10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Office Cleaning Service


Screening and hiring a professional office cleaning service is not as simple as you think. As the owner of your business, you should spend time doing your homework on the companies you are considering for keeping your offices clean. In fact, hiring an office cleaning service should be approached like hiring any member of your team.

When you are considering hiring an outside service to roam free within the offices of not just yourself, but other employees, bear in mind of what these individuals will have at their fingertips. There is not only employee personal information, but, supplies, merchandise, and valuable corporate information.

One dishonest worker and your life could quickly turn into shambles. Your office is the mind of your business. Which is just one reason it is imperative that you hire a reputable cleaning company who can thoroughly, securely, and efficiently deliver a complete clean with your protection at heart.

Screening and hiring an office cleaning service is not a simple task, however, if you do it right, you can score a janitorial service that you can establish a mutual partnership for years to come. There are so many varieties of cleaning companies that landing the right one for your office can be a trying process.

Adding to this daunting process is the fact that so many office cleaning companies will say just about anything to score your business. Your best ammunition is knowing the right questions to ask instead of relying solely on the information they give to you.

The following are 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Office Cleaning Servicethat will assist you in separating the shining stars from fly by night companies.


1). What accounts do you currently service with a company like mine and how many years have you been in this industry?

Obviously, every business must get their start somewhere but do you want your business to be the training field for a brand-new office cleaning service?

Experience matters and the more experience, the better job you will receive.

Look for a company that has a stable work history who is enthusiastic about fulfilling your needs. Companies past behavior will easily predict future behavior. Ask for references and do a lengthy check with each company to get a good idea of how satisfied their clients are in their service.

Just because the operator has a supply of rags and window cleaner doesn’t qualify them as a professional cleaner. You need experience, skill, and a quality clean, every time.

2). What steps do you take to screen your office cleaners?

At the very least, all cleaning service companies should perform random drug testing and a thorough background check. An even better company will go above and beyond to enlist the right candidates for the job. Clean Affinity screens all of our cleaning service staff.

If the prospective company takes a lot of shortcuts for screening their employees, you can bet they will take short-cuts in the job they do as well. Shortcuts are an excellent way to put your company, your reputation, your employees, and the privacy of your facility at a high risk.

3). What industry does your company have experience in providing your service?

Asking this question is more important than you may realize. If your business is a medical office and the office cleaning business only has experience in cleaning corporate settings, you will not be happy with their level of care.

Each industry has its requirements for what type of needs or care is required when it comes to cleaning. Sterilization is necessary for some fields whereas others may require a more deep, chemical clean. Knowing your needs is important before interviewing potential cleaning service companies.

4).  How do you train your employees?

It is just as important that their staff receive intense training as it is with your employees. Once a new-hire is onboard, the company needs to provide the proper tools they need to provide a good cleaning to you and your establishment. Hiring an office cleaning service is almost like hiring your own staff member.

A comprehensive training should always be incorporated to assist the employee in delivering excellent service to you and your staff. Keep in mind; often there is active chemical use and placing these chemicals in untrained hands could be a dangerous move.

Whether you need a school cleaning, medical cleaning, or industrial cleaning, your commercial office cleaner should provide all employees with the proper training geared specifically toward your industry.

5). What services does your office cleaning company provide?

Other than the standard vacuuming and dusting, have the other task the company utilizes put in writing. Other duties to consider are:

  • Is cleaning the carpets and hard floors available, if so, how often?
  • Is there a need for power washing the exterior of your facility? Will they provide this service?
  • Is there an option that they offer their services before, during, and after special company events?
  • Is window washing included?
  • What is involved in keeping the restrooms clean and stocked?
  • Are door knobs, light switches, and telephones cleaned to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria?

6). What types of insurance do they carry?

Easily the most important question you as a business owner should ask. Not only should a cleaning company be insured, but they should also provide insurance that protects you. There are four types of insurance you should look for in a cleaning service. These are:

  • General liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Automobile Liability
  • Umbrella Policies

You should also get copies of current policies and proof of insurance to place in files if the cleaning service works for you. Having peace of mind in the event of a situation arising is worth its weight in gold.

7). Will the same personnel continually clean my office?

Asking this question is very important. Not only should you request not to have a steady flow of new people in and out of your offices, but having the same cleaning staff allows them to fulfill your specific request while typically delivering a more thorough clean.

Many cleaning services employ floaters, or other trained employees that fill in for the regular team is out for various reasons. Just typically, you should request not to see a parade of new people. The top companies employ and maintain good people.

8). How will they handle communication with me?

Communication should be available always to keep track of progress and request by both parties. Utilizing software that enables the cleaning employee to log details, time and date of completed details, inspection results, and work orders. If a problem should arise, real-time action is possible through immediate feedback.

9).  Do they incorporate a Green Clean Program?

By utilizing a clean, green program, there is an extra focus on environmental responsibility, sustainability, safety and the health of you and your employees. Labeling, chemical storage, and disposal are basic green clean practices that all cleaning companies should provide.

Many companies today limit the disposal of plastic trash bags by reusing them if no liquid or food is visible and the liners are not soiled. A simple practice such as this not only saves money, but it also limits the amount of plastic your company generates.

10). Do they hold a current CIMS certification?

CIMS stands for “Certified Industry Management Standard.” Requiring this of the company you hire may be the most important stipulation you have. Why? Because having this certification ensures a cleaning company has a proven record of following the best industry practices that deliver responsive, efficient, and consistent cleaning every time.

Maintaining the CIMS certification tells you that this cleaning service is committed to the job and that they adhere to the high standards set forth by the leaders in their industry.

Conclusion, Hiring an Office Cleaning Service

There are numerous choices available when hiring an office cleaning service. If you ask all the right questions, you will see why getting to know your cleaning service is one of the most important parts of running your company.

Be sure to employ a service that maintains your companies name, dignity, and privacy always. Selecting the right cleaning company will ensure a stress-free, smooth and thorough clean for your facility, creating a welcoming environment for guest and employees.

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