive to the prospective buyers. There are much innovative that can be done to add value to the place and the home as a whole. Consider the following checklist:

Clean and organize all the kitchen appliances.

  • Ensure the counters are cleared and clean. Remove all the appliances from the counters.
  • Wash all the used dishes every time because you never can tell when a buyer will show up for inspection.
  • If the kitchen floor or tiles look dull or old, replace them but if in good condition, clean it very well.
  • Clear the vent hoods and clean fans.
  • Clean the range-hood. There is nothing worse than touch sticky filters.

Home Exterior cleaning 

The optimal cleaning of the exterior parts of the home is of great importance in ensuring the home appeal to prospective buyers from outside. This alone can appeal to the buyers without listing the property on the internet. As people are passing by, the cleanliness of the home could attract their attention, and this helps in the marketing of the property.
Checklist for exterior part of the house cleaning includes:

  • Maintenance of the lawn area to bring out its green and tidy nature. If possible, apply water and fertilizer for shining green spaces. Trim the grass frequently, maybe weekly until the property is sold.
  • In case of overgrown shrubs or trees, trim them to give more exposure to the house.
  • Invest in seasonal flowers or flower pots if there is enough space at the entrance to add value and beauty to the house look.
  • Pack and remove all the debris around the building.
  • Any cracks on both the walkway and driveway should be repaired or covered.
  • Cleaning of any wall stains or marks.
  • Perfect window cleaning gives the home easy look from outside. A pre-sale cleaning should provide the windows with both inside and outside an ideal touch of cleaning.
  • Every opening roof should be repaired.
  • Remove all the cobwebs found around the building.
  • Repair every stucco water stain with a bleaching agent

Garage cleaning

Many at times, people pack junks to their garage and with time, it becomes cluttered and occupies more spaces. To sell your home, you have to clear out every junk in the garage to make it more spacious to your prospective buyers. Consider this checklist:

  • A pre-sale cleaning will remove all the scraps found in the garage.
  • Removal of stain and oil from the garage floor.
  • Remove cobwebs in and out of the garage.
  • Clean the entire garage.
  • If you are temporarily keeping your luggage in the garage before moving out, ensure you pack it neatly to prevent obstruction.

Gate frontage cleaning 

If your property is located in a place where you need to carry out cleaning activities at the frontage of your gate, don’t hesitate to include it in your pre-sale cleaning. This area is more exposed to the people than the compound and prospective buyers may turn-off if found the gate frontage bushy and un-maintained. Consider this checklist:

  • Trim the overgrown shrubbery.
  • Mow the grasses for more beautification.
  • Clean the fence.
  • Repair any broken wall with cement and paint.
  • Check out the main gate for any maintenance.
  • If possible, paint the gate and fence

Wow… These Works are Much. How can I Go about it?

Yeah! The works are much and may be stressful. Having the checklist for the required pre-sale cleaning works to be carried out in your home makes the work half-done. The best way to do this is by hiring a professional pre-sale cleaning service like Clean House Melbourne to take care of your house cleaning with this cleaning checklist.However, many cleaning services are without direction as they don’t know what to do when it comes to pre-sale cleaning. At Clean House Melbourne, we understand the aim of pre-sale cleaning. We will add value to your home through our cleaning service to make your home sell faster and at the best offer. We have this goal in our heart, and this serves as a guide to us. You are covered with our Pre-Sale cleaning service. Contact us today!

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