10 Handy House Cleaning Shortcuts To Save Time & Money

Even the most house-proud people amongst us don’t want to spend more time cleaning their home than they really have to. Let’s face it, if houses could clean themselves, we’re sure nobody would complain about it!

For experienced house cleaners, it’s thanks to years of trial and effort – not to mention years of practice, that has helped them find ways to get a perfectly clean house with less time and effort than it takes us mere mortals.

But don’t be mistaken, finding shortcuts to house cleaning doesn’t mean you will sacrifice on the quality of the final result. Rather, it just means that you can start to clean SMARTER, and get more cleaning done in less time, and with a lot less fuss!

We’ve rounded up some of the best and most helpful house cleaning shortcuts loved by home-owners and professional cleaners alike.

If you’d like to learn a few handy house cleaning shortcuts, keep reading.

#1 – For the best sweeping results, pick the right broom

You can spend hours sweeping indoor and outdoor areas, only to find the remains of dust still spread all over the floor. How annoying! The reason for this is most likely because you have used the wrong type of broom for the task.

For indoors, use a broom that has softer and more fine bristles as this will help to pick up smaller dust and debris pieces. For outdoor areas, always use a stronger, more sturdy type of broom with stiff bristles.

An added tip: Cleaning any area should be done top to bottom. That way, anything you have cleaned or dusted from the higher areas will fall to the floor while you’re working, and these can be cleaned away at the end.

#2 – For quick pet hair removal, use a wet rubber glove

Every pet owner knows the problem of pet hair, and how difficult it can be to manage in the home. Covering upholstery, curtains, rugs, flooring, carpets and clothes, pet hair has a way of attaching itself to anything and everything. Getting rid of pet hair is essential – especially if you suffer from allergies, but it’s also extremely time consuming.

The quickest and cheapest way to remove pet hair? A damp rubber glove. Simply put the glove on your hand, and wet it slightly before running your hands over the affected areas. This makes gathering up the hair fibres much easier than trying to do it dry, and this method can be done in an instant.


#3 – Get rid of greasy finger marks from stainless steel with oil

This might sound counter-intuitive, but lifting greasy finger marks from stainless steel cooktops, fridges and rangehoods doesn’t call for speciality cleaning products or expensive solutions. Rather, you can banish these grimy marks with oil.

Simply apply some baby oil or olive oil to a microfibre cloth and wipe over the affected area. The oil dissolves the finger marks while the microfibre cloth removes any residue.

#4 – Get rid of stains and smells from chopping boards with lemon 

The benefits of using lemon around your home are well-known, but did you know that it can lift stains and smells from chopping boards? It’s true, this little citrus fruit is great for lifting stains and odours from otherwise clean chopping boards.

Simply rub half a lemon over the board/s and allow a few minutes for the enzymes to tackle those stains, then rinse. For stubborn stains, you can boost the effects of the lemon by adding a sprinkle of bicarb of soda to the board.

#5 – Save money (and the planet) by reusing cleaning sponges

Have you ever wondered where all of those old cleaning sponges end up? You guessed it – landfill. Rather than pollute the planet and spend a small fortune on cleaning sponges every week, you can re-use them!

Simply place the sponges in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on HIGH to zap them of any germs and bacteria. If you have any doubts about reusing old sponges on the basis of hygiene, why not use these repurposed sponges for other areas of the home, such as cleaning window sills, floors, cabinetry and blinds?

#6 – Invest in microfiber products – they’re quicker, easier and better to clean with

You would have no doubt seen microfibre cleaning products everywhere, but what is the benefit of using them for house cleaning?

Basically, microfibers are particularly fine strands of material that are woven into fabric. The tiny size of those strands help to reach into crevices while trapping the dust they collect. Microfiber cloths also tend to reduce the need for chemicals and water, making them an easy eco-friendly choice for all types of cleaning applications.
#7 – Unblock your drain with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

If you have a drain that’s clogged with hair or food, then there’s no need to load up on heavy-duty chemical cleaning agents. You’ll find the solution in your kitchen! Simply pour equal parts of baking soda and vinegar into the drain and cover with a wet cloth. Wait 5 minutes then flush with hot water to clear it.


#8 – Learn the right order to clean your wet-area flooring 

When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, the floor can take up a lot of time if you haven’t cleaned it in the right order. Learn how to clean your bathroom better, by vacuuming and dusting FIRST, then scrubbing.

For best results, start by dusting or vacuuming at the highest points in the room, such as the light fixtures, fans and window areas.

Then, work your way down, across the wall tiles, cabinets, toilet and any other fixtures.

Finally, vacuum the floor thoroughly, ensuring that you cover every corner and centimeter of the area. Use a small dustpan and broom for any small hard to reach places.

Finally, once all the dust is removed from the room, you can begin to mop. Cleaning your bathroom in this order will prevent you having to chase around wet dust or strands of hair with a cleaning rag later.

#9 – Use toothpaste to clean everything from sterling silver to coffee cups

We use toothpaste on our teeth, so why not use it to clean coffee stains off ceramic mugs and cups? Simply brush the affected areas on your ceramics with toothpaste and a firm toothbrush and rinse clean. Alternatively, work the toothpaste into the stains with a scourer sponge for large areas or very stubborn stains.

Also, toothpaste is great for cleaning sterling silver cutlery and knick knacks. Buff up silver objects with a soft toothbrush, some plain toothpaste and a little warm water. Then, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

#10 – Save money by making your own cheap, all-purpose cleaner

Store-bought cleaning products can be quite expensive, especially if you are cleaning for a large household or like to clean regularly. Rather than rely on store-bought products, it’s easy to make your own.

Simply combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda with warm water and put into a spray bottle. Use anywhere that needs a good clean.

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