Bathroom organization can be confusing. A lot of bathrooms are small, and storing them can be a struggle, so that is why I wrote this article with some IKEA bathroom organisers. Even, if your bathroom is big, you will find this ideas helpful.

Do not allow a cluttered bathroom to take control. We have many ideas on bathroom storage, and they can all be easily achieved with just small changes. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom you have is large or small, mirrored cabinets, shelves, as well as storage boxes for toilet rolls, all have something for everyone- regardless of the number of lotions and potions you own.

It has always been my joy sharing IKEA storage ideas since they are cheap and accessible globally or at least in several countries. Also, they are always neat and with modern appearance, always produce new products every season.

The products for this bathroom organization ideas are best for on top of your counter as well as under your counter. This IKEA bathroom tips are a perfect way to change the look of your old-fashioned bathroom on a small budget while transforming your bathroom setting.

These are some of the latest IKEA bathroom organizers:


  1. Drawer Insert

This product is the simplest you can ever get from IKEA for your bathroom drawer organization. It is a great product that has two usable compartments and can easily fit into your bathroom drawers. With this organiser, you can separate your products and gain quick access to them since there is no lid.

Immediately you open your drawer, you directly see your items and the one you needed at that moment, yet, it is highly cheaper.

  1. Upgraded Spice Racks

Transform spice rack into a display for your developing nail polish collection, giving you nail salon glamour in your home. Paint this simple spice rack, hang it on your bathroom wall, and organise your polish in it to prevent a clutter of nail supplies from your drawer.

  1. The Luxe Vanity

The original vanity from Mallory Fletchall was necessarily a large cabinet, so, it was a war trying to keep the clutter to the barest inside. The entire structure was scrapped by the Reserve Home Founder for a cabinet box with a couple of deep drawers, a vessel sink, and a faux marble countertop which all cost about $295 from IKEA. She then purchased dividers and organisers designed by the company, especially for the slim cupboard, so everything is in place.


  1. Bekvam Spice Rack Converted To Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Simply take a Bekvam spike track and hook some leather straps to its underside. Then convert a stick into a kitchen towel holder or a toilet roll holder.


  1. Acrylic Organiser

Makeup organisation in the bathroom is a major concern and this product solves the problem. There are many compartments in this organiser. And it features numerous movable parts that you can easily organise with. You can store your concealer, foundation, makeup brushes, and so on. It also contains a removable part for your lipsticks as well as lip glosses. There is also a compartment for bigger items and you can see through everything.

This organiser is somehow bulky so if you are a make-up freak, keeping it on your countertop would be the best. Also, you can make use of this organiser to organise your skincare as well as other products since the dividers can be customised.

  1. Convert a Chest of Drawers into a Nice Bathroom Vanity

Superfront is dedicated to assisting you to improve your IKEA furniture. This Swedish company simplifies the process by providing a one-stop-shop for your entire hacking needs. You can get all that you need (like legs, ultra-chic cabinet fronts, countertops, sinks, faucets, and hardware to convert a plain check of drawers into a nice bathroom vanity.


  1. IKEA Raskog Tip: Do-It-Yourself Rolling Vanity

The service trolley from IKEA Raskog is a unique and nice furniture piece that would be helpful in each room of the house. This cart has been converted into a great makeup & beauty supplies keeper. I so much love the extra curling iron holders positioned on the side. If your home is far from an IKEA, you can check nearby store to get a similar cart.

  1. Bamboo Tray

This tray is found in the kitchen area but it would be nice for your bathroom, most especially for your countertop. Bamboo trays are nice in the bathroom because the material (bamboo) is water-resistant and also durable. It is ideal for keeping the entire bathroom essentials that you want to be seen. You can arrange your deodorant, toothpaste, perfume, cotton buds, as well as your skincare products there. Storing your item on a tray ensures everything looks tidy and organizes.

  1. The Wall Unit

You can also use the Skadi’s pegboard to store your foundation bottles, toothbrushes, and moisturiser when you add some accessories like containers, letter holders, and shelves, aside from the office’s normal office use.


  1. Hack for Fintorp Bucket Storage & Speaker

To have a nice boho style storage idea, make use of the Fintorp system from IKEA to make a handy, space-saving vertical storage help that can also be used as your bathroom speaker; you will have louder music when you put your smartphone in an empty bucket.

  1. Convert a Towel Rack into Decorative Shelving

This towel holder was converted by Karianne from Thisthlewood Farms blog into a great leaning shelving unit for her toilet, which improves the style as well as some additional storage. We found it nice as well.

  1. Bathroom Toy Storage Idea

It is much easier and fun to organize the children’s bathroom toys with this wall storage idea. Discover how this child-friendly tip can be transformed into a highly adult-appropriate luxury storage idea for you when having guests coming over by checking out the tutorial.

  1. Apply a High-End Makeover to a Simple Towel Bar

Change the look of this simple towel bar using a coat of copper spray paint to get this high-end appearance. Then, proceed with the installation in your shower to have towels and washcloths with you at all times.  


  1. Suction Hooks

These are perfect for bathrooms, especially if you live in a rented apartment. It is designed in two sets and is strong enough to hold 6 pounds of weight. It is ideal for towels or if you plan to hang kiddies’ toys. Also, it can stick to surfaces like tiles, mirrors, and others in your bathroom. This is a simple design and would not cause damage to your walls.

  1. The Over-the-Door Hanger

Luroy bed is specially made for mattress support and can be assigned a new purpose on the back of your door. Drape washcloths on the ledges, similar to how Kristina Steinmetz did it, or complement house products with baskets. She only needed a couple of wall hooks.


  1. Revamp a Vanity to Match Your Style

You would never believe the transformation work done by Jules, a blogger from IKEAhackers on this vanity. With small paint, two tapered legs, as well as some latest hardware, this vanity changed from rustic to Uber-standard without much stress.

  1. 5 Part Storage Box

This features 5 organisers but for one. It contains 3 small organisers that can be used for your hair ties, cotton buds, hair clips, or cotton pads, anything you need for your daily use. A rectangular unit on it can also be used for toothpaste, hairbrushes, toothbrush, or some skincare. There is a lid on each unit, and you can arrange them together in a single place or use them in various parts of your home. This is the best organiser for those with small storage in the bathroom.

  1. IKEA HACk for Bekvam Kitchen Cart and Bathroom Vanity

The output of this Bekvam kitchen cart is not only appealing but the skillful blogger who made it gives you a great, detailed tutorial that will reveal to you how to easily convert a kitchen cabinet into a bathroom vanity from start to finish.

  1. Add a Great Storage Solution to your Bathroom

Confused, if this is a hack, but it is a great storage solution. You don’t have to get up to access the shampoo while you are relaxing in your bubble bath. Simply remove this handy rolling cart away from your office, and store your luxurious plush towels, soaps, as well as relaxing reading items there for easy access when needed.


  1. The Elevated Doors

Superfront is undeniably one of the best things to have ever happened to IKEA. Focusing on legs, fronts, and knobs, the international brand is dedicated to improving iconic areas, such as the Pax Wardrobes as well as Hemnes cabinets, with little appearance upgrades. Completed in a white block pattern, this vanity that has two drawers is not essentially a lesson in improving storage but is ideal in adding style to the little space you have.

You can have a properly organised system in your bathroom regardless of the size, whether small or big. You only need to make use of the appropriate organisers. I hope you can get some help through these 20 great IKEA ideas for bathroom organisation. I also hope you can obtain some organizing ideas for your bathroom.

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