How To Clean Your Home To Control Allergens This Spring

Transported through the air and into our homes, allergens are found on flooring, furniture, in our clothes, and on just about every surface in the house. Indoor allergens, which include dust mites, pollen, pet hair and mold affect millions of people every day. But as any allergy sufferer will tell you, they seem to be a much bigger problem in Spring!

While it’s not possible to eradicate every allergen from your home completely, it’s possible to reduce their presence through deep cleaning on a regular basis. Cleaning regularly – and doing it the right way, will help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of allergies for you and your family.

Follow these essential tips for reducing indoor allergens in your home. (h2)

Tip #1 – Vacuum the allergens away

Vacuuming is a really important way to get rid of allergens found in your home. Carpets, curtains and furniture are traps for all kinds of particles which spell disaster for all allergy sufferers.

It’s only by removing those allergens through regular vacuuming that you can hope to reduce their accumulation into fabrics, flooring and corners.

For best results, it’s highly recommended to vacuum at least once or twice per week, and preferably with a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are specifically designed to trap small particles and prevent them from spreading back into the air, making them ideal for homes with allergy problems.

Tip #2 – Dust the RIGHT way

Another important way to control allergens in the home is by removing as much dust as you can. Dust mites (which thrive in dust) are one of the most common triggers of asthma and allergy symptoms.

To get rid of dust properly, use a damp or treated cloth that picks up dust particles (rather than scattering it). If not done correctly, be aware that dusting the wrong way can cause the spread of dust mites which will only make the problem worse!

It’s also a great idea to declutter your home as much as you can, given that objects attract and trap dust (plus they can be difficult to keep clean).

Tip #3 – Wash away allergens

Dust, and dust mites love to live in pillows, bedding, curtains, carpets and rugs. This poses a big problem for allergy sufferers given that we spend so much time in the bedroom and surrounded by these other soft furnishings.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to wash bedding (including sheets, pillowcases, blankets etc) at least once a week in very hot water before drying them in a hot dryer to further stamp out any dust mites.

For anything non-washable such as mattresses, doonas, non-washable pillows, cover these in separate coverings which can be easily removed and washed frequently.

Tip #4 – Scrub away mold and mildew 

Mold and mildew is unsightly enough to warrant frequent cleaning, but when you consider how detrimental they can be to allergy sufferers, getting rid of them is essential!

Mold thrives in damp areas such as the bathroom, and it’s often found under old carpeting and on air-vents and extractor fans. Unfortunately, much like pollen, mold spores float in the air which makes them difficult to get rid of.

To minimize mold in the bathroom, it’s recommended to scrub and disinfect the shower and bathtub once a week paying particular attention to tiles and grout.

Other helpful tips include, running the exhaust fan after showering, and drying off the shower or bathtub itself with a towel. If any shower curtains have mold, clean and/or replace these frequently as well.

Tip #5 – Reduce pet allergens

The bad news for pet lovers is that our pets account for much of the allergies we suffer on a daily basis. Like dust, mold and pollen, the particles dropped from animals (such as pet hair, dead skin, saliva and urine) quickly become airborne and are difficult to get rid of.

However, you can reduce animal allergens by washing your pet frequently and vacuuming as often as possible.

Other tips to reduce the effect of pet allergens on your family include keeping your pets out of the bedroom and off the furniture, and choosing pets which are known to drop less fur or hair.

Tip #6 – Keep the air clean with HEPA filters

HEPA filters are “high-efficiency particulate air filters” which are designed to capture microscopic particles floating in the air. HEPA filters are used in a variety of cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, but they’re also found in some air conditioners and air purifiers. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, then investing in HEPA filters for these items is a must.

If you’d like help keeping your home clean and allergy free, give us a call! Our team of carefully trained house cleaners can dust, vacuum and scrub away many of the most common forms of allergens from your home without you having to lift a finger.

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