Importance of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are NOT required to have any qualifications to perform carpet cleaning; Therefore, any handyman and an unskilled person can become a carpet cleaner!
That is scary. Don’t you think?

Professional carpet cleaners, such as Clean House Melbourne, are the only people who should be trusted to clean your carpet. Anyone with less experience or certification will probably get you lower results and could even get your carpet damaged.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of having your carpets professionally cleaned. After all, you regularly vacuum and scrub out spills and stains when they occur. Don’t fall into this trap.

Carpet harbours a lot of unseen bacteria, dirt, hair, and, of course, dust mites. Most of us don’t realise that what we are seeing is only a tiny fraction of the soil that a carpet contains. The visible grime we notice is only the tip of the iceberg; up to 85% of the dirt, the carpet holds is buried deep within. When you consider that a carpet can eventually trap its own weight or more in the soil, you’ll agree it’s no trivial matter.

Even regularly vacuuming your carpet with a high suction vacuum (which mean with a very good vacuum cleaner) will leave a majority of dust and bacteria untouched. A regular professional carpet steam clean not only will remove all the bacteria but will also sanitise and remove all your ugly carpet stains.

Clean House Melbourne can take care of all your carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning.

Why should you always hire professional carpet cleaners?

It is paramount to vacuum the carpet properly to remove all the hair, finest dust and superficial dirt. Then, in high traffic areas, a high concentration cleaner is sprayed to break down all the embedded dirt. Stains are treated with powerful chemicals that are very safe for children, pets, and people with allergies.
After the professional carpet steam clean, the carpet is checked for any remaining stubborn stains. If any found, strong solutions are used to get rid of them once for all.

What will happen if you don’t use professional carpet cleaners?

A non-professional carpet cleaner may:
Over saturate the fibres
Promote an environment that may foster more mould and microbial growth in time
Change the colour of your carpet
damage the fibres of your carpet
Not be able to remove all your carpet stains
Leave marks on your carpet
Use too many chemicals
Leave your carpet wetter and needing more time to dry
Use a small carpet cleaning machine that has less suction power
Use wrong cleansing agents
Leave your carpet NOT properly rinsed

Good practices a professional carpet cleaner should follow:

Arrive on booked time
Have all his equipment and products with him
Assess the carpet upon arrival
Spot all the carpet stains
Ask questions about the stains in the carpet
Inform you on ways to deals with your stains next time
Inform you on ways to keep your carpet clean and fresh
Informs you about what he is doing and take you through the carpet cleaning process
Vacuum the carpet with his professional vacuum to get rid of all dry soil and loose items
Spray the right amount of the high concentration cleansing agent everywhere, especially onto high traffic areas and spots to break down soils prior to the extraction process
Treat all the stains according to their nature
Start setting up his BIG carpet cleaning machine
Ask for hot water
Fill up his machine with hot water (NOT cold water)
Have a long tube according to the size of the property and the number of storeys
Start from the far end and move towards the entrance
Once a room is steam cleaned, he should stop and look for any remaining stains
If any stain is left, he treats it with the right chemical and removes it straight away
Move to the next area and follows the same process
Once he’s finished, he explains the best practices to help the carpet dry quicker
Pack his machine
Mop and dries up any spillage
Leaves his card for future carpet cleaning and for any questions
Leaves the premises immediately without engaging in nonsense conversations.

Benefits of a regular professional carpet cleaning:

Fewer bacteria and mould proliferation in your carpet
Long life carpet (more than 10 years instead of just 5 years life)
Better health for you, your visitors and family
Better quality ground for crawling babies
Better environment for your pets
More order which could translate into more productivity
Less to think about because it’s already booked for you
You can use your time to relax or to think more about your business
You can be assured that your carpet is well looked after
Softer, fresher and nice smelling carpet
Upholstery cleaning performed from time to time or when it’s necessary
Live in a sterilised environment with no harmful bacteria or pathogens
Prevent all dirt-related illness in your home or office
Better looking carpet
Maintain your original carpet look longer
Protect your investment on your home carpet
Make your carpet (asset) last longer while looking good
Better image for your friends and family
Safer environment for children, pets, elderly and people with allergies
Better impression of your home or office
Eliminate all your food stains, dirt, dust, fingerprints, …
Fresher and better smelling carpet
Eliminate all grease at the entrance of your kitchen
Better looking high traffic areas
Increased life expectancy
Stain removal: No longer worrying about those marks, colourful spots, dried spillage… etc
Neutralized carpets feel softer and stay clean longer
After the clean, a walk through the property to point out the cleaning results.
After the clean, a business card or a fridge magnet is left to the customer
Carpet and flooring last almost twice as long when you professionally clean them 6-12 months intervals
Improves your home and office indoor air quality
Reliability and consistency of service
Secure the lowest and most competitive prices for every cleaning service

Who does a very cheap carpet cleaning?
Cheap carpet cleaning sometimes is performed with small machines (sometimes hired from Bunnings) which have a very limited suction power
Cheap carpet cleaning sometimes is performed by low skilled handymen looking for some extra money
People just starting and have little or NO experience in the carpet cleaning business
A few Carpet cleaning companies who want to attract new customers looking for discounted carpet cleaning rates. Then, once they arrive, they ask for more because they have some hidden fees that are not SO obvious to the new customer’s eye

My advice for your carpet steam cleaning: Look for the closest reputable house cleaning business to your home.

Clean house Melbourne is one of the most trusted carpet steam cleaning companies and house cleaning service in Melbourne for either domestic and office cleaning.
If you are looking for a professional cleaner for your house, carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning or rug cleaning, please contact our office 0407 094 444 for a free quote over the phone.
We answer calls 7 days from 7 am to 10 pm

Most of our carpet steam cleaning clients are on a yearly program to secure all the benefits of a reliable regular and trusted house cleaning service in Southbank and Melbourne. Not only from a quality service but also to secure our lowest and most competitive carpet cleaning prices.

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