Who Needs Luxury Cleaning Service in Melbourne?


Luxury cleaning is for a purpose and not just a cleaning. This means that not everybody understands, and may require the service. To maintain luxurious homes is not an easy task. It is easy to build a luxurious home, but its maintenance is the big deal.

The marble floors are expected be maintained to continue shining like gold. The walls must be well cleaned to bring out their beauty. Because your home is a luxurious one, you must treat it the same way.

In the course of discharging our cleaning duties in homes, offices, and parties, we discovered some homes require more standard cleaning than others. In Melbourne, some buildings propel their standard and beauty from afar, even without entering the house. These are luxury homes we are talking about. Imagine the types of facilities, furniture, flooring, plastering, and much more in the building! All these surfaces and facilities require maintenance to prolong their life span and to keep their quality sustained.

This is where luxury cleaning comes into place. Luxury cleaning services handle luxurious surfaces and facilities maintenance, making your home hospitable and maintain its luxurious standard.

Not every home has the levels of facility quality the luxurious homes have in place. That is why the service is not for everybody but for the people who value their quality setups.

This article will look at the categories of people that need this service to enlighten them more on why they need it. Before we continue, in summary, let’s look at what luxury cleaning means in this concept and its expected coverage.

What Luxury Cleaning Service Entails and its Coverage?

The luxury cleaning service encompasses many cleaning requirements in a luxurious and executive home to give the house the required image projection to both family and guests. The luxury cleaning service can be in the form of advanced house cleaning service for residential, offices and other executive properties that exceed the average industry standard of service.

It involves a combination of expertise, skills, attention to details, and meticulous level of cleanliness. In luxury cleaning, it is understood that every cleaner is a professional in their fields and no excuses for mistakes.

Luxury cleaning understands the importance and value of every section of your home to be cleaning. This service leaves no stone unturned during the exercise; all the areas are handled with most proper care and attention they deserve with appropriate tools and equipment.

Luxury cleaning service covers below cleaning but not limited to the following:

  • Living rooms, libraries, gym, offices, halls, relaxing areas, and other public apartments in the building.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Kitchens including all the kitchen appliance like microwaves, oven, dishwashers, toasters, stoves, as well as cupboards, range hood, and much more.
  • Balconies, verandas, terraces, kids’ playing areas.
  • Vacuuming of all areas.
  • Carpet steam cleaning.
  • Windows (both interior and exterior).
  • Blinds and curtains.
  • Rugs and upholstery steam cleaning.
  • Floor mopping and maintenance.
  • Chairs and tables cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stairs and garage.
  • Electronics appliances, electrical fittings, plugs, switches, and much more.
  • Laundry and ironing services.
  • Total housekeeping

Categories of People that Need Luxury Cleaning Services

Just like it was mentioned above, not everybody needs luxury cleaning service. Though it may sound good and excellent, some homeowners value quality more than other. We have stated below the categories of people that need luxury cleaning services:

  • Our elite customers: From experience and our working with people, we discovered that some customers’ homes are first class, and they love the best quality of service when it comes to house cleaning. They are ready to pay more to get the best they want, and they usually call for special service package like luxury cleaning to keep their homes at top levels. So, these categories of people includes but not limited to the following:
  • Individuals who are looking for the best in everything.
  • People who are looking for the highest level of cleanliness possible.
  • Individuals with high budgets.
  • People who value more and appreciate more top cleaning services.
  • Individuals who are very fussy with the state of their homes
  • Luxurious homeowners in Melbourne metropolis: There are many luxurious and executive houses in Melbourne, Richmond, Kensington, Southbank, Seddon West, Hawksburn, Brunswick, Yarraville, Abbotsford, Abeckett Street, Windsor, Port Melbourne, Burnley, Carlton, Kingsville, Travancore, Flemington, Auburn, and much more, which require top class cleaning as against normal maid cleaning.

The standard and quality of furniture, facilities, and other household equipment in these houses need to be maintained to complement the outward looks of the building. Many of the homeowners of these houses are looking for such a cleaning service like the luxury cleaning, but they can’t find one around. This has made Clean House Melbourne step up their services to meet up the demand of these homeowners in these areas, so they can enjoy the services they have been aspired to get.

  • People with allergies and willing to invest in their health: It was discovered during our series of surveys that some people are willing to invest to keep a healthy environment for the purpose of their well-being. People who value their health and environment more than money.

Many of them have studied that routine or maid cleaning is not enough to keep their surroundings free of bacteria, fungus, and other infectious organisms except high-end professional cleaning; hence, the need for luxury cleaning service to serve their purposes. Luxury cleaning is customized for their requirement to give them value for their money. Since many of them have subscribed to luxury cleaning service, it had been good stories and feedbacks every day.

  • Homeowners with house maid but required extra cleaning: There are homeowners with house maid but understand that their maid could not cover all the cleaning needs of the home, being a luxurious home and requires extra cleaning. This category of people usually requests for regular weekly luxury cleaning of at least 4hrs.
  • After a VIP party: This is another category where a VIP party takes place, either in a luxurious compound or hall, and the homeowner or the celebrant want a thorough and professional cleaning after the party. Luxury cleaning service cleans and turns the venue into a well-looking place that no one would know that a party has just taken place there.

Which Company does it Better in Melbourne?

Clean House Melbourne is a Southbank cleaning company with a high standard of excellence that delivers an exceptional cleaning experience to all of its customers. We are constantly focused on understanding our customer’s cleaning needs first because we believe there is NO cleaning service that fits all. With an internally trained cleaning team, our home cleaners provide the highest level of cleaning services possible according to our customer’s requests and instructions.

We sincerely understand the value and importance of your home and its content to you. Consequently, we treat them with the most appropriate care and attention they deserve. When doing it, we never rush. We take our time, and we meticulously do it.

With our reputation in the field of professional cleaning service, we give it what it takes to give your home a professional looks that speak well of you to your family and guests.


It is obvious that not everyone needs luxury cleaning because of what it entails and its level of coverage. Some people may think it is expensive because they lack knowledge of its values. Clean House Melbourne is determined to give the best to its elite clienteles and as many as those who want the best cleaning service for their homes. Luxury cleaning service is meant for you if you found yourself among the categories discussed above. Our mission is to clean to impress you. Let’s prove ourselves to you. Call us for your luxury cleaning services.

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