How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring?

Maintaining a happy and healthy home means more than just dusting and vacuuming. Ask yourself: when did you last deep-clean your oven, clear out your guttering, or replace all of your household filters? Spring presents the best opportunity to jump onto those cleaning and maintenance duties around the home.

We’ve rounded up 8 tips to ensure your home is ready for the best part of the year – Spring!

#1 – Do a Thorough Spring Clean

There’s nothing better than singing in the new season with a home that’s sparkling clean from top to bottom! Spring cleaning is a deep clean that goes beyond the normal weekly or fortnightly clean. Spring cleaning gets rid of all the accumulated dust and dirt that finds its way into the hard to reach places of the home.

It includes tasks such as oven cleaning, outdoor and balcony cleaning, upholstery cleaning and carpet steam cleaning (in addition to regular cleaning tasks such as kitchens and bathrooms.)

Because spring cleaning is such a big job, you may want to hire the help of the professionals. Clean House Melbourne are fully equipped to handle your spring cleaning so you don’t have to. Contact us on 0407 094 444 or check out our Spring Cleaning Services page.

#2 – Clean Guttering

Put on some heavy duty gloves, grab a ladder, and get stuck into this often dreaded task. Start by removing as much debris as you can with your hands, then flush any remaining leaves or build up with a garden hose.

#3 – Clean Interior Walls and Wipe Sockets

Using a sponge for painted surfaces or a brush for tiles, clean the walls of bathrooms, kitchens and any high-traffic areas with a sponge and some soapy water. Disinfect and wipe clean any sockets or outlets along the way (being careful not to over saturate of course).

#4 – Wash Exterior Windows

After the winds and rain of winter, your external windows will need a good clean come spring. First, dust off any loose dust with a brush or broom. Then, wash the windows with a sponge using a water and detergent mix. (For stubborn stains, use a specialty window cleaner). Lastly, squeegee off the excess.

#5 – Do A Half Yearly Declutter

The onset of a new season is a great reason to give your home a thorough decluttering session. Carefully go through your accumulated belongings and sort what you’d like to keep, store, or give away. Not sure what to do? Check out this blog post on decluttering.

(Or, if you need help, enlist the services of a professional decluttering expert, such as Clean House Melbourne.)

#6 – Clean Your BBQ

Everyone loves alfresco dining and summer entertaining, so now’s the time to tackle the task of cleaning your BBQ. No matter whether you have kept the internals clean, your barbeque has most likely accumulated plenty of dust and debris over the cold months. Brush away the loose dust, give the unit a polish, and check that any gas lines or connections are functioning and in good order.

#7 – Clean Outdoor Furniture

With entertaining season right around the corner, it’s essential that you get your outdoor furniture in tip-top shape and ready to enjoy. Remove and wash any fabric coverings or cushions, then wash tables and chairs with a hose or warm soapy water.

#8 – Clean Filters

Vacuum filters, dryer filters, rangehood filters – there’s no doubt these have accumulated a heap of dust and grime over the past year, so it’s a great idea to clean all of these as well at the onset of spring. While you’re at it, set some time aside to clean extractor fans, ceiling fans, and the vents around air-conditioning units.

Need help getting your home ready for spring? Contact us! We can help you get your home sparkling clean and perfectly organised – guaranteed.

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