Cleaning may be one of the most undervalued of all activities in an adult care facility. Still, they are now playing an important role, especially now that there are outbreak globally.

Besides current pandemic, cleaning is important for ensuring a safe environment, keeping resident satisfaction, and maintaining the facility properly and appealing.

Controlling expenses and checking practices to ensure that they are running the most effective and economical systems is part of the means to run an acceptable adult care facility.

You can get different cleaning products at different prices, quality, and performance levels, as well as dilution rates, and these all affect the entire quality of cleaning of the aged care facility.

As the cleaning industry is labor-intensive, the amount of time saved during cleaning can bring about a reduction of expenses. Rather than getting rid of some cleaning practices from an aged care facility, organizations can just create different cost-reducing cleaning methods and modern technologies to make cleaning a more efficient task.

Below are some of the ways to reduce cleaning cost in aged care:


  • Day Cleaning 


This program help lower cost and enhance sustainability by making adjustments to cleaning arrangements to more effective hours. Energy bills of buildings can be reduced by saving energy usage in the aged care, leaving HVAC settings at earlier hours, and turning it off at night for cleaning crews. Day cleaners can do more work than night cleaners per square foot since they have clearer visibility of dirty areas and interact with residents so that soils are cleaned up immediately. Day cleaning allows for great savings.

With aged care cleaning service, some reputable cleaning company help aged care handle this day cleaning through their daily aged care cleaning service.


  • Automate Cleaning


Based on a report by the University of Minnesota, it can take a single person about 2 hours to mop a 5,000 sq-ft area. This involves much labor, cost and can be unhealthy. The soiled water and mop can accidentally spread soil and contaminants collected by them, rendering the entire process ineffective and unsanitary. Looking for means to automate cleaning tasks is one way to lower the costs this wise. Professional cleaners can help you with this.


  • Investigate Different Technologies


When looking into new cleaning equipment, make sure you check different types. For example, many professional cleaners have been told how to backpack vacuum cleaners and cylindrical brush floor machines, which can be time-efficient, but they stop researching the machines further. You may have to make some changes when reducing costs, including looking past the normal cleaning equipment you have, labor costs are reduced by different technologies, which will then save you money. This is one of the reason professional cleaner could charge affordably. 


  • Purchase in Bulk


Sometimes, buying chemicals in 5-gallon sizes is cost-effective than buying them per gallon. Also, buying in bulk can be great for the environment. If you decide to handle parts of your aged care cleaning yourself, consider buying your cleaning supplies in bulk.


  • Customizable Cleaning Carts


These can be configured to the user’s preferences. Cleaning chemicals and microfiber cloths that are used more often can be kept on the top and nearest to the closest cart to the employee. Occasionally-used items can be kept underneath. These carts improve worker’s productivity since items are placed in strategic positions for employees. Cleaning can be done more quickly; hence, reducing labor costs. The carts also lower muscular strain for cleaning workers, reducing injuries, time spent away from work, and employees’ compensation claims. Studies showed that using carts specially designed for certain cleaning tasks, increases efficiency by 20%, unlike fixed solution carts.


  • Make use of Cleaning Products of Best Value


You surely know that cheap cleaning products cannot be as effective as there are more expensive alternatives. Aged care is expected to invest in quality cleaning product for better results. Cleaning products are made in different concentrations with different active ingredients and performance levels. Those cheap cleaning products you bought to save a few dollars will quickly wipe and disappear if it only gets down to half of what a more expensive product will go. Also, its concentration of active ingredients can be lower and may need twice as much product to complete the job, wasting your profits as well as the cleaner’s time.


  • Make a Plan of Work


Cleaning industry requires a lot of labor. Any profit made via improving productivity as well as efficiency can lead to huge savings in the long run. All cleaning works in aged care facilities should be done on an arrangement, assigning tasks based on priority and the number of times needed to complete them. Cleaning from top to bottom and cleaning the floors last are simple techniques that stop cleaners from doing double work.

There must be a cleaning procedure and order of cleaning for workers together with a timeline for task completion, no matter the room, surface, or spot to be cleaned. Some cleaning tasks can be spread over a few days. Creating a schedule for certain items to be tracked to make sure they are done when needed. Check this schedule more often and monitor alternative systems to discover if they increase productivity while keeping the cleaning quality.


  • Use Tech-Advanced Floor Care Machines


Facility managers should check the entire cleaning cycle, which involves preparation, operation, and maintenance, when choosing a machine to figure out if it will ensure savings over time. For example, it should be easier for the operator to get the machine ready or adjust pads and brushes, and there shouldn’t be an ergonomic strain in maintenance.

Traditional machines don’t stop giving out chemical solutions even when turning while the machine is working more slowly.

With advanced floor care machines, you get dosing systems that on speed, which apply the chemical to the floor based on the machine’s speed rather than the number of time that has passed. This reduces wasting of the cleaning solution. These machines can give the operators to differentiate the dilution/solution level and, in some cases, turn the chemical dispenser off to properly clean the floors based on the amount of mess. Water will be enough in some areas, while other areas of a floor will need chemicals to get rid of the mess.

Productivity is surely increased by advanced machines because workers will not have to use up and refill tanks frequently. These machines can also minimize downtime after cleaning since they leave just a little moisture behind. Using of hallways, bathrooms, and other areas can begin immediately after cleaning. Cleaning solution waste can be reduced by 30% when facilities use an advanced dosing system.       


  • Outsourcing Adult-Care Cleaning


The best way to reduce cost of cleaning in aged care is by outsourcing the service to professional cleaner. Do you need trusted aged-care cleaners? Some of the features we offer in our aged care cleaning services include competitive pricing, better service experience, and a better cleaning standard.

Your facility manager will conduct weekly quality assurance checks and monthly cleaning audits with your facility’s cleaning arrangement, make sure your requirements and standards are kept to your satisfaction.

Our quality assurance procedures ensure that any arising issues are addressed before they even get noticed. If you want an issue addressed or have an emergency cleaning situation addressed, we give a swift response to issues with an assured response time of below 4-hours.

What Cleaning Services can I buy?

We can get cleaners to clean and tidy your space regularly, bringing back your confidence. Here are what to expect for regular aged care cleaning:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Dishwashing
  • General tidying
  • Laundry


When there is a reduction in aged care managers’ budget, the perfect solution is to adjust cleaning programs, rather than completely cutting out resources or moving to cheaper alternatives that substandard results. Cleaning can be more efficient and cost-effective with technology, chemicals, innovative tools, and equipment. All these together give organizations the chance to reduce energy, water, and chemical consumption and generally increase productivity, leading to a more affordable cleaning program that doesn’t cut back quality, sustainability, safety, or residents’ satisfaction.

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