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Having a piece of junk or more in your home is not a crime. The truth is that, decluttering our homes can present us with many benefits, no matter the level of junk we have in our home. Everyone loves to have a home without clutter, but the effort it requires could make anyone panic. It is said that, stress comes with a mess. A research has claimed that the human mind is set to feel more stress in a home filled with junks.

Having clutter in your home is not only about manners; it also affects you psychologically. In another research posted by Web MD and Psychology Today, it was shown that “when people are surrounded by things that are beyond what they can manage, they tend to feel like life is no more under their control.

Taking care of yourself might become a big task for you if you find it hard to take care of the clutter in your home. However, there is much help around if you feel like you cannot handle your clutter by yourself. You would find it easier to control your clutter if you follow our simple decluttering tips.

In this tip, you will understand how to take care of your junks, and we’ll also suggest how to utilize the space you have and stop clutter from happening in your home. You will be amazed at how organized your home will be if you follow expert tips contained in this post. Let’s get it started by understanding what clutters are.

What is Clutter and when is it a Problem?

Clutter is best explained as anything you have in your home that does not add value to your life. Decluttering means creating more space in your home for more important things. Clutter, in many cases, can cause you to waste more time and energy, especially when you are trying to locate an item. When clutter gets to an extreme level, depression or obesity can also cause people to have clutter in their homes. There are many health complications from dust and mold, as well as a fire outbreak that could result from a cluttered home. Apart from these, there are other reasons why you should declutter.

Why should you declutter your home?

Many people engage in decluttering just to feel they still have control and accomplishment on this daunting task. Some enjoy decluttering as it enables them to free up more space in their house to give room for more essential items. Others perform this task before they relocate to a new home. You will find everything you need on decluttering in this guide regardless of your reasons for it. For more information, read our post on the “Benefits of Decluttering.”

Space-by-Space Decluttering and Home Organizing Tips

There are many tips on the internet that are helpful when organizing your home. You will also find different ways to hire the service of home organization companies. However, if you find the options too costly, you can proceed with our list to declutter your life and home without stress. There are five important parts in every home, and it includes the bedroom, kitchen, living room, closet, and bathroom. We break these tips into five categories, and each of them consists of two sections.

How to declutter and organize your Bedroom?

The bedroom is where most people dump items that don’t have a home in their house while organizing their household. Your bedroom is very important – a place where you relax, enjoy peace and serenity after a long day activities. You don’t necessarily need more than a bed, storage for clothes, 1 or 2 nightstands, shoes, and maybe jewelry in your bedroom.

Consider the tips below to declutter and organize your messed up bedroom:

  • Start with the bedroom drawers by reducing the clutter in your space
    You are to determine how relevant the contents of your drawers are to you. If you’ve not used them for at least a year-long, then you can get rid of them. You can research on how to best organize drawer for routine management.
  • Make use of storage bins for extra items and clean your flat surface
    Ensure you clean your flat surface. To do this, make sure you remove any floor cushion, extra chair, or lamp out of your bedroom. You can also search for built-in storage organizers to properly arrange your room. You can try out wooden boxes, storage bins, shoe boxes, or bags.

Pro Tip: There is no need to buy anything from the store, as you can make use of shoe boxes, small gift boxes, cereal boxes, or custom plastic containers to store the contents in the drawer. Once you put on your creativity, you may not even send any of your items to the landfill at the end of the process.

How to declutter and organize your Closet/Wardrobe?

A wardrobe is one of the best parts of a home. You feel excited when going through your bags, clothes, shoes, and other possessions. You can remove clutter from your home by just do-it-yourself. You always have a choice with you.Consider the tips below to declutter your messed up closet/wardrobe:

  • Purge clothes and shoes
    Generally, we always have some clothes that we can dispose of, as it had been researched that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Having trouble deciding which stuff you should get rid of? Consider the following questions:
    Did you wear them in the past year?
    Does it fit?Is it torn, stained, or faded?
    If your answer is NO to any of the questions mentioned above, then it is my sincere advice that you dispose of such an item. Make sure items with the sentimental value of seasonal that you only wear occasionally and store in a storage bin create more space in your closet. You can also do these with your shoes.
  • Clean up closet shelves
    Your quality of life is improved when your closet is well cleaned. You will have enough time for other stuff as you don’t have to navigate through many hurdles before you select cloth for your outing. Bring out all the contents of your closet and separate those things you don’t necessarily need. Do not stack clothing on shelves or store items on shelves that can be kept underclothes on the hanger. Aside from the stuff you stored in storage bins, there should be nothing hindering you from seeing everything in your closet without much movement. You can store your smaller items in boxes and bins on your closet shelves.

How to declutter and organize your Living Room?

Your living room is where almost everything happens, from casual meet-ups, birthday events to mini parties. You would feel somehow bad when you have clothes lying around on your sofa in the living room, while you welcome guests to your home. Enjoying oneself in the living room becomes more difficult when you have items like blankets, books, magazines, toys, wires, and more hanging around. Enjoying your time with family and friends in a clean and well-organized living room is one good feeling you don’t want to miss.

The following tips will help you in decluttering your living room and also help in organizing it:

  • Remove irrelevant clutter and introduce the use of storage binsYou will find solutions to the clutter problem in your living room within a few hours when you add more storage bins. You just put some extra items in the storage bins, and you are done. You can also make use of jars, shoe boxes, and cereal boxes. Switch on your creativity.
  • Wrangle the wires, donate or sell your extra belongingsVisual clutter could arise from messy wires from your gadgets. This issue can be solved by finding many products from the entertainment market. Items you no longer need can be donated or sold to those who have more needs for them. Create wall shelves for them and arrange them properly. Go for decent but straightforward décor for more space.

How to declutter and organize your Kitchen?

The kitchen is probably the most visited place in your home every day. You have your food, small appliances, cookware, and utensils, and so on in the kitchen. The kitchen deserves some spaces for proper management regardless of what items you have in there.

Experts suggest that you follow these tips to declutter kitchen for magical results:

  • Begin with the countertops

    Those looking to declutter their kitchens should start with the kitchen counters, which are mostly clutter-magnet in every home. You will appreciate these two tips when you are done applying them:

  • Remove all the items on your kitchen counter except items like knife block or coffee maker. The items can be placed on the kitchen table or on the floor, just remove the clutter off the counter.
  • Dispose of or relocate all the items you removed from the counter. If you have much or mail, you can either trash them or move them to your workplace or office for further addressing.
  • Divide the Kitchen into different parts

We strongly advised that you declutter one part of your kitchen at a time to avoid creating bigger clutter. You will be able to control and improve how you organize your kitchen when you break it into parts.

Follow these tips:

  • Create space for your pots, cooking utensils, and pans beside the stove. These items should not be far from where you cook.
  • Store away your baking materials in a cabinet or a shelf if you don’t bake often. Make sure your baking materials are closer to your mixer if you have it on your countertop.
  • Create a section for cling wrap, storage bags, aluminum foil, and other relevant items, including cleaning materials.

You can as well read our post on “How to Express Clean your Kitchen in 15 Minutes or Less

How to declutter and organize your Bathroom?

Most people do forget the bathroom, which is one of the important parts of the house. You can also declutter your bathroom.

The two simple steps below will help you declutter your bathroom.

#1. Remove all your items from the bathroom closet and drawers:

 Some experts suggested that you should declutter multiple bathrooms at once to see for yourself how much clutter you have in your home. You may find out there is enough soap that will last you a year in your home after decluttering your bathroom. Any way you decide to go, remove all the items from the countertops, completely remove all the items from the drawers and make sure you clean out the linen closets in or closer to the bathroom.

You can then proceed to other important items such as towels, medicines, toiletries, and soaps together. With this, you will determine what item is necessary for your bathroom.

#2. Dispose unwanted often items to keep your closet free: People generally keep half-used bottles of oils, shampoos, conditioners, and other related stuff for long. Stop this act if you are one of them. Start by asking yourself if those items are still needed. You should not hesitate to throw the items away if your answer is NO.  

Do you need a Decluttering and Home Organization Service? 

This is worth noting that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. In case you don’t have much time for these tasks, the Clean House Melbourne is here to help you! Regardless of the reasons behind your decluttering, whether relocation, selling of a home, tidy seasonal up, end-of lease, physical challenges, health issues, time poor, new baby arrival or to gain total control over your daily life, professionals can get the job done for you. We will put our years of experience into action for you.

Whether the decluttering is required for each room or you also require overall home organization service, we are here to help you with them all. You can book us for your end of lease cleaning here in South Melbourne and its environs. We will handle the task from the start to the end without you worrying about anything. Call Clean House Melbourne on 0407 094 444 or enquiry online here.

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