Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Health

Carving out time for yourself to focus on mental health can make all the difference when it comes to feeling your best and maintaining balance in life. Here are ten suggestions that could help boost it!

Stress management
Stress management
  1. Believe In Yourself: To maintain an attitude of kindness toward oneself and reduce negative self-talk. Make time for activities or hobbies for mental health you find fulfilling or new ones to try — whether that means starting up a garden, taking dance classes, learning a musical instrument, becoming bilingual, etc.
  2. Take Care of Your Body: Focusing on taking good physical care of yourself can significantly enhance mental wellness. Adopting habits, such as eating a well-rounded and nutritional diet, preceding smoking/vaping habits, drinking enough water daily, exercising for mental wellness regularly, and sleeping enough are significant steps towards better mental wellness, as research has indicated. Additionally, lack of sleep has been identified as a key contributory factor behind depression among college students.
  3. Create meaningful connections: Being part of an engaged social circle can do wonders for your health and well-being. Get together with those dearest to you or explore opportunities such as clubs, classes, and support groups where new relationships may develop.
  4. Give Back: Make an impactful difference and help out in your local community; not only will this give-back feel great, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals. Check out Fun and Affordable Things to Do in your town.
  5. Learn to Manage Stress: Whilst everyone experiences some level of stress at some time or another, learning ways to better deal with it may prove highly beneficial for mental well-being. Deep breathing exercises may help, as can taking part in physical activities like Tai Chi or Yoga, as well as spending time in nature (play with pets!) or journal writing — plus, having a sense of humor can reduce tension while strengthening immune systems!
  6. Calm your mind: Explore meditation, mindfulness, or prayer as forms of relaxation. Studies have indicated that these practices can reduce depression and anxiety and boost moods, while prayer may provide additional health benefits to you and those around you. See Spiritual Resources on Personal Well-being for Students for inspiration to get you started!
  7. Establish achievable goals: Step back from what it is you hope to accomplish both personally and professionally and break them down into manageable pieces. Establish achievable goals which give a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as rewards; wellness coaching services may assist with creating and adhering to goals effectively.
  8. Break Free From Routines: While keeping to a routine can provide comfort and increase productivity, occasionally switching it up will do us good. Try something different such as taking an unfamiliar jogging route, planning a weekend away trip, going for a stroll in a different park, or visiting an unusual restaurant (check Rejuvenation 101 for some ideas!).
  9. Reduce Alcohol and Drug Intake: Excessive alcohol and drug consumption can negatively impact mental health. If you find yourself overwhelmed, stress management strategies or talking with someone close can provide valuable support; for more information, please see Alcohol and Other Drugs (also available as a PDF file).
  10. Seek help When Needed: Reaching out for assistance can take courage; give yourself credit for taking this step toward recovery from mental illness or addiction. See Resources for Stress and Mental Health to access more support options.
mental health
mental health

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