4 Ways To Get Rid Of Pet Smells In Your Home

We all love our pets, and life just wouldn’t be the same without them! Pets bring us fun, playfulness, love, companionship… but they can also bring along some unwanted odours!

In this post, we go over the ways pet lovers can keep their houses smelling fresh and clean, without the need to relegate these beloved furry family members to the outside.

But first, a word about what odours in the home actually mean. An odour is simply an abundance of gas molecules floating in the air. You can think of odours as an early alarm system – it’s your home’s way of telling you that there’s a problem.

Keep reading for some easy tips to get rid of pet smells in your home!

Step #1 – Ventilate

Before you take to your home with an artillery of chemical air fresheners and excessive cleaning products, it’s good to know that many household smells can be eradicated for free, via better ventilation.

Once a smell becomes airborne, oftentimes they just seem to linger. You need to get the air circulating in and out of your space to flush the offending odour molecules away.

Try the following ventilation tips each day –

  1. Create a wind tunnel in your home by opening opposite windows in a room.
  2. If you have a window that opens at the top and the bottom, open both ends about halfway to create air circulation
  3. Use an air conditioner with a HEPA filter which remove 99% of airborne particles which produce smells.

Step #2 – Target the areas pet odours can become trapped

The main culprits for pet smells in our homes are the upholstery found on chairs and furniture, plus carpets and rugs. Unfortunately, these areas can be the most difficult and time-consuming to clean, and require regular cleaning or/and Steam cleaning

Try the following tips –

  1. Vacuum carpets, rugs and furnishings as regularly as possible (at least once or twice per week) to rid the area of pet hair.
  2. Don’t forget to vacuum pet beds, underneath furnishings, outdoor mats and cushions.
  3. Invest in a professional carpet clean every six months to really deep clean and sanitise these areas. A thorough steam clean goes a long way to eliminating the source of bad smells and will leave the home smelling fresh and deodorised.
  4. Clean up pet accidents as soon as they happen. Jump on messes with a mild soap or specialised carpet cleaner. Be careful not to over-saturate the fibres with water which can damage the carpet and cause mould. And always dry wetted areas thoroughly.

 #3 – Use an enzymatic pet smell remover –

If cat “accidents” are a common occurrence in your home, then investing in an enzymatic cleaner is a must. This is because enzymatic cleaners are designed to counteract the unique particles of cat urine which other cleaners simply can’t tackle effectively.

Soap, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide (to name the most common DIY cleaners recommended for cleaning up cat urine) are not chemically capable of eradicating cat pee completely.

These at-home remedies may temporarily make the smell go away, but when exposed to humidity, the smell is released again, and this only encourages your kitty to make the same mistake on your carpet twice!

 #4 – Keep your pet and pet’s belongings clean!

So, this recommendation goes without saying, but keeping your furry friends and their property clean is absolutely essential to ridding your home of pet smells in the first place! No amount of regular house cleaning, mopping, carpet cleaning and deodorising will work if your pets and pet areas are not cleaned as well.

Take the time to bathe Fido regularly, and wash his bedding once a week. Fido’s pet toys can be magnets for pet smells too, so keep an eye on these and wash when necessary.

While your kitty keeps herself clean, her litter tray does not. Be sure to replenish and refresh litter boxes frequently to avoid an unnecessary emission of smells. Birdcages and other pet enclosures all need to be emptied regularly as well.

Eliminating unwanted pet smells around the home is easy with a little discipline and some know-how. Bookmark this page to give yourself a reminder to stay on top of the tips we’ve discussed above!

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