11 top tips for after renovation cleaning
11 Top Tips for After Renovation Cleaning

Whether you’re renovating or building your home in the Southbank area or surrounds, you’ll soon find out how messy the construction process can be. From removing all the leftover building materials, to dusting or washing the walls, cleaning the floors, dusting every surface over and over again – not to mention cleaning the windows, after renovation cleaning is time-consuming and downright difficult.

If you’re planning on tackling the after renovation cleaning task yourself, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you on the path to success.

After Renovation Cleaning Tips:

after renovation cleaning tips

Tip #1 – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Ideally, think about the potential dust and mess BEFORE you start building. Where possible, try and limit the dust to the immediate work area. This could mean keeping internal doors closed, and/or covering any open walkways with plastic to prevent debris spreading within rooms. It’s also recommended to tape around any cracks in the doors and tape off cupboards and wardrobes to stop dust infiltrating inside these as well.

Tip #2 – Cover Any Remaining Furniture

If you’re keeping your furniture and belongings in place throughout the renovation process, then it’s wise to cover everything with plastic sheeting. This prevents dust and other debris from landing on your items which will take hours and hours to remove later on. Save your upholstery, your glass, your cabinets and tables from the onslaught of building dust as thoroughly as you can by draping everything in plastic.

Tip #3 – Get an Industrial Quality Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

It’s easy to just let the dust and debris build up over the duration of the building process and “worry about it later”. But – to make after renovation cleaning as easy as possible, we recommend that you tackle the vacuuming at the end of each day. This stops the transfer of dust from room to room, and it makes the final cleaning job so much easier. Likewise for mopping, regularly mopping surfaces goes a long way to reducing the post construction cleaning job at the end.

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Tip #4 – Think About Your Health

If you have any allergies or respiratory problems, ALWAYS wear a mask when cleaning. The fine particles found in building dust can wreak havoc on everyone, but it’s especially uncomfortable for anyone with breathing difficulties.

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5 More Post Construction Cleaning Tips!

5 more post construction cleaning tips!

Tip #5 – Sweep First

When the renovation is completed, and it comes to the cleaning itself, professional post construction cleaners always sweep first. Sweeping tends to cause dust to fly up and settle on surfaces such as benches and furnishings, meaning that if you have already dusted these, they will immediately get dirty again!

Tip #6 – After Sweeping, It’s time to DUST, DUST, DUST

Invest in proper dusting cloths (microfiber cloths are ideal) and get down to work. Starting at the top of the room, dust everything in sight and work your way downwards. Remember to dust off light fittings, ceiling fans, the tops of wardrobes, door frames, and even the ceiling itself. Don’t forget door handles, benchtops, inside and outside cupboards – essentially, you need to dust everywhere you can access.

Tip #7 – Vacuum Slowly and Methodically

Use your vacuum and carefully work your way around every room. For best results, vacuum slowly, allowing the machine to extract the maximum amount of particles at a time. Use the vacuum cleaner on both hard and soft surfaces, and don’t forget to address the inside of wardrobes, and in all of the corners.

Tip #8 – Take Time for Hard Surfaces

Once you have eradicated as much building debris and dust as you can, it’s time to tackle the hard surfaces. Here, you’ll need fresh new cloths and a cleaning spray, plus a dry towel. Wipe down all the hard surfaces you can find, including: bathroom counter tops and sinks, toilets, kitchen benches, whitegoods, laundry benches, and any open shelving. If you’ve done a partial renovation, then you’ll need to work your way around built-in furniture items such as entertainment units, and bookshelves.

Importantly, to prevent any musty smells or damage, be sure to dry off these areas with a clean, dry cloth. Leave cupboard and cabinet doors open to air them of any stale odours.

Tip #9 – Don’t Forget the Air Vents

A commonly forgotten part of post renovation cleaning, is the air vents, which are a magnet for dust and debris which accumulates throughout the building process. Check the vents from inside and outside, and be sure to get rid of any build up you can see. This prevents the dust from re-entering the rooms you have just cleaned, and keeps the air fresh and healthy.

Tip #10 – It’s Time to Vacuum Again

Now that the dust has settled, you’ll need to work your way around the property a second time with the vacuum cleaner. This collects any particles that worked their way down during the dusting and wiping process. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag and clean the filter regularly to make sure you’re getting the best results.

Tip #11 – Help is Not Far Away

If the idea of after renovation cleaning has you worried, or you’re just tired from the building process itself, we can help. As expert renovation cleaners in Melbourne, we have handled building and post construction cleans for properties of all sizes. We are highly trained, highly-rated and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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