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How to clean metal venetian blinds the right way

If you have metal venetian blinds in your home, you’ve probably struggled for hours trying desperately to get them clean! Venetian Blinds are known as one of the trickiest furnishings to keep clean as they just seem to be a magnet for all kinds of dust, grime, cooking residues, cigarette pollution and other particles.

Metal venetian blinds (especially the metal blinds) have been dubbed “illegal” blinds by some people, as they are just so delicate and difficult to maintain to any standard of cleanliness, that the feeling is they should just be banned altogether!

Metal Venetian Blind Cleaning

Wooden venetians blinds on the contrary, are very easy to dust, clean and they cost less less effort to maintain.

For home-owners unfamiliar with how to clean venetian blinds themselves, the only option is to outsource this tricky task to a specialist venetian blind cleaning company. Home owners are horrified to learn that costs for cleaning around 15 full length size venetian blinds can amount to over $1000.

However, the good news is, that this unexpected and unwanted expense can be completely avoided if you equip yourself with the know-how needed to tackle this task.

Depending on the type of soiling and condition of the metal venetian blinds, there are 3 main ways to get them clean. We’ve perfected these techniques over the years and guarantee that following these methods will give you a much easier, and less time-consuming Spring cleaning exercise for your venetian blinds.

Keep reading to learn the best way to clean metal venetian blinds.

1) Low-level soiling

If your venetians only have light amounts of dust accumulated, then the best way to clean them is via dusting with a microfibre cloth.

Avoiding the use of any liquids or cleaning agents, we recommend to gently wipe the blinds starting from the centre, and moving the cloth to the left-hand side, then from the centre to the right hand side.

Shake out the cloth or change the cloth after a few wipes to ensure a perfect result.

2) Medium soiling and grime

If your venetian blinds have more buildup of dust and some oily residue, then cleaning with soapy water is the way to fix it.

Following the above method of cleaning from the centre of the blinds to the left, and then from the centre of the blinds to the right will make the job as easy as possible. This method is used to prevent you from dragging the dirt from one side to another.

Be sure to rinse the cloth frequently to avoid releasing dust particles back onto the newly cleaned blinds.

3) Heavy soiling and kitchen residue

For venetian blinds that have suffered from prolonged periods of not being cleaned, or blinds that are situated in cooking areas, a combination of detergent and hot water is the solution.

Following the house cleaning method described above, be sure to rinse the cloth and repeat the process several times until you see a shiny clean result.

How often to dust metal venetian blinds?

  • In bedrooms and living areas — It’s a good idea to dust venetian blinds once per month, so the cleanliness is easier to maintain.
  • For kitchens, we recommend cleaning venetian blinds once per week.

Other Useful Information for Cleaning Metal Venetian Blinds:

  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner! Not only does a vacuum cleaner fail to remove oily grime, a vacuum cleaner can easily damage these delicate blinds.
  • Do not work too quickly! Rushing the cleaning process is another way of damaging venetian blinds. The cord between the individual rows of the blinds are prone to snapping, and this is costly to fix.
  • Prevention is better than cure! Keeping up to date with a cleaning routine for venetian blinds saves a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

Metal Venetian Blind Cleaning in Melbourne | Clean House Melbourne

And finally. If all else fails — just ask us to clean your metal venetian blinds!

Clean House Melbourne will gladly include periodic venetian blind cleaning within you regular cleaning routine to save you the hassle and inconvenience, without any extra charge. Talk to our cleaning manager Mimmo about having your venetian blinds professionally cleaned by us next time we do your house cleaning.

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