What will Cost you if you don’t Hire the Right Luxury Cleaning Service?

Importance of hiring the right luxury cleaning in Melbourne

Most of the time, people who hire cleaning services ignore many important factors in their hiring process. Most of the time, people place value on money than on quality. Just like when someone is conscious of safety, he or she usually consider investing in a safe neighborhood to live in a safe environment, but forget to add hiring right luxury cleaning service to their list.

They go ahead without caution to entrust their expensive home to the unprofessional and lowest bid cleaning services that they find online. They quickly forget that any wrong or compromised investment in hiring cheap cleaning businesses can cost them more than stress, pain, heartbreak and maybe jeopardize their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

We understand that hiring the best luxury cleaning service may feel like being expensive especially when you underestimate the quality of their services.

If you are committed to hiring the best luxury cleaning service for your home, you need to look for one that you would take good care of your valuable asset’s maintenance. So, you need to choose the right and most professional cleaners.

Clean House Melbourne has researched and come up with this content to educate our valuable customer on what it may cost them if they don’t hire the right luxury cleaning service. Just like many other people in Melbourne, there is probably no time to perform cleaning activities of their homes, and apart from this, the quality of cleaning expected in many luxurious homes in Melbourne is tedious; hence, there is need to hire the right luxury cleaning service to maintain the house. However, it is better not to hire a cleaning service at all than to hire a wrong one. This article will enlighten you on what it can cost you if the right luxury cleaning is not hired.

Dangers of not Hiring the Right Luxury Cleaning Service

Hiring a wrong cleaning service may cost more than what you can think. Many at times, safety is not guaranteed, quality of service may not be assured, the right pieces of equipment are not put to use, and much more. We highlighted below some factors you need to consider to help you decide right:

  • Hiring turns out to be an individual and not a business

You may hire them as a company, but in the middle of the road, it turns out to be an individual rather than a company. Or what can you say about hiring cleaning service and you are the one supplying them those cleaning tools when you discover they don’t have the proper tools to use for your work as against your agreement with them?

It is glaring that you could be responsible for some other costs such as social security payments, employee withholding, federal unemployment taxes, and other related costs. Another cost implication is that you may need to revisit your insurance coverage. It seems you are running at a loss due to your wrong selection of your cleaning service. So, whenever you want to select your luxury cleaning service, enter an agreement with your potential cleaners the wage, tax, and insurance information of the company.

  • Trustworthy and reliability

Always have it in mind that you are about to expose your home to a group of people you did not know before. There have been some cases of theft in the house cleaning service team; though it is an ugly situation. If you hire a wrong cleaning service, you are subjecting your home to such risk.

Only a high-end luxury cleaning service can guarantee safe services with tracking record. The luxury cleaning services usually conduct employee background and police checks for their new cleaners before they hire them. And this background check is always performed not because of them, but they know these employees will be sent to people’s homes. If criminal activity is traced to any of the applicants, it is a no-going area.

However, some unprofessional cleaning service may sometimes ignore such activity and conclude it is their past; they thereby exposing their customers’ homes to potential thieves that can be easily tempted with valuable items. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the right luxury cleaning service to handle your luxurious home cleaning.

  • A right luxury cleaning service should be financially responsible

A reputable luxury cleaning service should be financially responsible in all ramifications. They should be up to date in paying their taxes. In some instances, a wrong cleaning service insists you pay by cash and not through the bank. If you sense this kind of policy in your potential cleaners, think twice. They may be avoiding taxes, and it is an offense, and you can be implicated in the process.

Based on some countries’ IRS claims, if your cleaning service is not paying taxes as expected, you and the company knew about it, as you are aware that their operations are illegal and you are expected to report such company. Why are you stressing yourself on an issue you knew nothing about when there are many professional cleaning services out there? It is advisable to save yourself from all these stresses by spending more money to hire a luxury cleaning that is operating in accordance with the law by being financially responsible in paying its taxes.

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • The insurance coverage is another crucial factor to consider in avoiding wrong home cleaners. This element means a lot in your relationship with the cleaning biz in the long run. If they are professionals, they must have a work cover, and they must operate under a comprehensive insurance policy. The company is expected to be licensed, bonded about its clients’ contract agreement, and insured against unforeseen occurrences regarding injuries and properties.

If you hire a wrong cleaning service, you may tend to be liable for their employees’ injuries and infections in the course of discharging their duties; This adds more to your risk coverage, and you may have to pay more. There have been some cases where clients are held to ransom to foot the bill for employee’s treatment; This is an ugly experience, and you can only get it if you hire cheap cleaners for your luxury cleaning service.

  • Stable employees to handle your home cleaning

Receiving a new set of cleaners every time a cleaning activity is scheduled can be troublesome. You tend to explain things (such as where to clean more, where to focus more and less, your priorities, how you would like things to be done, the frequency of cleaning, and much more) over and over again; This is the picture you may be getting from unprofessional and cheap cleaners.

The cleaning company may be sending new faces to your home now and then, and this poses a threat to your security. If a cleaning service cannot guarantee a consistent team to undertake your constant cleaning needs, you have to look elsewhere. It may cost you more than what you think!

A professional cleaning service puts you into consideration and dedicates a team of cleaners to your home which will assure that you don’t have to repeat things over and over. It also increases the efficiency of the team since they are used to the home system of cleaning, and they get more familiar with your priorities. Moreover, it can help them schedule and plan the cleaning of your entire home in stages without having to do any deep cleaning from time to time. With the right team of home cleaners, your luxury home will start shining more and more after each clean.

This is Serious… Who then is the Right Luxury Cleaning Service in Melbourne?

This article will not be complete if your question is not answered. The above points have shown you how you can identify unprofessional cleaning services. “By their fruits, you will know them.Clean House Melbourne is the one that gives you what you need. We know what it takes to handle your luxurious property. You can consider these attributes to choose us:

  • All our teams are dedicated and trained to understand what luxury cleaning service entails.
  • We are equipped with sophisticated and modern cleaning equipment for every cleaning task.
  • We don’t compromise our service quality (we don’t cut corners. Period).
  • Our flat rate luxury cleaning packages are affordable.
  • Clean House Melbourne’s monitoring team is on-ground to keep track of all our employees on the field with unannounced inspections.
  • All our employees are under comprehensive insurance coverage, so you don’t need to fear for your valuable asset.
  • We respond to your distress calls, emails and SMS promptly without delay.
  • We are licensed and bonded with the law, so you are secure with our services.
  • All Clean House Melbourne’s customer care is mannered and experienced to respond to all your inquiries.

The secret to achieving your goal of cleaning your home in a luxurious way is to hire the right luxury cleaning service. A wrong decision may be dangerous and subject you to unnecessary stress. If you hire the right professional cleaning service, you only need to choose your style of cleaning, your preferred frequency and to schedule the time as convenient for you. A right luxury cleaning service reduces your risk, minimizes your liability, and gives you a peace of mind. Clean House Melbourne offers all these benefits and beyond.

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