How to get rid of carpet stains?

16 ways for best Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stains are inevitable!

To be frank, you cannot completely stop carpets from been stained but can only minimize it. It is bound to happen if not often, it may occasionally be, especially in a busy or public place. Many homes make every effort to protect their carpets in view that no stain comes in contact with the carpets to compromise their beautification. Suddenly, there is an accident, and your carpet gets stained with either oil or a drop of blood or wine or paint, and you couldn’t withstand the ugly face of the carpet again.

You get disturbed and grab a clean cloth and soap to clean out the stains, but it doesn’t work out. Hold your breath and relax! There are better ways to do this. If you don’t approach your carpet stain removal in a right way, it may leave you with more stubborn stains and reduce the value of your home.

However, you may not require a professional carpet cleaner to remove your carpet stains if you have the right knowledge about how to remove those stains by yourself.

Now the question is: How to get rid of carpet stains?

Clean House Melbourne is known for quality carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne, and we are concerned about how our customer can maintain and handle some simple stain removal themselves. This resource aims to inform and educate you on how to remove the most stubborn carpet stains on your own. Read on to discover these carpet stain removal secrets.

16 Best ways to Clean your Carpet Stains

Alas! Your carpet gets stained either by a drop of paint from your little child or grape juice or oil stain, and you are confused about what to do to remove the stain. Discussed below are a few ideas on how you can clean most common stubborn stains on your carpet with unsuspected and handy products you can get around your home:

Get rid of carpet stains using vinegar

Vinegar is one of the magic stain removals that are commonly used at home to remove carpet stains such as food spills, muddy footprints, coffee, chocolate, lollipop, ink, spices, paint stain, pet messes, and much more. This substance is highly acidic with a pH value of about 2.4. Vinegar is equipped with antibacterial properties, and as well as antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to offer this cleaning benefit.

However, vinegar can be mixed with other substance such as salt, borax, baking soda, detergent, cornstarch, and water, based on the nature of the stain. Take a small towel and moisten it with vinegar or vinegar solution and apply it to the stain region. Soak the portion in vinegar for some minutes and then blot it out. No rinsing is required in this process.

The stain color will start fading out within 24 hours. During the cleaning process, your room may smell vinegar, but the smell will disappear once the carpet dries.

Carpet Stain Removal

Get rid of carpet stains using beer

Many folks out there don’t think beer can remove carpet stains. It is not that they don’t believe, but they have never tried it once. The only thing they know is that beer is meant to be enjoyed in the bar and party, and can even stain the carpet if accidentally poured on it. The good news is that you can use beer to remove stains such as tea or coffee from the rug.

However, to achieve a good result, you must do this in the right way so you won’t cause another stain on your rug. The best approach to using beer to clean carpet stain is to pour a bit of beer directly on the stain. Take a paper towel and lightly rub the beer on the stain. The beer will lift out the stain, but you may repeat this process over and over to completely remove the stain.

The good thing about beer for carpet stain removal is that it is readily available in your fridge and you can quickly grab it as the stain happens. Which will give you a very good result as the stain is still fresh and didn’t go deep in the fibres yet.

Get rid of carpet stain using Borax

Borax or sodium borate is a mineral that naturally occurs in the earth and can be dissolved in water for various cleaning purposes. One of its cleaning purposes is carpet stain removal. Dissolve borax in the warm water and apply this solution to the stain portions of the carpet. Allow the solution to dampen the carpet for 30 minutes and use a plain white cloth and cold water to rub the soaked area to remove the solution, and then dry to blot it out. You can then vacuum the area.

Get rid of carpet stain using Ammonia

Ammonia has also been found effective in blotting out carpet stains. Prepare a solution of ammonia and warm water to remove stubborn stains from your carpet. You only need to spray this cleaning solution onto the portion of the mat that has the stains. Allow it to soak for few minutes and use some paper towels to dry the soaked region until the stain is completely removed.

Ammonia will not only remove the stain from carpet but also deodorize the rug and remove the unpleasant smell from the carpet. Ammonia is also readily available and affordable for carpet stain removal.

Get rid of carpet stain using baby wipes

It is amazing to know that baby wipes can perform cleaning wonder on carpets. Irrespective of the brand you have, baby wipes can clean out stains from your rug. Just a few sheets of wipes and apply it to the stained area to technically remove the stain. If the stain is a stubborn type, apply more pressure and the stain will clean out.

Get rid of carpet stain using shaving cream

Shaving cream has been found most economical in removing stains from carpets. It is effective in cleaning out stubborn and pet stains from the carpets. You can use any type of shaving cream, but plain white is more advisable than otherwise. First, identify the affected area and then spray the cream on the stain. Allow the spraying to sit for 15 – 20 minutes and gently rub the shaving cream with a scrubbing brush. Avoid spreading it to other unaffected areas. Gently rub it until the stain is completely removed.

Carpet stain removal using salt

Salt is capable of remove red wine stain from the carpet. For the best cleaning result, first, apply cold water with a sponge and then sprinkle the portion with salt. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then vacuum the place. You can as well mix salt with alcohol to remove stubborn stains such as grease stain on the carpet.

Get rid of carpet stain using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has been studied to clean out stains from carpet. Mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide and tartar cream and spray on the stain. Allow it to sit and use a cloth or a sponge to rub the carpet stain with moderate pressure for the best result. Repeat the same method until you achieve your goal.

However, it is advisable to be careful with the way you handle hydrogen peroxide, as it could bleach the color of your carpet.

Carpet stain removal using WD-40

WD-40 is equipped with cleaning property to keep your carpet free from ink stain. Grab a can of WD-40, spray it over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, gently rub the place with soapy water and rinse it with warm water. Allow the carpet to completely dry.

Get rid of carpet stain using Cornstarch

Cornstarch can remove any kinds of stains on the carpet. You can apply cornstarch in many ways, either using alone or mix with other substance. To use cornstarch alone, you need to sprinkle it all over the stain. Leave it for some minutes and remove it by vacuuming the area. Repeat the step if the stain is still found there.

Carpet stain removal using meat tenderizer

Blood stains on carpet can sometimes be challenging. However, meat tenderizer has been found helpful in eliminating this stubborn blood stain. Meat tenderizer is used to produce poultice which is applied on the stain and lift any traces of blood off the carpet.

The poultice is produced by mixing meat tenderizer with water to form a thick paste substance. Apply the mixture to the affected area and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrape the paste off the carpet with any blunt tool and clean out the stain with a clean wet cloth. Rinse the area with plain water and the stain should clean out thoroughly.

Get rid of carpet stain using Baking Soda

A urine or vomit stains on your carpet? Don’t worry; baking soda can rescue you and bring back the beauty of your carpet. First, pack what you can pack from the surface of the carpet and then reach out to baking soda and pour it on the stain and use a paper towel to finish up the job. Allow it to dry and vacuum the place.

Baking soda will not only remove the stain but also sanitize and deodorize your carpet. You can as well mix baking soda with other substance to achieve more and for purpose cleaning.

Carpet stain removal using Dry-cleaning fluid

Have you thought about dry-cleaning fluid for cleaning carpet stains? The dry-cleaning fluid has been studied to be effective in removing stains such as butter, lipstick, grease, and other oily substance on the carpet. Clean excess oil from carpet with a paper towel and dry-cleaning fluid. Rub it until it is thoroughly cleaned.

Get rid of carpet stain using Club soda

Your pet messes up your carpet with urine, or you have spilled coffee or tea stain, don’t worry, club soda can help you. Don’t waste time; wipe off the excess urine on the carpet with a paper towel. Apply club soda and let it soak and wipe it again. Then scrub the affected area with diluted carpet shampoo and dry.

Carpet stain removal using Ice cubes

Another stubborn carpet stain that can give you a problem is chewing gum. It can stick to the mat and seems impossible to remove. But relax your mind, ice cubes can be of help in freezing the gum and removing it from your carpet. How do you go about it?

First, freeze the gum with ice cubes and then scratch the residue with a blunt knife such as butter knife and apply trichloroethylene to finish up the work.

Get rid of carpet stain using a toothbrush

Though toothbrush cannot remove the stain on its own, it plays a vital role in removing the most stubborn stain. Some stains cannot be removed with just dampen paper towel or cloth. If your carpet gets stained with tough substance stain, after applying stain removing agents such as beer, vinegar, or any other substances, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the affected area until the stain is completely removed.

Conclusion: way to Get rid of carpet stain

Carpets are expected to be shinning every day regardless of how they are used. To achieve this, you need to regularly maintain your carpet and make every effort to add value through quality cleaning. One of these regular maintenances is stain removal. No matter how careful you are, carpets tend to get stained one way or the other on a daily basis and not everyone is going to be as careful as you!

The best approach to efficiently remove the stain from your carpet is always to treat your carpet messes immediately it occurs before it goes deep into the carpet fibers. Yes! Get the stains out quickly from the rug because the longer the mess sits on the carpet, the deeper it forms a bond with the carpet fibers; thereby making it stressful to remove the stain easily.

This article has shared great ideas on how to remove the most stubborn stains from your carpet. However, it is advisable first to test a small portion of the carpet to know its reaction before applying to larger areas. Clean House Melbourne is a renowned carpet cleaner with many years of experience, and offering this service to Melbourne city and its metropolis. However, if any of the above stain removal ideas don’t work out for you; you can call us to learn more.


Clean house Melbourne gives NO guarantee and holds NO responsibility for the results that you will have with all these ways to clean your carpet from stains. This article is a fruit of our extensive research and experience. We have gathered the best modes known online (and off line) and have made it available to you. We have put all our efforts to check all the references, info but we haven’t personally tried all these methods for our carpet stain removal. It is purely informative, and if you were to try any one of these ways, it would be at your risk.

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