How to prepare your house for sale?

Everyone wants to sell their property and go to the next one. However, it’s becoming less easy and quick due to the high number of houses for sale. A few ingredients favor and accelerate the sales. Selling a home faster and for a better offer is more than just staging it. There are many steps needed to be taken to upgrade the house before scheduling buyers for inspection. It is known, that staging home for sale can be stressful as it involved many strategies to add value to the property for a better offer. It is now a custom for prospective buyers to have a look of the property they want to buy prior their decision to buy or not. This has made it essential for house sellers to ensure their homes are upgraded before the show day.

Many researchers have confirmed that improving your home before staging can increase the market value of the home by 30% – 50%.

This is because prospective buyers usually have interest and are ready to have a look at your staged property in the first week of staging. However, if all the necessary upgrades and staging tips have not been thoroughly followed before staging it, you may be embarrassed to see buyers condemning your property, and this tends to reduce not only the market value of the home but also your chances of selling quickly.

The question is what are those staging tips needed to add value for a successful showing?  How can this be achieved in inexpensive ways?

Clean House Melbourne has researched and put up this content to highlight top inexpensive ways, to upgrade your home before showings. By employing these inexpensive ways, you are guaranteed of selling your home faster and better at the highest market value. Let’s dive into it one after the other.


The question is what are those staging tips needed to add value for a successful showing?  How can this be achieved in inexpensive ways?

Clean House Melbourne has researched and put up this content to highlight top inexpensive ways, to upgrade your home before showings. By employing these inexpensive ways, you are guaranteed of selling your home faster and better at the highest market value. Let’s dive into it one after the other.

Top Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade a Home Prior to Showings

Upgrading your home before showings will not only make your property sell faster but also add value to it to attract better offers from buyers. The following inexpensive home turnarounds are expected to be carried out by the homeowners or a hired professional before you call on the real estate agent for possible staging. What are those things needed to be done?

Here are the steps to take to sell your home faster and at a better deal:

  • Clean, clean, and cleaning: One of the necessities to upgrade your home prior to showing meticulous and thorough cleaning. This type of cleaning is called Pre-Sale cleaning. In this cleaning service, you must ensure you leave no stone unturned as regards to the cleaning of walkway, living room, bathrooms, carpets, windows, outdoor spaces, walls, and much more.

However, if you have a tight schedule that can’t make you carry out the cleaning needs to give your home the real market value; you can hire a professional Pre-Sale cleaning service. It worth the investment, considering the value that adds to the home at the end. Clean house Melbourne Pre-Sale cleaning service is regarded as one of the top class and the most affordable cleaning services in Melbourne.

  • De-clutter your home: Packing your things into the closets is not the best way to de-clutter your home. Your buyers will only see you as unorganized, and the overstuffed closets have a significant effect on the market value of the home. The best and inexpensive way to this is to get a storage unit to accommodate all the things you don’t need for now. By packing those things such as baby gear, holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and much more in a storage unit and this will not only make your home spacious, but you can also transport the luggage to your new home.
  • Upgrade your home a little bit: The type of upgrades required at this stage are inexpensive ones. You are not obliged to go the extra mile on major remodels. There are some areas you can make a small upgrade to add huge value to your home prior showing your home to a buyer. You can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom by replacing the sinks, kitchen cabinet, appliances and as well as shower curtains, hand towels, and water closets in the bathroom. These little upgrades can have a significant impact on your home look and can encourage better offers from buyers.
  • Take off personalized items: You want to show the home to the prospective buyers that you are ready to sell and this should show in your actions. Removing personal items such as souvenirs, photographs, and much more will make the potential buyers to envisage and imagine themselves occupying the house with available spaces to put their things. You may think those baby portraits and your wedding wall images are adorable; however, when you stage your home for sale, they are required to come down with a view to adding value to the home for better offers.
  • Make your home curb appeal: The first impression of your home is essential. It always last longer in the heart of the buyers. Make an effort to make your home curb appeal to make it look good. The exterior part of your home should be taken seriously. Shining windows, refreshing mulch, mowing the lawn to bring out the green appeal, trimming your flowers around the home, clear out the driveway, walkways, and much more will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Other ways to make your home curb appeal is by pressure-washing your home, polish the doorknob and kick-plate, and as well as removing any cobwebs hanging on your house. You can as well add value to your outdoor spaces by getting some flower pots to decorate your veranda and make it inviting to your prospective buyers.

  • Illuminate the home: Let there be light everywhere in the home. A poorly lit or dark home looks boring, depressed and damp. Light up the home with both artificial and natural light. There are available fancy bulbs to brighten up the home. Try to get a good wattage that can illuminate all areas optimally. Whenever there is a buyer showing, switch on all the lights in the house and make the blinds and curtains opened for more illumination (during the day). There are various home color codes you can use based on purpose. Try your best to bring out the beauty of your home.
  • Engage an experienced home stager/photographer: An experienced home stager is trained to stage your home to appeal to the prospective buyers. He projects the home in a way to impress and attract buyers. A home stager knows that home listing photos are vital to selling your home faster and better as buyers are attracted and want to see the home as displayed. Home stagers also make some adjustment in the arrangement of the home prior taking photographs to make it more perfect for buyers’ showings.
  • Hire a competent real estate agent: After cleaning, de-cluttering, and other activities to add value to your home, another factor to help you sell your property faster and better is to hire the right and reliable real estate agent. This is not the time you should think of a friend who is an estate agent or your brother who is into the business. Considering all your efforts in ensuring the house is put in the best state.

When it comes to hiring the right real estate agent, what really matters most is the reliability and the sales history of the agency. Is the agent competent enough to tell you the current buyers’ taste in buying property like this? Does he or she have a right approach to sell your home faster and at the best deal ever? After establishing all these facts, you can consider hiring one.

Common mistakes when staging a home for sale:

  • Calling the real estate for an appraisal before the pre-sale cleaning
  • Taking photos for the sales before the pre-sale cleaning service
  • Not steam cleaning the carpets, upholstery and rugs
  • Steam cleaning the carpets, upholstery and rugs before the pre-sale clean
  • Poor illumination inside the house
  • Neglecting outside the property and driveways
  • Staging the property in a rush and having to cut corners to finish



At Clean House Melbourne, we believe that getting your home ready for showings to prospective buyers is never too expensive. It must me considered as an investment in the sale with a huge potential for a huge return on investment (ROI). However, if you are thinking of getting your property sold soon, the above tips may help you get it prepared for a higher value. Cleaning your home for better offer may be challenging, but Clean House Melbourne has gotten you covered by preparing your home for faster and better deal. Get in touch with us today, and you would be glad you did.

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