House Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda is present in every pantry. It is often used in cooking; however, it could be used for house cleaning. It can help you get more areas of your home naturally clean.


Animals: By adding baking soda to kitty litter or sprinkling it on a wet dog and brushing out, it can reduce those not-so-nice odours in a flash.

Smoking: To make it a more pleasant social setting, place some baking soda in the bottom of the ashtray.

Carpet and rugs: Unpleasant smell? Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on top and leave it for 15 minutes. Then give it a vacuum and if it’s not better, repeat the process.

To clean surfaces, sprinkle baking soda on a damp cloth. Wipe, then rinse with clean water.

Baby furniture: Using a ¼ cup of baking soda to 1 cup of water to wash the bassinet, change table and other items.

Pool toys: Inflatable pools and pool toys can be cleaned from mildew by washing with a baking soda and warm water solution.

Cleaning-kids-toys: Place a ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ warm water in a bucket. Put in the toys (or just wipe with a cloth), and then rinse with clean water and leave to dry.

Fabric softener: To have soft and fluffy towels, add ½ cup baking soda to the rinse cycle

Boost bleach: Combining baking soda with bleach you can cut down your usage and make it more environmentally friendly. Just add ½ cup of baking soda for each ½ cup of bleach.

Rang hood filter: 1 cup of Baking soda in boiling water, mix it and put the filter in it for few minutes. Rinse with hot water. Repeat the process if you don’t get shiny and clean filters.

Garbage odours: sprinkle the bottom of the pail, and then sprinkle again after you put a new bag in

Remove stale smells from food containers: rinse out with hot water and baking soda. If the smell persists, let the container soak overnight in the baking soda and water mixture

Clean silver: use a paste of 3 parts baking soda to one part water. Rub the

Remove scuff marks or grease spills from the floor: sprinkle with baking soda and then wipe with a warm, damp cloth. This is even safe for no-wax floors!

Burnt-on food in the bottom of pots, sprinkle with baking soda, then add hot water. Let soak overnight; the dried-on food will come loose much more easily.

Remove stubborn stains from most surfaces: use a baking soda paste (3 parts baking soda, one part water). Apply, let stand, then scrub or wipe clean.

To avoid clogged drains, pour 1/4 cup baking soda down weekly. Rinse through with hot water.

To help remove spills, blot as much as possible. Then clean as you normally would. When finished, sprinkle with baking soda. Vacuum. This will decrease the chance that some of the spilled item will remain in the carpet and cause unpleasant odours later.

To remove grease stains, either add baking soda to the wash load or pretreat the stains with a baking soda paste.

 Baking soda can be used to help clean up grease spills

To remove burnt food from the grill, sprinkle with baking soda, then soak. After several hours, the charred pieces will come loose easily.

Lawn furniture can be easily cleaned with a rinse of 1/4 cup baking soda in 1 quart warm water

The children’s pool can be cleaned and have mildew removed by washing with baking soda in warm water.

For outside furniture, a quick wipe down with a 1 cup of baking soda added to some warm water will leave them sparkling. remember to rinse thoroughly with some clean water and leave them in the sun to dry.

Fly screens: Clean with a damp cloth dipped into baking soda and a bit of elbow grease. Rinse with a damp cloth or if you can remove them, wash them with a hose.

If you get into using baking soda for cleaning, consider buying it in bulk; see if you can join a co-op or if your local natural foods or bulk store can order it for you. After all, it doesn’t spoil, and the uses for baking soda are nearly endless!

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