Boat Cleaning Melbourne

Get your boat interior cleaned by expert and meticulous cleaners
We’ll make your boat’s interior as spotless and well-maintained as it deserves to be.Clean House Melbourne is a trusted resource for luxury boat owners in Melbourne. We are committed to delivering only the very best cleaning work to boat owners who take pride in these significant investments.

Clean House Melbourne understands the need for yachts and boats of all kinds to be thoroughly and meticulously maintained, and we take great effort to ensure the boats we clean are held to the highest standards of cleanliness.

Whether your boat is used by family, clients or friends, it will be decked up and ready for enjoyment, with interiors that glisten to impress even the most discerning guests.

Our expert boat cleaners are fully trained, and use proven techniques to preserve the luxury finishes and upholsteries that are unique to boats. We keep our focus on the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas of your vessel.

You can opt for our boat cleaning services on a once off, once a week, or once a month basis according to your needs. You will receive a tailored solution that resolves your cleaning needs while remaining budget-friendly. We offer discounts on regular boat cleaning services.

Clean House Melbourne is your trusted boat cleaning resource in Melbourne. Call our cleaning manager now on 0407 094 444
We’re The Best Choice For Upholstery Boat Cleaning
Dirty and worn-down upholsteries destroy the beauty and luxury of a boat’s interior. To keep your boat looking as fresh as the day you bought it, we recommend investing in periodic upholstery maintenance to bring fabrics and leather back to life again.Our team of boat cleaning experts use steam cleaning techniques to make sure the fabric of the interior remains dust and stain free. After vacuuming the loose dirt from the surface of the upholstery, we use gentle steam cleaners to rejuvenate the fabric and remove markings.

Our team also makes sure that leather upholsteries are polished and treated with leather conditioners, while the wooden furniture and decks are kept clean and shiny.

Choose Us For Your Boat’s Deep Kitchen Cleaning
Our in-depth kitchen cleaning services designed for boats will keep the kitchen and oven pristine. As the kitchen is one of the biggest sources of dirt and debris, it is essential to keep it clean to minimise the chances of food contamination and bacteria growth. From dirty dishes to the interior of a refrigerator – we do it all for you! At Clean House Melbourne we only use cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly.
We Pay Special Attention To Your Boat’s Bathroom Sanitation

The bathroom on a boat is typically smaller than regular bathrooms, and they can easily become the source of odours if not maintained fastidiously. Because entering a sanitised and hygienic toilet will create an instant positive impression on guests, we believe the bathroom demands particular attention in the cleaning schedule on boats. We pay careful attention to these areas to make every corner of the yacht’s bathroom clean and sanitised.

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