Child Care Covid Deep Cleaning Services
The Steps Adopted by Reputed Child Care Covid Deep Cleaning Services

The world may have seen an entire year ending and a new one starting, but there is still no respite from the dreaded pandemic that surfaced two years back in a city called Wuhan, in Hubei District of the People’s Republic of China. We still do not know whether the virus is man-made and originated from a laboratory, but we know that we have to live with it in the near or not so distant future. We have adapted to this new lifestyle of sanitising and social distancing and have learned to live with the virus.

Hence, those who are associated with cleaning services have invented newer steps and safety measures, have adopted newer ways of cleaning to ensure that their clients are clean, safe and healthy. A new form of cleaning has been adopted by the cleaning pros, which is different from any other form of cleaning. It’s called COVID cleaning. Thus, when it comes to conducting COVID cleaning, these professionals follow a series of altogether new steps to ensure the safety of the stakeholders. Particularly, when it comes to COVID cleaning of child care facilities in Melbourne, these skilled qualified and specially trained cleaning experts would follow the steps religiously.

Let us on this page, discuss those steps.

Developing a plan

The child care COVID cleaning experts in Melbourne would come up with a plan, which will help them to go ahead with the project seamlessly. While chalking out the plan, the experts will consider the layout of the facility, its dimension, the number of inhabitants at the facility at any given point in time, the nature of surfaces present at the facility and the number of times they have been touched. As per the experts, the more people touch surfaces, the more the likelihood of infection. Thus, planning also encompasses prioritising the cleaning of the high-touch surfaces by following a special methodology.

Implementing the plan of cleaning high touch surfaces

The experts offering child care Covid cleaning in Melbourne would implement the plan of cleaning the high touch surfaces as per the plan with the use of improved hospital-grade cleaning agents. These surfaces would include pens and desks, tables and doorknobs, handles, stair railings, elevator buttons, toilets, faucets and sinks, light switches and the like.

Cleaning of soft and hard surfaces

Other than these high touch surfaces, there are those moderately touched surfaces and of course, the soft surfaces, which include carpets and rugs, drapes and upholstery and the likes. In an attempt to Covid Deep Clean Child Care facilities in Melbourne, the experts will again follow certain specialised steps using specialised tools and technology.

Cleaning of electronic gadgets and surfaces thereof

Next, the professional child care Covid cleaners in Melbourne will also clean the electronic gadget surfaces like the computers, keyboards and mouses, the tabs and the table phones, touch screens used by the faculties at the child care facilities.

And last but not the least, Child Care Covid Deep Cleaning Services in Melbourne would also clean the outdoor areas to ensure the entry points and the adjoining areas of the facility are sanitised and disinfected.

Thus you see, it’s a specialised job and only the best in the business can conduct it flawlessly by adhering to the norms and regulations rolled out by the Victorian Government. If your child care facility is in Melbourne, the best name to turn to is Clean House Melbourne. Call us now for an appointment.

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