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What Makes the Sanitisation Fogging Deep Cleans So Effective Against COVID?

The COVID 19 pandemic is yet to wane and precautionary measures like social distancing, cleaning, and sanitisation are still in place. One wave after another different variants are hitting us, and every time there is a spike in the number of active cases of infection, the pertinence and the utility of specialised COVID cleaning by trained professionals become all the more pertinent. One of the most important aspects of cleaning, followed by professional COVID cleaners is sanitisation fogging deep cleaning. This is one of the mainstays of COVID deep cleaning, and there are reasons behind it. Let us take a sneak peek into the issue.

Why is conventional cleaning and sanitisation not sufficient in the case of COVID cleaning?

Before discussing fogging sanitisation, let us at first discuss where the shortcomings of conventional cleaning lie. Conventional cleaning mainly accounts for wiping down the high touch areas using general cleaning products and general cleaning techniques. Unfortunately, this disinfects only around 35% of the surfaces, leaving the rest 65% of the surface unsanitised. And it does not even guarantee 100% sanitation. This may have been satisfying in a normal circumstance, but in the present context, it is not enough. This is where deep cleaning by fogging sanitisation by professional COVID cleaners would come into play.

How is fogging sanitisation so effective?

Technically speaking, fogging is not cleaning as it does not remove any dirt and grime. Thus, when we discuss cleaning and fogging sanitisation, it essentially means the act of cleaning, followed by sanitisation fogging. Fogging essentially means sanitising and disinfecting the nook and cranny of the properties.

The process enables disinfection of sprawling spaces as a part of deep cleaning and rendering the areas safely disinfected. Though fogging eliminate the viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from the treated surfaces, it will not guarantee full protection of a room for a prolonged period. That’s why the process needs to be repeated.

The Advantage of Fogging Disinfection

When carried out in a proper way fogging would spread the disinfectants all over the room in the form of fog (hence the name) or vapour, which is carried by air all over the rooms. Thus, it will enable you to let the disinfectant reach every nook and cranny of the room effortlessly. Thus, the rooms in their entirety will enjoy a very high and sustainable exposure to the disinfectant agent. The fogging procedure works for just a few minutes but helps you achieve the maximum level of exposure to the agents.

What Makes the Sanitisation Fogging Deep Cleans So Effective Against COVID?

Footnote: There has to be some protection taken

While carrying out fogging disinfection, the cleaners are supposed to take enough protective measures. The reason is, as a result of fogging, the air is thickly filled with disinfectants. Hence, exposure to the disinfectant without protection will expose the eyes, the respiratory system, the lungs and that is not a very healthy thing. That’s why the trained disinfectants would use protective gears like PPEs including gloves, masks, headgears, eye protectors, protective suits and so on.

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