Benefits of Decluttering
Benefits of Decluttering

Along with the obvious benefits of decluttering your home such as creating a more neat and tidy environment, and making better use of space, there are a range of other psychological benefits of decluttering that you mightn’t be aware of.

From improving concentration, to reducing anxiety, the benefits of decluttering your home are enormous.

If you’ve ever considered decluttering your home but are yet to tackle the task, keep reading. By the end of this post, we’re certain you’ll be scheduling a decluttering day – or three, pretty quickly!

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Keep Reading for the 6 Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Benefits of Decluttering
1. Decluttering Improves Your Concentration

Whether it’s your living room or the bedroom, having excess “stuff” laying around is scientifically proven to have a negative impact on our ability to focus and process information.

The clutter around us forces the brain to multitask, which not only causes brain-drain, it can increase stress. This makes decluttering in the home office particularly beneficial!

2. Decluttering Improves Your Sleep Habits

So many of us struggle with poor sleep patterns, so it’s a welcome relief that decluttering your home can help with this.

Sleep studies have shown that those with very cluttered bedrooms are more likely to experience sleep disorders, such as restless sleep and difficulty falling asleep. Now, if that’s not enough reason to declutter your home, we don’t know what is!

3. Decluttering Gives You a Sense of Achievement

Decluttering Gives You a Sense of Achievement

We like to see orderly streets, gardens and buildings, so the same psychology applies to within the household. Order around us makes us feel in control and competent.

In other words, achieving a decluttered and highly functioning home makes us feel good, and therefore it’s more likely to encourage further productivity and development.

4. Decluttering Reduces Anxiety

Similarly to the point above, seeing constant disorder and chaos around us is enough to bring most people down. Just looking at the piles of possessions, the cluttered kids toys, the masses of paperwork, and all of life’s accumulations can create a feeling of depression and overwhelm.

The good news is, these negative feelings aren’t permanent, and a good decluttering service will go a long way to restoring calm and order in your environment.

5. Decluttering Can Be Therapeutic

Hear us out on this one! While most people dread the task of decluttering their home (and for those that are in this category, speak to us!), there are actually some benefits of doing it yourself.

Decluttering forces you to reevaluate moments in your life, for every item you handle. It also encourages some gentle activity which can be great for those with sedentary lifestyles.

And of course there’s the satisfaction that comes with working quietly through a task and enjoying the fruits of your labours. Decluttering allows us to experience these benefits and more.

6. Decluttering Can Help You Rediscover Warm Memories and Beloved Treasures

In the process of decluttering your home, you’ll undoubtedly come upon various long-forgotten mementos and keepsakes from years past. While some of these will disposed of in the cleansing process, others will serve as useful reminders of abundance and how far we’ve come.

Rediscovering these lost treasures alone can boost your mood and prime the brain for further happiness.

7. Decluttering Will Lead to More Intelligent Purchasing

There’s no doubt about it: sorting through years worth of “stuff” such as incorrect purchases, impulse buys and unwanted gifts serves as a very clear reminder of the importance of mindful purchasing.

There’s nothing more sobering that realising the many thousands of dollars wasted on possessions which don’t serve us.

With each item you find and discard, take note of the cost and the waste of such as purchase. This will surely remind you to be careful with expenditures going forward.

Truthfully, there are countless benefits of decluttering your home, office or other environment, only some of which we have touched upon here. Psychologically, decluttering causes us to pause, ponder and reflect. And environmentally, it allows to us to live happier, cleaner and less chaotic lives.

benefits of decluttering home

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