How Often Should I Have My Office Windows Cleaned?

Whenever our clients approach us and ask us this question, we always take our time to answer and explain things in detail. Though there may not be a generalized answer to the question, we try our best to pinpoint the areas that are related to the commercial building. Office window cleaning is vital to your business just as your product or services.

A clean office window creates a good impression for your business and has been seen as one of the factors that establish an excellent reputation for your brand. However, the frequency of getting your office windows cleaned depends on many factors ranging from weather, location, the type of business you engage in, and much more. Also, your business profile can tell you how often you should clean your window.

One fact remains unchanged, cleaned and shining window gives way for natural illumination to brighten up the office and give life to the workplace. On the other hands, dirty windows due to the accumulation of grime, fingerprints, dust, and smudges can reflect your business poorly and send your potential customers to your nearby rivals in the business. People pay attention to your office windows from afar before entering the building, and the first impression speaks a lot.

While people may not directly notice your cleaned and sparkly windows, grime-covered and dirty windows cannot go unnoticed.

Window cleaning is essential to your business, but the question now is “how often you should get it cleaned”? There are many factors to determine the answer, and this will be discussed in this post. What are those factors that determine how often you should have your office windows cleaned?  Let’s dive into it.

Factors that Determine how Often you should have your Office Windows Cleaned

While some businesses require routine window cleaning, others require either periodic or quarterly cleaning. Hence, you need to consider the importance of cleaned and sparkling windows to your brand or service. This is a first step to know how often you should clean your commercial windows.

Have you considered how hygienic to get your commercial windows cleaned?

However, while below guidelines can serve as an excellent starting point for your consideration, there are other factors worthy of considering helping your decision of how frequently to have your office windows cleaned. Highlighted below are the top factors to consider:

  • Type of business

This is the first factor to consider when making your decision on how often you should clean your windows. There are varieties of business that have their office windows prone to high risk of getting stained and messed up every day. For example, restaurant windows are expected to be cleaned at least every 14 days as a result of a high buildup of grease and moisture arising from food steams, grimy, ice vapor, fingerprints and heavy foot traffic of the customers. Dirty restaurant windows are unappetizing, unhealthy, and are a flop to your food business. These windows require regular cleaning inside-out.

Commercial windows of the retail stores, healthcare facilities, and other businesses in the same category should be maintained once in a month due to the nature of their businesses. Their environments are expected to appear spotless, and windows are not excluded. This gives patients and customers confidence that they will be well-treated in such a healthy environment.

Office buildings, for instance, don’t need their windows to be cleaned as often as restaurant and healthcare facilities. Once or twice a year can be enough for thorough office building window cleaning. However, this is based on the nature of services. Cleaned office windows create a good impression from outside and can serve as a mean of getting customers closer to your business.

  • Office location

Regardless of the type of business you engage, location can determine how often you should have your office windows maintained. If your offices are situated on highways or near busy areas, your windows tend to get dirtier and dull compared to those on light traffic roads. Hence, your office windows will require being cleaned more often than otherwise.

  • Season/weather condition

Particles and moisture tend to accumulate on your window during spring due to the high volume of wet air pollutants, air minerals, and heavy particles from rain breeze. These foreign particles are deposited and deplete your office windows and make your window glass appeared blunt and dirty. It is sure you would need frequent cleaning during this season. This is where your office landscaping comes into play. If your window glasses are surrounded by trees or mulched flowerbeds, or at adjacent to parking lot, some weather conditions can enhance debris deposition on your windows; hence, you may need to remove the debris much often.

Why Are Clean Commercial Windows Important?

Nobody wants to stay in an unhealthy environment. And moreover, in a world of high competitive market, businesses have to do their best to win prospects to their sides. Outward appearance is one of the things that say much about what is going on inside. If your commercial windows are not cleaned and tidied up, you may lose your prospective customers to other rivals that get attracted to them.

Apart from increasing the lifespan of the windows, a dirty commercial window cannot go unnoticed compared to when it is sparkling.

If you don’t think about your residential building windows, you cannot escape cleaning your office windows as often as they required. It is worthy of mentioning, that cleaned windows allow more illumination into the workplace, reducing the energy consumed by the high wattage of overhead lighting and lamps. In a nutshell, clean windows improve the credibility of your business and help in customers’ perspective about overall business.

Getting Professional Window Cleaner for your Commercial Windows

Are you thinking of cleaning your office windows yourself or getting a professional to do it better? Right! You can perform the task yourself, but not as perfect as it should be. A perfect window cleaning for business requires an expert who can give you what you want. Performing monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually window cleaning for your offices should be done by a professional. You tend to get a good result that is cost-effective, and you don’t need to subject yourself or your employees to such a dangerous task.

However, it is important to look before you leap when considering hiring a professional for your window cleaning. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced window cleaner, Clean House Melbourne is one of the leading professionals in this field. Contact us today.

Final Words

Your own business may not have a particular time you should clean your windows. However, the best ways to know is by putting yourself in the position of passersby and consider how they feel when they see commercial building windows with dusty and dull windows. The impression is that something is not going well with the business and you would not be there to defend and promote yourself as otherwise.

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