Are you qualified to get cleaning assistance from NDIS? Do you need a cleaner who understands and respects your needs? Are you looking for the right cleaning service provider to achieve your home organization goals? When it comes to NDIS package, some participants are confused of how to go about it. However, you have a right to choose your preferred provider, and we will discuss some important factors to consider. Firstly, what does NDIS mean?

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and was introduced long time ago in Australia. NDIS gives those with permanent disabilities the chance to obtain the support they need in making use of their knowledge, skills, and independence to live normally.

Australians or their loved ones get peace of mind if they had gotten or were born with a disability through the insurance scheme provided by NDIS. There are many registered providers of NDIS. They verify and validate each person’s needs before they can become a participant of NDIS. Yeah, you knew all these but only concerned about how to find NDIS cleaners in Australia.  Read on!

Finding an NDIS cleaner in Melbourne

After considering your various management alternatives and the required services, you need to look into locating your cleaning service. When you begin your search for service providers, be sure to schedule a discussion of options with cleaning service that meet your needs. Go for an in-person meeting or contact your cleaner over the phone before choosing their service.

You can find a good cleaner in Melbourne with these two steps:

Ask the Right Questions

When you start talking to cleaning services, you need to ensure that you ask the right questions. You first need to be sure they are properly registered with NDIS. They have to provide you some evidence to support their claim and make sure you are satisfied with choosing their service.

It would help if you also know how the cleaner will help you achieve your goals. With the right cleaning service, you will be able to get a clear plan of action based on your specific position. Their focus must be clear and set on how they plan to help you reach your goal. They should provide you with an easy-to-understand plan.

Other questions to ask include:

  • Are they licensed and insured to carry out cleaning services in Melbourne?
  • Can they provide references for their pass cleaning jobs (not necessarily for NDIS)?
  • Are they always available to help you out with your cleaning needs?

Do they speak your Language?

From the above questions, you should know if the cleaner truly work for you. When you contact a cleaning service, be sure that they are friendly and straightforward. Remember, the people you speak to will be responsible for providing your required service.

If they speak something different from your language, you should consider another provider to achieve your goals. Individual requirements should be considered by the cleaner, and they must listen to your needs.

Mood changes will be considered by a reasonable cleaning service and will thus be compassionate. This will definitely be revealed during an interview and shouldn’t be hidden until after selecting a service.

A Wide Selection of Cleaning Services is available with our NDIS Cleaners

Leave us to do an amazing and satisfying job for you. We are great washers, polishers, scrubbers, and experts in busting grime. We are also friendly, recognizable face who cares a lot about our work. With our reliable cleaning services, we are determined to reduce your burdens with a great work ethic that will ensure satisfaction and uttermost calmness at all times. You can get various NDIS cleaning from Clean House Melbourne. These include:

  • Regular housework twice a week, weekly, or every fortnight
  • : This involves handling normal tidying jobs and necessary cleaning chores. We will gently and greatly scrub your home from top to bottom.
  • One-off or spring cleaning: This is the once-in-a-while cleaning we all need to get rid of winter cobwebs and prepare for the summer season’s celebration.
  • Bond or end of lease cleaning: Moving is a task that requires mental and physical efforts to complete. Contact Clean House Melbourne to handle that final and stressful clean and make sure you collect your entire bond back.
  • Custom arrangements: We will handle your tedious laundry and time-taking appliance wipe downs.

Why you should choose Clean House Melbourne for your NDIS Cleaning

Clean House Melbourne has a team of over 30 dedicated cleaners with thorough training and experience in NDIS cleaning. We are a reliable and reputable cleaning company dedicated to helping NDIS participants as well as disabled persons across the country with great home cleaning and management services.

Although many cleaning companies that claim to provide NDIS cleaning services do not possess valid certification or undergo any training from the same company, Clean House Melbourne is one of the top cleaning services in Melbourne that are offering time-conscious and affordable NDIS cleaning services to NDIS participants. Most of our cleaning services are offered in most suburbs of Melbourne and its environments.

Below are why should choose Clean House Melbourne for your NDIS cleaning: 

  • Affordable: Even though we are the most popular cleaning company in Melbourne, we still offer very competitive cleaning service fees that are designed to match everyone’s budget, regardless of the size of the house or establishments.
  • Personalized to your needs: We know your cleaning and support needs and will provide you with the right cleaning services that match your needs accordingly.
  • Trained cleaners: Our teams of NDIS cleaners are well trained and experienced. They are all dedicated to the service of the community and are police-checked and insured.
  • Value for money: We are dedicated to keeping you totally safe and protect your loved one’s health through cleaning services that are certified with the most improved safety standards.
  • Easy to book: You can easily book a cleaning appointment with Clean House Melbourne. Call us at 0407 094 444 or message us via our website, and you will get help with your needs from one of our reps.


We hope you now have a better understanding of how to select the right NDIS cleaner that effectively fits your needs. If you have further questions or require more clarification, contact us straight away. We are committed to NDIS vision and thus can deliver the exact level of support you deserve and offer several services to make sure that you can reach your desired goals.

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