Have you been in a situation when cleaning tasks as well as other domestic chores look tiring and stressful? The truth is that, when there is a load of house chores to tackle, it may cause depression and disturb one’s life dealings.

Time is one of the most needed commodities that cannot always be enough, no matter how we try. Clean House Melbourne has more than 20 years of cleaning and organisation experience and thus understands how valuable time is. Hence, I want to use this content to share some helpful tips to manage your time better – not only when cleaning but in some areas of your daily activities.

I have taken some time to arrange and compile some of the best time-saving cleaning tricks and tips that you can apply in your home as well. You don’t have to spend all day cleaning, and these tricks can reduce your cleaning time and dollars spent on cleaning significantly. Try them and come back for testimony.

Table of Content

  • Ultimate Time-Saving Cleaning Guide
  • How to Save Time When Cleaning
  • Strategic Home Cleaning Tips
  • 30 Minutes House Cleaning Plan
  • 1 Hour House Cleaning Plan
  • 2 Hours House Cleaning Plan
  • Average Timing for Cleaning Room by Room
  • General Tips to Save Time Cleaning House At All Time
  • How To Clean Like A Pro And Save Time
  • 3 Ways to reduce Dusting Time
  • 4 Ways to reduce Vacuuming Time
  • 3 Tips to Stay Organized
  • How to create more time in your life
  • How to personalize Your Morning Routine
  • How to create Free Time on the Weekends
  • 4 Ways to creating more Free Time at Home
  • How to save Time when Taking Care of Pets
  • 4 Ways to manage your Working Time
  • How to save Time in the Kitchen

Strategic Home Cleaning Tips

Now that we already understand the task at hand, let us concentrate on how to get it done within a time limit – 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hour. I’ve compiled three separate cleaning plans that you can consult based on your cleaning needs. Obviously, the 30-minute plan cannot be as comprehensive as the 2-hour plan, but if you don’t have the patience and can’t wait to get the house cleaned, you can still get it done with one of the three steps. At the end, we will aggregate the plans and come up with an average time to do your cleaning.

30 Minutes House Cleaning Plan

So, you have just 30 minutes to get your house cleaned. This plan is usually used when guests are coming over and you don’t have much time, and you need to give them a good impression of your living space. No problem – there is a plan for you. You only need to set your priorities in this limited time and everything will work fine as expected. First, ask this question….

What are the major areas that guests will definitely see?

People will see your living areas, maybe your hallway, your kitchen, and your bathroom(s). They don’t need to see your bedroom as you can shut the door, and it would be weird for visitors to try getting access your bedroom. Of course, you will have visitor toilet, if at all they need one. Let’s start this 30-minte house cleaning plan.

  • Get the mess away (10 minutes): First thing first! Go round each room and get rid of items that don’t fit. You can also nice-up the cushions on the sofa as you go in the living room.
  • Perform a quick clean for the bathroom(s) and the kitchen (10-minutes):This may include placing dishes in the dishwasher and wiping dirty surfaces. You just have to clean everywhere, but not deep-clean.
  • Vacuum (10-mins):If your floors are looking rough, then quickly vacuum them for 10 minutes. Your vacuuming will be easier with a cordless vacuum such as Dyson.
  • Tip: If your floors don’t need vacuuming, you can spend the extra 10 minutes cleaning the hallway.    

1 Hour House Cleaning Plan

You’ve got an extra hour to get your house cleaned, and you’re confused about how best to spend the most cleaning. Sure, this plan will help you go deep in cleaning your home. Below is how to get it done:

  • Get rid of the mess (10 minute): Get these done as soon as possible using enough storage solutions. Making sure everything has a place will make the cleaning go faster.
  • Do the dishes and wipe down surfaces (10 minutes): There is no need to worry if you cannot perform deep cleaning of your kitchen. You just keep your focus on getting it neat and tidy.
  • Clean the toilet/bathroom (10 minutes): Just wipe down the surfaces and not spend time scrubbing using a toothbrush.
  • Dust and vacuum the baseboards (20 minutes): This may require more time, but it is necessary to give your home a new feel.
  • Mop the floors (10 minutes): You can mop any essential floors, especially your kitchen and bathrooms, but if there are other areas necessary, then go for it.

2 Hours House Cleaning Plan

This is where you spend a bit of additional time to handle tasks you otherwise couldn’t handle before. A wise approach to doing that when cleaning your home is to break the task into rooms or areas. I will list every necessary task for each room and assign a timeline for each, so you can see how it can be done in two hours or less.

Living & Dining

  • Pick and put back every item to its original place
  • Dust everywhere
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Clean TV screen
  • Wipe off any marks on the walls
  • Vacuum
  • Mop


  • Clear the counters
  • Remove old food from the fridge
  • Do the dishes
  • Wipe down counters
  • Wipe down doors and handles of the lower cabinet
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Clean the microwave
  • Clean the backsplash
  • Wipe down the hob
  • Dust window sills
  • Vacuum
  • Mop


  • Dispose of unused/finished products
  • Dust window sills and baseboards
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Clean shower/bathroom and toilet
  • Vacuum
  • Mop


  • Sort and tidy laundry (you will always have laundry, and this may not be the time to get it all done)
  • Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong
  • Dust
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Vacuum
  • Mop


  • Dust baseboards and corners for cobwebs
  • Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong
  • Wipe down any hall tables, and others
  • Clean obvious marks off walls
  • Vacuum
  • Mop (if necessary)


  • Change the sheets (I have special days I do this, but you can do it now if you like)
  • Organize everything
  • Dust
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Clean marks off the walls
  • Vacuum

Now, how can you time these tasks to meet up with the deadline – 2 hours?

The detail guide of how to achieve these tasks with the time limit is contained in a downloadable content. All the above listed table of contents are contained in this package. You can download it here.


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