Let’s face it; the entire meaning of cleaning has been redefined by the coronavirus. In a difficult situation, such as exposure to the easily transmissible viruses, bacteria, and germs, you need the service of professionals who know exactly how to decontaminate and disinfect your home and have relevant experience in doing it. Cleaners may discover they follow different deep cleaning methods when cleaning home, home-offices, and workplaces during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Just as it was mentioned above, cleaning culture has changed greatly due to COVID-19. Homeowners or housekeepers in 2019 before coronavirus used to wipe, scrub, dust, and vacuum their space to have a clean house. But presently, many homeowners hire professional cleaning companies that use specialized tools and chemicals for home disinfection to protect themselves and their households from COVID-19.

Recommendations are given by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention about how you can clean and disinfect many surface areas to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Nevertheless, you can’t just hire anyone in the name of professional cleaner. You need one that can deliver the best, follow COVID guidelines, and so on. The following tips should be considered when looking to hire a cleaning company for COVID-19 disinfection. To start with, do your cleaners know what disinfectant clean mean?

What does a Disinfectant Clean mean?

One can easily get confused with the difference between regular products and disinfectant products. Rubbing normal soap-based products to a surface makes them potent in breaking down COVID-19. The wall of the virus gets broken when mixed with soap and thus makes it completely useless. On the other hand, disinfectant products eliminate the virus in touch, with no need for mixing with the virus. This implies that they are both effective, but the disinfectant product effective without any additional effort.

Tips to choosing the Right Home COVID Disinfection Cleaners

We are not the only company that makes claims on what we offer. Can I just go on with one? Think of this: if you have to undergo surgery due to a life-threatening illness, would you not want the best surgeon with many years of similar experience and a great reputation for restoring your good health? Since your health is one of the few important but largest investments you will ever make, it is, therefore, important to allow a company with professionalism, experience, and reputation to take perfect care of you.

Most companies that prioritize safety and health, as in the case of cleaning company, are required to obtain licensing. However, the license is not required of COVID cleaners, making it easier for anyone to start a cleaning company and start offering services with no adequate training, knowledge, and skills. Home and commercial disinfection is one tough job, so you need to be cautious. The following tips will help you choose the best home COVID disinfection cleaning company for your home:

  • Research the Company

Ask colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family members for recommendations of a cleaning business or individual with a good reputation for you. It is normal to interview four different companies to obtain an estimate before you go with one of them. Check the or any review sites in Australia for the company’s reviews or complaints history. Be cautious of companies that have poor customers’ reviews and several complaints and look at how they address them.

  • Interview Candidates

Talk to several candidates to figure out which option will be the best option for you, whether to hire a company or go with an individual cleaner. Also, request a person-to-person meeting with a representative from the cleaning companies, including the person who will do the cleaning of your home or office. Find out how comfortable you would be with them during the interview as they will be cleaning your home or business. Find out the types of cleaning products they will use, especially if you have a family member or colleagues that are allergic to harsh chemicals.

  • Check Credentials

You must only consider a bonded and insured individual or business for hire. This will offer you and your family protection if something gets lost or damaged or if anyone gets injured while on the cleaning job. Whether you are hiring a cleaner as an individual or a company, ask that the company conduct background checks on workers cleaning your home or dig yourself for safety purposes.

  • Find out if they use Cleaning Products Certified by EPA

Do the cleaners use effective COVID cleaning products that are registered with the EPA? Cleaners are expected to disinfect often touched surfaces in the homes thoroughly. They should put on masks and gloves for additional protection. They must ensure the use of proper physical distancing during the job. All these will be discovered from their answer to your questions.

  • Request References

Request for a reference from the cleaning company or individual before you submit an offer. During a conversation with the references, be sure to look out for businesses or individuals with repeated, satisfied customers. Request for the services used by the references and if their expectations were met by the business.

  • Talk about Cost

Find out the duration of work it took the cleaning service. Get the inclusions in their services, and be sure it contains everything you would like to clean. Have you any specific? Inform the cleaning company in advance in order to help them prepare for your request. The cleaning service’s rep should take a walk around your home or office before issuing an estimate. Also, ask if the cleaning agency provides cleaning supplies; else, cleaning services should not be costly. Note that cheaper cleaning services may be cutting back on the quality of service they render.

  • Request a Written Contract

During your final discussion and decision with the company, go over the written contract that contains the services the cleaners will offer and the duration in which the task must be completed.

  • Get ready for the Services

Make sure all your personal belongings like documents that contain personal information, jewelry, and other essential items are well secured. Also, arrange for your pets, so they don’t disturb your cleaning crew when they arrive.

Home COVID Disinfection Cleaning Company for you

Clean House Melbourne is the nearest cleaning company that keeps a close tab on COVID-19 and its effect on our community. Our top priority during this pandemic is the well-being and safety of our customers and workers. Even though we cannot control how severe or what next the virus can do, we can follow some preventive measures to mitigate the coronavirus’s spread and impact. We currently make sure we are prudent with our daily operation with some preventive safety measures in place in accordance with the guideline stated by Victoria and other health organizations, which include:
  • Cleaning hands using soap for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the absence of soap and water
  • Keeping 6-ft away from people
  • Cleaning of usually touched areas
  • Using a tissue to cover cough or sneeze, then disposing of tissue in the trash
  • Staying indoors when sick.

We urge our customers to inform us in advance of a schedule if there are any specifics or they want us to take specific cautions. We are committed to continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation and provide proper support.
Different between Deep Cleaning and COVID Disinfection
Are you looking for the differences between the two services we offer?
Here is the simple explanation:

Normal Deep Cleaning

Our professional cleaners will clean your home using standard products. Kindly note, comprehensive research has shown that one of the most effective products in getting rid of coronavirus is household soap. This is because the coronavirus’s outer wall contains a fatty layer in which the soap breaks down. The COVID-19 will be broken down immediately the soap gets rubbed on the surface. We are so sure that our standard soap-based cleaning products or supplies will break down and remove the COVID-19 from your home. Disinfecting of certain areas such as bathrooms and toilets of the home is included in our normal services
COVID Disinfection.These services will see us upgrade to using disinfectant products and apply them in each room to get rid of the entire germs and viruses in touch. The main difference here is that disinfectant products don’t need rubbing on the surface before it kills the germs/viruses. The normal flat rates are potent enough to get rid of major contaminants such as COVID-19, and the disinfectant job will enter the next level and get rid of the germs effectively as it touches the surface and gets them out of your home.
This generally means that our normal cleaning is effective at getting rid of germs, dust, and dirt from your home and the disinfectant upgrade to the next level by killing and removing them. 


Why go with Clean House Melbourne?


Our team of cleaners will perform similar services and stick to the same checklists; however, they will only make use of effective products that disinfect surfaces and eliminate bacteria/germs/viruses when touched. For those who need the germs killed across the areas of their home that they’ve chosen to clean, this extra will help them.
Clean House Melbourne has come up with a 2-stage process for preventative cleaning to give the most effective cleaning customers can ever get from our Home COVID disinfection.
In this process, all horizontal surfaces, frequently touched areas such as elevator buttons, doorknobs, escalator rails, and many more, will be disinfected. The most extensive preventative cleaning is assured by this 2-stage process of preventative cleaning. All the disinfectant products we use all through the process are registered with EPA.
For more information about cleaning and disinfection services that will provide you a healthier and safer home for several days and months to come, click here to communicate with Clean House Melbourne now!

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