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Your Trusted After-Renovation Cleaning Experts In Prahran

As soon as your remodelling/renovation project in Prahran is complete; you find yourself left with a cluttered and dusty place which appears more like a building site than your newly renovated property. Almost all sized renovations involve a process which will inevitably cause dust and debris to spread and even settle into those difficult-to-reach-spots.That’s why, after the renovation work is done; you need to clean it properly and even arrange for all that dust, debris, loose plaster and dirt to be disposed of safely far away from your property.

While you may try to do all this yourself; the wiser choice would be to enlist help from quality and experienced after renovation cleaning specialists serving in Prahran to reduce your workload and complete the task quickly.
CLEAN HOUSE MELBOURNE- who offers you bespoke post-renovation or after-builder cleaning services across Melbourne can handle all of that.

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Our Top-Grade After-Renovations Cleaners in Prahran Will Clean All Surfaces Effectively

Over our tenure; our experienced post-renovation cleaners operating in Prahran and across Melbourne have completed many builders’ clean projects.

Our team always uses industrial-quality cleaning equipment to work on all dirty/dusty surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, behind frames. Plus they also employ quality cleaning detergents to eliminate all renovation dirt and stains from cementing, plastering and even painting. All windows and its frames will be thoroughly cleaned from the inside and the floor will be repeatedly vacuumed to ensure no traces of fine construction dust exist.

Our after renovation cleaners in Prahran have an eye for details and while performing the clean-up; they will carefully inspect every inch of your renovated properly and remove any trace of dirt, dust or grime found. They will even remove construction waste, wood pieces, concrete grime, even harmful agents like respirable crystalline silica which can pose a health risk if inhaled accidentally.

They will also clean doors, walls, storage areas and even tight corners of your property to remove dust-build-up which is known to be a good breeding ground for microbes and germs.

After Renovation Cleaning Service Melbourne
What Includes In Our After-Renovation Services in Prahran?
Our post-renovation cleaners in Prahran; will perform the following –

  • Kitchen Cleaning –cupboards, behind drawers, benchtops, sink, cabinet, refrigerator, microwave and even the oven
  • Sweeping and vacuuming floors and even mopping them using eco-friendly cleaning products until no traces of loose dirt is visible
  • Cleaning skirts – right from the bottom to the top
  • Door cleaning – door handles, door frames
  • Ceiling and wall spot cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning – walls, tiles, mirrors, cupboards, beneath and behind the washing machine, and removing paint stains from the walls and floors
  • Living room cleaning – spot cleaning ceilings, walls, window sills, wiping curtains and blinds and moping dusty floors
  • Steam cleaning carpets/ rugs and upholstery

And much more…!

Achieve The Perfect After-Renovation Cleaning With CLEAN HOUSE MELBOURNE
Our team has the patience, skills, experience and tools to immaculately handle all kinds of post-renovation cleaning requirements and make your property shine again. We offer our professional after renovation cleaning services in Prahran at very competitive rates without any hidden costs.Call Us (no-obligation, no-charge) and simply schedule a visit. We operate 7-days-a-week!