We are almost in the summer that comes with beauty and issues. Most people remain indoors because of the pandemic, and there is a need to get houses ready for the upcoming hot days. At this time, hiring professional cleaner comes handy. You will discover six major mistakes to stay away from while hiring your cleaner.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaners may have to follow different deep cleaning approach when working on homes, offices, and home offices. There are recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how to properly clean and disinfect many surfaces to curb the spread of the virus. Many states and provinces may be looking at opening commercial activities or relaxing the lockdown order. This may imply that homeowner and employers are looking for ways to maintain a cleaned homes or working atmosphere for their staff when they resume back to work. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes when you are looking to hire a cleaning company or an individual cleaner.

#1 Not Researching the Cleaning Company

Seek recommendations for a reliable cleaning service or individual from family members, friends, and neighbors may be your first option. Remember this pandemic period and extra careful is required. After shortlisting some, interviewing a minimum of four cleaning companies to obtain an estimate before you choose one to hire is a good play. It will be a big blunder not researching your potential cleaner before hiring.

Look up the company on www.bbb.org   to go through reviews or complaints about them. Tread cautiously with companies with poor reviews from many complaints, and also check out how they address the situations.

#2 Notgoing through the Company’s Credentials

Make sure any company or individual you are looking to hire is bonded and insured. This will cover you and your business in case there is an accident that leads to breaking or theft, or peradventure anyone gets injured on the cleaning job. Ensure any individual or company you hire has employees that are properly checked or just conduct the background check yourself just to be sure. It is a big mistake assuming the company has all it takes and neglecting going through the company’s credentials.

#3 No Insurance and Accreditations

You should not consider hiring the service of any cleaning company that refuses to provide you proof of their insurance policies (with the employee, professional, and public liability). Consider a case where an employee got to the office early in the morning and falls over on the floor and breaks his leg because the floors are slippery, but with no signs, who will be responsible? The cleaning company will be responsible for the damage they fail to stick to their safety measures. You definitely want to avoid being liable for multiple employee claims for bodily injuries or any other damage. When your cleaning company possesses the required accreditations, it shows that the company has sacrificed a lot to ensure its development.

#4 Notagreeing to Cost

You need to find out the duration it will take a cleaning service to complete its job. Determine the inclusions in their services and ensure it contains all the things you want to clean. In case you need specific service, inform your cleaners upfront so they can get ready to provide it for you. The company’s representative should take a walk around your office or home before they issue an estimate for the job. Ask the company if they make use of their own cleaning supplies, else, the cleaning services’ costs should be cheaper. Note that a cheaper cleaning service may not be offering you a good service for your money.

#5 Not seeking for References

Don’t just contact cleaner; get references from the individual or company before you hire. Make sure you note a company or individuals with repeated satisfied customers when communicating with the references provided. Ask about the quality of services the references received and if their expectations were met.

#6 Notchecking Reviews on the Business

Also check online to see the kind of reviews written about the business. You can check this out on many online websites such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, and so on. A company that is absent online should be considered out of date or a potential scam.

#7 Not seeing Fluctuating Practices as an Alarm Bell

You should know that a lot of processes are needed to operate a reliable and top-ranked cleaning service business. This includes hiring the crews, training the crews, controlling the continuous sales, managing the cleaning processes, and many more. The company has a lot to manage and control, and most make the mistake of not being consistent with their services. One of the inconsistencies focused on how they recruit their crews.

At least a company sending its representative to a client’s home should make sure the employee’s background is properly researched. However, most cleaning services or other services usually forget this. This is because digging up potential employees (background and credit checks in particular) takes time and costs money. Many companies will choose to bypass this process even though it ensures safety and security.

The entire recruitment process, as well as background checks, must be properly maintained. Top-level cleaning companies will conduct a phone interview before a physical interview. They must check their references and also perform a cleaning test. This is rare stuff in the cleaning industry.

#8 Notsigning a Written Contract before the Job

Written contract is essential.Ensure there is some flexibility in the contract offered by your hired company specifically on the hours and pricing. If the cleaning company you choose is not willing to follow the terms stated in the contract, it is possible that they will not do their best in offering quality and standard services. Make sure you also request the agreement of the service level. You can get various cleaning services from different cleaning companies. Making sure everything you want your cleaners to do is clearly stated in the agreement. This ensures they deliver the exact services you are paying for. Check the written agreement, which clearly indicates what services the cleaners are expected to offer within a specific timeframe for completion.   

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