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According to experts, the bug causing the COVID-19 is very nasty, but just like other viruses, it can still be eliminated by disinfectants. Although many things are wrong about the COVID-19, the one good thing about it is that it is not so hard, according to Dr. John Swartzberg, an expert on infectious sickness and a professor emeritus at the School of Public Health, University of California.

You can easily destroy it using most disinfectant products. Germs and coronavirus can be removed from surfaces by regular cleaning and normal cleaning products. Concentrate on frequently touch spots such as stair rails, faucet handles, countertops, and doorknobs, which you often hold in your hands. The best action is to disinfect these surfaces multiple times a day.

According to an expert, he suggests that you make a checklist of the entire areas you want to clean, so you can remember them. Disinfecting wipes may currently be experiencing an upsurge in demand, but there are many other disinfectant products you can use. As a matter of fact, some of them may be in your home right now.

Below Are the Cleaning Products Experimented by Experts to Combat COVID-19:

Covid Cleaning Products

Soap and Water

This is not an exaggeration, but soap and water are effective. The viral particles are removed from the surfaces, whether your face, hands, or countertops, and have them suspended in the water, for easy washing. As stated by experts, many cleaning products called soap are detergents that get rid of germs from surfaces and kill them. There is an external coating on the virus, and the inner stuff, which is either DNA or RNA, is what causes the disease. It is just like having a bomb clothed in a torpedo. The coating for a virus is a protein, and the coating got broken by soap or detergent, so the virus is ripped open and killed.


You can dilute bleach with cold water to prepare an effective disinfectant against germ, bacteria, fungi, and viruses such as COVID-19. You can use one-quarter of bleach for each gallon of cold water, but make sure you stick to the instructions stated on the label of your bleach.

Note the Following for the Use of Bleach:

? Prepare a dilute bleach solution as required and apply it within a day as it might lose its disinfecting effectiveness with time.

? Dip non-porous items like plastic toys in bleach for thirty seconds. Allow the bleach to sit for 10 minutes on surfaces in your home that will not be damaged by bleach.

? Do all you can to prevent your skin from contacting bleach solutions as they are so hard on skin and should not be used as hand sanitizer.

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The coronavirus will be eliminated by rubbing alcohol products that contain a minimum of 70% alcohol without the fear of damaging your surfaces, unlike bleach. Water can be used to dilute alcohol concentration or use aloe vera to prepare hand sanitizer, but make sure the alcohol concentration is left at about 70% to eliminate coronavirus. Most hand sanitizers contain a concentration of about 60% alcohol, and 80% in Lysol; all of which are active against COVID-19.

Note the Following for the Use of Alcohol:

? Leave a solution of 70% on surfaces for thirty seconds, even on cellphones, but be sure to follow the advice from manufacturer’s instruction to prevent voiding your warranty, and make sure the viruses are eliminated. Using 100% pure alcohol evaporates instantly for this task.

? Properly seal bottles of 70% alcohol to prevent its content from evaporation. However, unlike bleach solutions, they will remain active as long as they remain sealed after use.

? Avoid using a 70% alcohol and water solution as it will be too harsh on your hands and should only be used if there is no hand sanitizer or other hand-washing agent.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is not really strong as bleach, so it may not cause damage, but can get some fabrics discolored as stated by expert. You can get hydrogen peroxide as sold in concentrations of 3 percent. You can use it like that, or diluted on 0.5% concentration for active use against COVID-19 on surfaces. It would help if you left it on surfaces for a minute before you wipe.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t rely on Distilled White Vinegar or Vodka

Some people use vinegar to clean since it is cheap and natural. You can easily get recommendations for cleaning, but there is a caution from Consumer Reports that there is no proof that they are potent against COVID-19. Regardless of what you’ve seen on the internet, vodka is not an effective agent for sanitizing. The alcohol concentration in vodka is not enough to eliminate viruses. There was a warning tweeted by Tito’s handmade vodka that only 40% of alcohol is contained in its vodka. Therefore, it does not meet the requirement of the current recommendation given by the CDC, which states that at least 60% of alcohol must be contained in hand sanitizers.

Making use of Cleaning Wipes Against Coronavirus

You can wipe surfaces using wipes. However, be sure to add the same quantity of elbow grease into the cleaner, as you like using a cloth and the right spray product. You will need to use a disinfectant product after cleaning, unless the product you use is a disinfectant that eliminates viruses.

Making use of Cleaning Wipes against Coronavirus

? It was recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that daily disinfection should be performed on surfaces that are often touched, such as countertops, desks, sinks, light switches, tables, toilets, doorknobs, keyboards, and so on.

? The use of soap or detergent and water on soiled surfaces before disinfection was also recommended by the CDC.

? If you have a sick person in your home showing symptoms of flu, try to disinfect every object in your home regularly because the virus that causes COVID-19 has been discovered to stay on surfaces for 16 hours.

? Regardless of the cleaning solution you use, make sure it stays on the surfaces for some time to eliminate the viruses and other pathogens, the required time will be based on the chemical.

? Avoid using different cleaning products at once. There are household chemicals that can cause dangerous and poisonous gases when diluted.

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Some Cleaners Disperse Dangerous Chemicals

The cleaning products used to eliminate viruses and other pathogens can also contain chemicals that are harsh enough to cause health issues. The American Lung Association (ALA) stated that there are cleaning products and household cleaners that can cause irritation to the throat, eyes, or cause health issues such as cancer. A caution was also issued by the ALA that dangerous chemicals are released by some products such as volatile organic compounds. It also includes other possibly dangerous substances such as bleach and ammonia.

A warning was issued by the Environmental Working Group that not much information is provided for consumers on labels of cleaning products on the ingredient to enable people to make the right decisions on which of it might be dangerous for their health. The Department of Health in the Australian Government provides trusted guidance. A list of products that can be used safely is provided by the agency for the consumers when cleaning their home, vehicle, and another highly used area.

Some Cleaners disperse Dangerous Chemicals

Why choose Clean House Melbourne for COVID Cleaning?

There is a possibility of potentially harmful components in cleaners’ bought from the store. According to experts, they disclosed that some cleaning and disinfecting products are actually safe and available to us in our respective households and are effective and pose little or no health risk. With our crew of cleaners, you will get the same delivery of service and work on the same checklists. They will use only products that are effective and disinfect surfaces and kill germs, bacteria, or viruses upon contact.

This will help those who plan to kill germs in all areas of their household that they have decided to clean. Clean House Melbourne has introduced a two-stage preventative cleaning process to provide the most effective cleaning to customers against COVID-19 in their homes. This process will involve the disinfection of wall surfaces, often-touched places such as door handles, tables, and other related surfaces. Our two-stage preventative cleaning process ensures comprehensive preventative cleaning, and we make use of EPA-registered disinfectant products all through the process.

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