How To Express Clean Your Kitchen In 15 Minutes (Or Less!)

If you’d like to learn an easy and simple way to clean your kitchen at any time of day, keep reading. We’ve put together a handy step-by-step routine to help you clean your kitchen in a hurry, whether that’s after dinner, after the kids have made a mess, or perhaps you have an unexpected guest!

The good news is, that sticking to a daily house cleaning routine like this one will make the process of keeping your kitchen clean much, much easier. The more you allow messes to build up, the harder it is to tackle them later!

This kitchen cleaning ritual is a great way to ‘reset’ your home at nighttime and it gets your morning off to the right start the next day. Plus, if you can get your family to help with the home cleaning, it only takes a few minutes each (which is less time than it takes to send a couple of texts!)

Before we get to our express kitchen cleaning routine, let’s take a moment to appreciate why adopting this house cleaning habits is a great idea in the first place:

  • Small daily home cleaning actions such as this one, helps to keep the kitchen clean much more often. Mess triggers more mess!
  • There’s no better feeling than stepping foot into a sparkling, clean kitchen first thing in the morning.
  • It’s much more enjoyable to cook in a clean kitchen.
  • Clean kitchens are essential for eliminating germs and food borne illnesses like salmonella and food poisioning.
  • Keeping the kitchen clean means, you’ll never get caught by embarrassment from unexpected guests dropping in!
  • Keeping on top of kitchen cleanliness helps streamline the cleaning process when professional house cleaners come in for a periodic clean, saving you time and money.

Now that you’re in agreement that adopting a daily express kitchen cleaning routine is a good idea, let’s get into discussion of how best to achieve it:

#1 – Beforehand, get all of your equipment organised in one place

So that you don’t waste any time looking around for the necessary tools and cleaning equipment right at the last minute. We recommend keeping everything you need together in one place. Ideally, organise a caddy for under the kitchen sink or in a nearby cupboard so you can grab these items quickly, and you can start cleaning any time.

What should you keep in your kitchen caddy?

  • An all-purpose cleaner
  • Kitchen sink scrub
  • Microfibre cloths
  • A scrubber or scourer
  • Disinfectant cleaner
  • A sponge
  • Dishwashing soap
  • A stainless-steel surface cleaner (optional).
  • A scrub brush and a toothbrush
  • A Chinese chopstick: it will help you to clean all the small crevasses and corners
  • A scraper
  • Jif and Gumption

#2 – Set a timer for 15 minutes

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are pushed by a goal and set yourself a time limit for a particular task! Setting a timer when you clean – no matter what you’re cleaning, or what room of the house, is a great way to get the cleaning done in the shortest possible time frame.

To give yourself the best chance possible, eliminate any distractions like mobile phones, put some you favourite music and see how much you can knock over! Not only is this a handy tip for increasing your productivity, it can make the job a little bit more fun as well.

#3 – House decluttering quickly (3 minutes)

It’s impossible to clean up properly when the area is littered with countless bits and pieces. For ultimate speed cleaning, you need clear surfaces and room to get around.

Start by picking up whatever may be sitting on the counters or kitchen table and gather them into a central area or into a tub. (Because putting everything away can be time-consuming, don’t waste time putting these things away immediately, just simply collect them together and get them out of your way right now.)

#4 – Unstack/stack the dishwasher (3-4 minutes)

We’ve timed it, and you’ll be surprised to hear that it should only take 3-4 minutes to unload the dishwasher and put everything away. If you go about this task without stopping and starting – and just do it in one go, it really isn’t very time-consuming at all. The most important point to remember for keeping your kitchen clean all/most of the time, is to keep on top of the buildup of dirty dishes.

#5 – Tackle the kitchen sink and benchtop (2-3 minutes)

With your kitchen scrub cleaner and a scourer or sponge, give the sink a quick scrub all over. This is important for hygiene and it will leave such a big impression on the overall feeling of cleanliness in the kitchen area. We don’t know about you, but there is always something deeply satisfying about looking down into a shiny and grime-free kitchen sink! Use Jif if you have any marks.

#6 – Give the floor a quick vacuum or sweep (2 minutes)

There’s nothing worse than sticky floors or walking onto a kitchen surface to feel crumbs and mysterious pieces of debris underfoot. So, at the end of your express cleaning routine, set a couple of minutes aside to give the area a quick vacuum or sweep with a broom. For small kitchens, this step may only take 30 seconds, but the results are definitely worth it.

#7 – Use any spare time to rinse out sponges, put away objects collected earlier, or just sit down with your feet up!

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