Deep Cleaning of Carpet using Encapsulation Process –The Sustainable Advantages

Encapsulation cleaning is an interim low-moisture method of carpet cleaning, which is considered a viable alternative to the regular hot water cleaning method. In this method, an encapsulation chemical is sprayed on the surface of the carpet and then brushed deep inside the surface, with the help of an agitation instrument. The instrument that is used for agitation generally includes a rotary brush or bonnet, an oscillating pad (OP), and the likes.

The agitation breaks the chemical bond between the fibre of the carpet and the dirt particles, besides mixing the encap solution with the dirt as well as the sticky residue. Now once the chemical dries up, it crystallises and renders the residue entirely non-sticky. Once that happens, the residue is sucked up from the surface using a routine vacuum-cleaning method. This is an extremely quick, effective, and flawless method, which experienced carpet cleaning professionals use to clean carpets that are extremely messy and filthy. Our professional cleaners in Clean House Melbourne do the same, yielding a highly effective cleaning solution.

Now, this method comes with an array of advantages, which is why over the years it becomes a widely followed process of deep carpet cleaning.


You will find a number of facilities, where maintenance and restoring carpets can very well turn out to be a costly and time-consuming affair. For lessening the financial burden and for giving the outcome a shot in its arm, an increasing number of professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne like anywhere else in the world are incorporating this highly effective encapsulation method into their carpet cleaning regimens – either considering it an interim method, or in specific cases, as alternatives of another conventional deep cleaning method.

Better End Result 

As per our fantastic cleaners who have been conducting carpet cleaning service for Airbnb in and around Melbourne for years, encapsulation is a typical much quicker process as well as easier to conduct than the other processes including hot water extraction, thereby augmenting the productivity and reducing the overall cleaning cost.

As per the estimates given by the seasoned experts, a typical hot water extraction method can clean about 600 st ft carpet area in one hour. However, 1-hour house cleaning in Melbourne using the encapsulation method can cover over 2000 sq ft of carpet area.

In other words, it has revolutionised carpet cleaning, by minimising labour involvement and reducing the cleaning cost per sq ft to a great extent. Besides, because of lesser moisture, it is easier to maneuvre, and hence, there is much lesser wear & tear of the custodian.

It makes stain spotting much easier

Besides cleaning the carpets quickly, effortlessly, and effectively, the encapsulation method also helps to keep the carpets to remain clean for much longer periods, and thus helps to prolong the time gap between two deep cleaning sessions. This not only lessens inconvenience but helps in cost-cutting as well.

As per the experts, when carpets are cleaned using high-quality encapsulating detergents, it, in fact, keeps the soil at bay. The normal carpet cleaning detergents, no matter how good they may be, are sticky and hence are more likely to attract soil in worst-case scenarios. This is the reason why the encapsulation method is used for addressing the wicking problems that surface after hot water extraction.

Some of the experts are of the opinion when hot water extraction is conducted, the cleaners are actually paying for the sins of the other cleaners who have cleaned the carpet previously. What it actually means is that whatever residue is left behind on the carpet after hot water extraction will wick up with the remaining moisture content in the carpet. That is the reason, even if our professional house cleaners in Melbourne had carried out hot water extraction cleaning, they would follow it up by using the encapsulation method for crystallising whatever soil particles are left with the moisture content, thereby making it easier to get rid of them by vacuuming subsequently.

Indeed, as the encapsulation method counteracts with the wicking issues, it excels as an extremely effective method that facilitates the removal of spots and stains as well.

Indeed, most of the commercial and office buildings would use this carpet cleaning method for maximum effect. Since most of these buildings use extremely dense carpet tiles with vinyl backing, that plays a hindrance to a proper flow of air. Naturally, this makes the removal of spills and spots using hot water extraction extremely difficult, prompting the professional cleaners to turn to the encapsulation method. In particular, when it comes to cleaning services for Airbnb properties in and around Melbourne, the use of encapsulation method has become an imperative for the pros as well as for the stakeholders alike.

It is an eco-friendly cleaning process as well

If slashing the labour cost and improving the effectiveness of cleaning are considered a major impetus for taking to encapsulation cleaning, that’s not all.  It is an extremely eco-friendly cleaning method as well, and that is reason enough for the method to be popular.

The customers, as well as the professionals, are giving more emphasis these days on taking to eco-friendly facilities that will reduce carbon footprint substantially and will conserve the natural assets and resources. Fortunately, the encapsulation carpet cleaning technique fits in this new scenario, making it an all the more carpet cleaning option these days.

As per the pundits, encapsulation has a much lesser impact on the environment than the hot water cleaning method. In the encapsulation method, once the water vapourises out of the carpet, the polymer is vacuumed to suck up the dry and encapsulated soil, which collects in a vacuum bag. However, when a hot water extraction method is followed, it generates a substantial volume of contaminated messy water that emerges out of the carpet. Even if the cleaners properly dispose of that water, it still remains a realistic source of water contamination.

Encapsulation, on the other hand, not only contributes to water conservation, but it conserves energy as well. Encapsulation not only saves ecological chemistry but contributes to fuel consumption as well, besides saving carpets from normal wear and tear as well.

Besides, it does not need the use of any additional equipment, like air movers for speeding up the drying process, as carpets do not get wet at all. This is another plus point when it comes to energy conservation.

Thus, you see, with a string of advantages, the encapsulation method of carpet cleaning is the most adored method of cleaning followed by carpet cleaning service providers in Victoria. We at Clean House Melbourne are no different.

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