Medical Centre COVID disinfect

In these unprecedented times, we all have heard about the death rate increasing in Victoria and especially in medical centres due to more people getting the coronavirus.
What to do when one of your patients has tested positive to COVID-19 in your medical centre?

That’s one of the worse news anyone of us expects to hear. However, it’s part of the medical challenges, despite all the precaution taken.

Here in Clean house Melbourne, when we hear about a breakdown in a medical, it raises a red flag and urgency is of the essence. For us, it means, we need to intervene immediately before getting more patients contaminated.

Are you looking for a very trusted and organised cleaning company to restore health and safety in your medical centre ASAP?
Is everyone freaking out and feeling insecure?
Is your health plan and procedures not working as you planned?
Is the number of cases in your area increasing every day?

Unfortunately, with delicate health patients, children and vulnerable elderly, the coronavirus is getting the best of them.

Are you worried about having more infected people in your aged care?
Is your home care safe?
Are you concerned about the wellbeing inside your high-care facilities?

As home care, retirement homes and their residents are very susceptible to outbreaks of dangerous bacterias and viruses.

At clean house Melbourne, we committed to providing the best prevention solution for your retirement facility.
With Viraclean as our favourite disinfectant, we will give your residence one the best sanitiser in the Australian market.

In clean house Melbourne, our motto is Safety first. We mean, your safety, ours and everyone’s wellbeing around us.

In medical centres, we perform 2 kinds of virucide cleanings:
1) Negative to COVID
2) Positive to COVID

When presented with confirmed negative COVID patient in medical, which is a prevention method, we usually, disinfect all the high touch areas, deep clean the rooms, sanitise the bathrooms and leave it sparkling everywhere. This is to minimise any chance of bacteria growth and virus spread.

When they call us for a confirmed COVID positive case, before entering the premise, we gear up from head to toe, and we invade the property. Our full gear is composed of a coverall, goggles, mask, gloves and cover shoes.
Firstly, we fog the whole property with our TGA approved Netbiokem DSAM, which is a commercial-grade disinfectant which kills COVID-19 and SARS. It’s a virucide which kills the coronavirus in 2 min. Then, we manually go over all the high touch areas to sanitise them and to leave them virus and bacteria-free. For this clean, we use disposable cloths. One cloth per surface area to minimise the cross-contamination. All used cloths are collected and put in a double high resistance black rubbish bag.

Our dedicated team of COVID cleaners are well trained and certified on all the infection measures to protect themselves from getting the virus. They are also trained on how to make sure that the properties, after our disinfection cleaning, are left With NO COVID-19 traces and that it is safe for everyone to come to the medical centre. There is NO need to wait after our sanitisation clean, as the product we use kills 99.9% of the viruses within 2 minutes contact time.

Our team strive to use the best products recommended by safe work Australia and the health department to kill any type of virus including Covid-19, Sars, Hiv, Ebola, Flu or hepatitis. We are up to date with all the federal and state government recommendation and best practices.

Clean house Melbourne has a small team of trained COVID cleaners who are specialised in infection outbreaks and can meet all your Medical centres’ disinfection requirements. We try our best to book every COVID clean as soon as possible, but we will NEVER, send anyone unqualified to do the job. We are very flexible, and we will work with you to make your medical centre disinfected and sanitised as soon as possible. We also offer maintenance cleaning and ongoing sanitisation.

If you have any query, please reach out to our manager on 0407 094 444
We are open 7 days a week and bookings start from 7 am every day.
What are the high traffic areas in aged care?
In aged care, the high touch and high traffic are areas such as:
  • All entries and Exits
  • All the light switches and plugs
  • Hallways and walls
  • Skirting boards
  • All flat surfaces
  • All the mirrors
  • All doors and door handles
  • All drawers and their handles
  • All chairs and tables
  • Rubbish bins
  • Couches and coffee tables
  • Window frames, handles and sills
  • Blinds and Blind chains
  • Garage entrance: door, door handle, switches, walls, … etc
  • All Bathrooms and toilets (including sinks and around washing machine’s door)
  • All the kitchen: doors, handles, doors, edges, stove handles, appliances, cabinets, around dishwasher door, floors, benches, fridge outside and around it
  • Any desks: monitors, mouses, phones, keyboards … etc
  • In any other surface that could be touched by someone.

List of disinfectants for use against COVID-19 in the ARTG for legal supply in Australia

Frequently asked questions:
Q. Is COVID clean a deep clean?
A. NO, a COVID clean is clean centred on killing the Coronavirus and to make properties COVID free.
Q: How soon can I book a COVID clean?

A: We are able to organise COVID cleans in one or two days times according to our clients’ availability. lately, in Melbourne, as we have more positive cases, we might be little busier. Most of the time, we can do same day COVID disinfecting cleans.

Q: Is Vacuuming and mopping part of COVID clean?
A: Only mopping is part of the COVID clean. Vacuuming can be done as an extra job and only if necessary (when very soiled).
Q: Can I be assured that after your home disinfection, I will be safe with my family at home?
A: Yes, the fact that we have these 2 phases of cleaning in place and using highly recommended TGA products, are all aimed to leave NO chance to the virus to leave in your property and to make feel as safe as you could be in your medical centre.
Q: Can anyone do The COVIC clean?
A: NO, and absolutely NO. This is NO joke. We can’t play with people’s health and wellbeing. In Clean house Melbourne, we take it very seriously. We have only a small well-trained team and once they are busy, we don’t take any more bookings. We can’t afford to send unqualified COVID cleaners to do the job. It’s a very high risk for them and for our customers.
It will jeopardise their health and our clients’ health, which is against our value of serving and helping people live in a safe environment.
Q: Are you chemicals effective and will kill the CORONAVIRUS?
A: NO doubt, it will. All the chemicals that we use were approved and recommended by the Australian health department. We use Netbiokem DSAM, which is a commercial-grade disinfectant and which kills SARS-COV 2 (COVID-19) virus after 2min.
Q: How much does it cost to have our medical centre disinfection?
A: It depends on the size, the location, the amount of furniture and areas we need to disinfect and sanitise.
Q: How long does it take to do our medical centre disinfection?
A: We are able to do it in less than half a day for a small size home care. If the property is extensive, it may take a day or two depending on how many rooms we need to do and the size of the team we are able to bring to the site.
Q: Is carpet steam cleaning included and necessary in a COVID clean?
A: No, Carpet steam cleaning is usually NOT included in our COVID cleans and quotes. Carpet steam cleaning is recommended -as an extra-, at extra cost, if you are looking for a carpet deep clean from COVID. The fogging will disinfect the top part of the carpet. The carpet steam cleaning will disinfect the whole carpet from top to bottom due to the high temperature of the steam. In case of a COVID clean, carpet steam cleaning is recommended when you have crawling children or when you have allergies or any health challenges.
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