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How do Venetian Blind Cleaners Clean Blinds Without Cleaning Them?

Do you have Venetian blinds to clean? Well, it’s not your job to clean them. It’s certainly a specialist’s job. Now when it comes to cleaning these blinds, the professionals use certain specialised tools and follow certain specialised procedures that will ensure the best cleaning results. Here on this page, let us discuss a brief account of the cleaning of Venetian blinds experts in Melbourne as in any other place.

What do the specialists need to clean these blinds?

Well, before we discuss the cleaning procedure, let us discuss what professional cleaners need to clean Venetian blinds. The things the Venetian blind cleaners in Melbourne

need include:
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Dusters
  • Gloves
  • Warm Water
  • Detergent for dishwashing

How do the experts clean the blinds without taking them down?

There are two ways to clean the Venetian blinds, while still keeping them hanging — either by dusting using a microfibre cloth, duster, and gloves or by vacuuming them using a soft, brush attachment. Cleaning the blinds using a canister vacuum is another quick and easy way of giving the blinds a fresh look and feel and that is extensively used by the Venetian blinds cleaning experts in Melbourne like any other place.

Cleaning the blinds with the use of microfibre cloth, dusters, and gloves

  • The experts offering Venetian blind cleaning near Southbank will open the blind and then wrap the microfibre cloth around both sides of the Slade tightly. Or they will grab the sides with their gloves. For horizontal blinds, which are also called Venetian blinds, they will start cleaning from the topmost slat and work their way downwards. This will ensure that they do not have the clean the same slat twice, as starting from the lowest and ending up with the topmost slat will mean, the dust from the upper slats will drop on the already-cleaned lower slats.
  • At times, professionals Venetian blind cleaners in Melbourne would use double-sided dusters, to clean the top side of one slat and the bottom of the slat positioned about that slat, while passing the duster in between. In certain cases, the professionals would close the slats to clean them, as it will help clean the slats pretty fast.
  • When it comes to removing the stubborn stains and sticky filth from the metal, faux wood, and vinyl blinds while they are up, hanging, they will dip microfibre cloth in a bowl full of a warm solution of water and dishwashing detergent. Then, they will wipe both sides of the blinds with a clean, microfibre cloth for buffing away water spots and streaks. When cleaning wooden blinds, they will use water sparingly.

Cleaning the blinds using a vacuum

When it comes to cleaning blinds with a vacuum, the experts from a Venetian blind cleaning service in Southbank will follow the steps mentioned below:

  • They will attach the soft dusting brush attachment to the vacuum to fix the suction to its lowest setting.
  • Now they will hold to the bottom rail of the blind for keeping it taut. Now that the slats are closed, they will move the vacuum nozzle horizontally along the length of the blinds, cleaning pretty slowly — from left to right.
  • They will repeat the same cleaning pattern, in the case of each slat in the opposite direction.
  • Once done, they will close the slats the other way, and clean each of them yet again.

Therefore, these are the standard steps that the professionals from a Venetian blind cleaning service near Southbank will follow to clean Venetian blinds. What better name can you hire than Venetian blind cleaning service near Southbank Clean House Melbourne, of Venetian blind cleaning, if you are in and around Melbourne? Call us to fix an appointment.

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