Cleaning can become a breeze when you use the best cordless vacuum as it is one of the cleaning toolsevery home should buy.

Cleaning your household is a huge task. From pet hair to dust and external dirt, regular maintenance should be done in our houses. Luckily, vacuum cleaner is designed for this purpose.

However, you should choose your vacuum cleaner carefully.

With the use of a vacuum cleaner that you have to put in a lot of energy to run, while keeping the cord out of the way during this tedious task is much of a burden. Why going through all these stresses while you can use cordless vacuum that allows you to move freely?

You can easily move, store, and push the best stick vacuum around due to its light nature and mobility.

It can also be used several times (turn to a hand-vac to clean the car and other objects) and get rid of all dirt and pet hair.

Below are the cordless vacuums in Australia that we’ve screened to be the best after conducting thorough research, factoring in genuine customer feedback as well.

Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuums in Australia Of 2021

Below is the useful reference list of the best offers from the best cordless vacuum cleaner as reviewed by customers:


  • Dyson V11 Absolute Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (3 kgs) –Best for the health-conscious
  • Hoover Linx Stick Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (4 kgs) – Best value for money
  • Bosch Athlet Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner (3.3 kgs)– Best time saver
  • Shark IONFlex Wireless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (3.9 kgs)– Best for quiet vacuuming
  • Vax VX82 Blade 2 Max Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (3.1 kgs) – Most versatility
  • Black&Decker 2in1 Wireless Hand and Stick Vac (2.4 kgs) –Best price
  • LG CordZero A9 charge Wireless vacuum cleaner (3 kgs)–Best for carpets
  • Dyson v8 animal Wireless stick vacuum cleaner (3 kgs)– Best for animal hair
  • Kogan T7 Wireless 22v stick vacuum cleaner (3.8 kgs)–Best for hard surfaces
  • Electrolux ErgoRapido ion cordless vacuum cleaner (3.2 kgs)– Best for car cleaning
  1. Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you are looking for the Rolls Royce type of wireless vacuum cleaners, you will perfectly enjoy the Dyson V11. This vacuum clean so powerfully and has been rated as one of the best products in cordless vacuum reviews.

Even though Dyson V11 is expensive, if you are looking for the best Dyson stick vacuum, don’t look further as this is the winner.

Its runtime is 60-mins while on eco mode (its least power settings) and has intelligent torque cleaning, enabling you to clean your entire home, including carpets and wooden floors, without delay.


Pros Cons
ü You get 40-mins running time immediately after a four-hour charge.

ü Contains washable, durable filters.

ü Hygienic bin emptier.

ü Comes with accessories like a motorized brush and crevice tool.

ü Has a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner conversion.

± The price is a bit huge at $889.95.



  1. Hoover Linx Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you need a cordless cleaner that is of great value, consider this Hover cordless vacuum cleaner as an option for you.

It comes with a smart one-touch activation which allows you to work from carpet to hard floor areas using this hoover stick cordless vacuum.With high recline handle, it allows you to reach under furniture easily, as well as a non-fade battery, plus battery time of up to 30-mins.

If there are pets in your home, this hoover cordless vacuum is one of the best you can get as a leaner option, and its ability to remove pet hair has been praised by users. So, if you need the best cordless vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair, this is your best option.

Also, if you want an efficient vacuum with various accessories but on a budget, then go for Hoover Linx Target. It is still a budget-friendly option at $238.76.

Pros Cons
ü Comes with reclining handle as well as cleaning bristles made for wall corners, including hard-to-reach spaces.

ü Powerful suction possible through its wind tunnel technology.

ü Huge dust cap.

ü Cleaning the vacuum is stress-free with its bag-less design.

ü You will see remaining cleaning time through its built-in battery fuel gauge.

± The machine can only run for 20 minutes even after its 3-hour charging time.

± Some reviews indicate a drawback due to its absence of a swivel head.



  1. Bosch Athlet Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Review

Consider the Bosch Athlet as your best cordless upright vacuum cleaner if you want to save time on your cleaning.

It has a very sleek design (and great ability to stand upright without holding it) which contains a lot of helpful features, and one of the budget-friendly cordless vacuums on our list of the best 10 cordless vacuum cleaners in Australia.

It has a 2-in-1 wireless vacuum cleaner technology used for floor surfaces, and its runtime is up to 60-mins. You can easily store it in small spaces due to its upright design.

Pros Cons
ü It comes with an easy-clean system perfect for tangled hair.

ü Different suction nose models, giving you the chance to customize your cleaning purposes.

ü Provides comfort through its shoulder strap.

ü The vacuum can retain a strong suction with its SmartCensor Control.

ü It can clean any type of surface with its AllFloor High-power brush, so you don’t need manual adjustment to the nozzle. 

± There are complaints from consumers about the battery life that decreases greatly the more they’ve had the product. 



  1. Shark IONFlex Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Aside from the heavyweights of Dyson and Hoover, this product is one other stick vacuum cleaner brand that receives excellent reviews.

Its battery run time is up to 80-mins and it also features 2 removable and interchangeable Li-ion batteries, which implies that you have more power for cleaning. It also comes with duo-clean technology that allows for effective cleaning of dirt from hard surfaces and carpets but is not ideal on wet or soaped surfaces.

Pros Cons
ü The machine is very light and weighs just over 3 kilograms.

ü It features 2-speeds, increased for both hard surfaces and carpets.

ü Comes with accessories like brush tools, washable filters, and an easy-to-empty dust cup that contains about 0.64 liters.

ü Features swivel steering, allowing you to guide around the house perfectly. 

± Its run time is limited to 15 minutes, which implies that you may have to clean fast or stop during clean to recharge. 



  1. Vax VX82 Blade 2 Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

With varieties of great features and extras, the Vax Blade 2 is concluded as the most versatile vacuum on this list. It cleans hard floors, carpets, and even pet hair embedded in every corner.

It is a great option for those looking for the best light-weight wireless vacuum cleaner and has about 45-mins of battery run time. Considering its lightweight and portability, it is also the best option if you need the best wireless vacuum cleaner for your car.

VAX Blade 2 is a small, detachable handheld vacuum cleaner and is great for cars, upholstery, corners, or as best for stairs.

Pros Cons
ü Comes with brushless motor, processor, and floor head.

ü A 3-stage filtration process absorbs almost every small particle.

ü You can easily reach difficult areas with this detachable cordless vacuum of low recline design. 

ü Cleaning the machine is less-stressful with its removable bin bags.

ü Its charging time is 3-hours and with an impressive 45-mins running time, where there is no fault with the suction powers.

ü Features accessories like wall mount, crevice tool, and caddy for storage, dusting brush, a formidable dirt tool, a stretch hose, and a textile tool.

± As the VAX Blade 2 features numerous attractive components and add-ons, its cost is $565.65.



  1. Black&Decker 2in1 Cordless Hand and Stick Vac Review

If you have pets in your house and looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaner, Black & Decker present you with another best cordless stick vacuum. This product comes with an individual animal hair ‘beater bar’ which makes it great for getting rid of fur and make use of smart technology floor sensor to provide the best clean all through various floor surfaces.

The limitation is that it has just 20-mins runtime, so it is ideal for smaller homes, but considering its smart cleaning, we hope you won’t need it beyond that.

Pros Cons
ü Contains accessories such as a 2-in-1 crevice tool as well as a motorized power brush.

ü Rechargeable battery.

ü The foldable hand allows for easy storage.

± Only enables you to clean for low minutes after charging for 5-hour.

± It has0.5-literature a dust cup, which implies that you need to empty the machine more often.


  1. LG Cordzero A9 Charge Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Review)

Do you have carpets covered everywhere in your house, or do you have fragile rugs that need regular specialist cleaning? The LG CordZero gives you the chance to keep your carpets looking as good as new. It has a powerful suction as well as a punch nozzle, which makes it perfect for carpeted surfaces and other similar materials like couches and bedding.


Pros Cons
ü Dust capacity is 0.35 liters

ü The runtime of 1-hour after 4.5-hour of charging

ü Has a sleek and slim design]

ü Features a built-in two-in-one brush

ü Wall mount that joints with stick pads

ü Features its storage unit

ü Extra like spare batteries, filters, and anti-tangle brush

± It’s costly at $999


  1. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

We all love our pets, but we may not like having their hair littering everywhere in the house. Consider the Dyson V8’s great suction and filtration system as the special design for getting rid of pet hair.

To remove pet hair from your home with the best cordless vacuum cleaner, consider the Dyson v8. We recommend this product due to its strictness on pet hair removal. It is one of the best and favorite products on this list for the best pet hair wireless vacuum.

Pros Cons
ü Allows 40-mins running time after charging for 4-hour

ü Features washable lifetime filters

ü Comes with hygienic bin emptier

ü Features accessories like a crevice tool and motorized brush

ü It features a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner conversion

± The price is a bit costly at $889.50



  1. Kogan T7 Cordless 22v Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

You have hard surface floors? Well, you can easily clean them with the Kogan T7. Its numerous accessories and features enable great and effective cleaning of tiled, cemented, and wooden floors. The best option if you are looking for the best cordless vacuum for tiled or hardwood floors is Kogan T7.


Pros Cons
ü Standard and boost settings

ü Easily and effectively convertible to a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner

ü Easy maneuverability with its 360-degree nozzle

ü Features docking station

ü Comes with accessories like pet brush, extension tube, crevice nozzle, a multi brush, and extra filters

ü Best value for the price at $229.99

± The machine’s charge time is much at 6-hours



  1. Electrolux Ergorapido Ion Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

This product is a joy to use for all your daily cleaning tasks, but it is perfect for cleaning your car. The majority of its functions are designed for efficient and smart cleaning. It features a 5-step filtration system together with brush roll clean technology, absorbing almost all dust particles found on your car seats

Pros Cons
ü This cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to use with its 48-mins running time after a 4 hours charge.

ü It features an auto-function where the machine covers suction power based on the type of surface you are cleaning.

ü Comes with an option for a detachable handheld wireless vacuum cleaner.

ü All pieces will be looking nice with their sliding mechanism.

ü Steering is made easy with its 180 swivel.

ü You can easily spot dirt in dark areas with its built-in LED nozzle lights.

ü It features accessories like a crevice tool as well as a dusting brush.

ü You get the value for your vacuum at $279.

± This product is heavy as it weighs 8 kilograms. 


Compare Top Ten Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in Australia 

Name Battery Life/Run Time (60-mins, etc.) Weight (kg) Rating Price
Dyson V11 Absolute up to 60-mins 3.0 kg 5.0 $1,578.72
Hoover Linx up to 15-mins 4 kg 4.0 $171.34
Bosch Athlet Rechargeable up to 60-mins 3.3 kg 4.0 $349
Shark IONFlex up to 40-mins 3.9 kg 4.5 $625.49
Vax VX82 Blade 2 Max up to 45-mins 3.1 kg 4.0 $565.65
Black&Decker 2in1 up to 20-mins 2.4 kg 4.0 $159
LG CordZero A9 Charge up to 30-mins 3 kg 4.0 $999
Dyson v8 up to 60-mins 3 kg 4.5 $889.95
Kogan T7 up to 35-mins 3.8 kg 4.5 $229.99
Electrolux ErgoRapido up to 40-mins 3.2 kg 4.0 $279


How to choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner – Important Features to Consider

When you are in search of the best cordless vacuum cleaners to buy for your need, you first need to consider the purpose you are buying it for and choose the appropriate model. Below are the most important factors to remember.So, make sure you read these thoroughly as each stick vacuum cleaners have their best purposes for different sizes of homes.

Here are the features we think is worth considering when looking for a stick vacuum:

  • Low profile:Non-stick vacuum cleaners are often large, especially the one that has carpet brush heads. This, together with the weight of maneuvering it around its cord, makes it difficult to reach difficult places. Go for a low-profile stick vacuum cleaner to reach deeper into these hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy steering:You can easily maneuver around furniture with your stick vacuum through the use of swivel steering. This enables you to clean difficult areas and makes the user experience more pleasant as you won’t be spending much effort to get it around.
  • Multi-use:You want your stick vacuum to be as effective as a traditional vacuum; if not more so, go for the one that offers more. Maybe one that converts into a handheld vacuum, which is perfect for stairs, cars, shelves, and windowsills. Or it features different attachment tools such as upholstery or crevice ones. This will make sure you can complete your cleaning jobs with one machine.
  • Battery and runtime:Find a minimum 20-volt battery that should be able to deliver strong suction. Runtime with cordless stick vacuums is not the same. Since they work on batteries, you must consider the recharge time as well as how long the machine will run before the next recharge.

Some manufacturers claim their product can run beyond one hour before the next charge; we find out that only a few models deliver this. Most of them work for 20-mins; some runs less than 10-min.

Consider the size of your home, and if you intend this to be your main vacuum. That should be your guide for the right runtime. The best is to get a machine with a short charge time (less than 4 hours), long runtime (about 20-mins, which is considered enough to clean a larger home, unlike just a small home).


  • Size:A stick vacuum is expected to be convenient, including storing it. If you don’t have much space or didn’t want to hang it on your wall, make sure you select a thin, lightweight model that can easily be stored in your storage space.
  • Perfect for all surfaces:You can move quickly and easily around your household with a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. This might mean that you will be working on different floor surfaces, such as tiles, carpet, floorboards, and so on. Make sure it is perfect for all types of surfaces and won’t scratch fragile flooring, such as lino.
  • Easy waste removal:This also deals with confidence. Get a bin that empties and releases easily, without you covered in dust. It might come with a washable filter or not. It would help if you also considered that a high-efficiency particulate air filter lowers dust mite allergens, making them a great choice for people with allergies.
  • Cordless:There are corded/wired stick vacuums. We believe this is not a convenient choice at all. Although it may not be as heavy as non-stick vacuums, you still can’t go farther than the cord’s reach.

The convenience from cordless vacuum comes at a price – a less powerful vacuum with a reduced life span that may not be as effective in its battery charging ability as before overtime. To guide you when deciding whether to get a cordless or corded vacuum cleaner, you should consider the size of your cleaning area as well as whether you are willing to wait for the battery to recharge before you can continue cleaning. Do you have a large home and want quick cleaning power? Go for the corded vacuum cleaner. Or leave everything to a robot vacuum.


I hope this guide to the best cordless/wireless vacuum is helpful for you. If you need more information, Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will not hesitate to help you!

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