How to choose a House Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner?

House Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners


Every home deserves a quality cleaning to promote the overall health of the habitats. Irrespective of the size or type of the house either big or small, vacation home or apartment, they all deserve the best cleaning and sanitation exercise. However, there is no specific way of cleaning your house, but there is smarter and stylish ways to get the job done and regularly give your home a touch of cleaning. One of the keys to getting the job done more smartly is by getting the right and quality cleaning equipment.

Clean House Melbourne, an Australian cleaning company and one of the esteemed cleaning companies who are serving the cleaning purposes throughout the East Melbourne, Southbank, and Melbourne CBD, has put together some tested and trusted cleaning equipment that has stood the test of the time.

The vacuum cleaner is one of these key cleaning pieces of equipment that help you clean your home in a smarter way and without stress. There are many vacuum cleaner models out there, but the question is “how can know the best one that is suitable for your home”?

Buying a suitable and cost effective vacuum cleaner might pose a threat to you and can be stressful sometimes. Many shoppers scrolled up and down the long lists of vacuum cleaners online but confused about which one to buy. Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes and shapes, and they are all equipped with various features to suit your needs. Purchasing your first vacuum cleaner may require in-depth research to know more about what you want.

These series of research have been carried out by Clean House Melbourne with a view to give you, our esteem clients and visitors the best. This article will discuss some of the factors to look out for when shopping for your vacuum cleaners.

Key Design Considerations for House Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners

No one wants to buy a trash and waste his or her hard-earned money. When it comes to household equipment like a vacuum cleaner, people are interested in buying the product that can deliver optimally.


So, how do you know which ones deliver the best and “suck for the buck.”? Below are the key factors to be considered for your house cleaning vacuum cleaner:

  • Types of vacuum cleaner: There are different types of vacuum cleaner available in the market. Before thinking of buying one, you must know what you want. For example, there are available types such as canister, upright, handheld, wet dry, robotic, hybrid, carpet, steam vacuums and much more. This selection factor is based on your needs and the volume of your house cleaning. While some types are handy, some are used to clean a wet or liquid stain, and some are heavy duty utilized in the industries. So, consider your needs during shopping.
  • Suction power: The suction power is another important key factor to be considered when shopping for your vacuum cleaner. It is described as the pressure difference supplied by the vacuum pump. Most of the vacuum cleaners come with a suction power of 20kPa to perform the cleaning purpose. The vacuum pump normally reduces the in-built vacuum pressure from the usual atmospheric pressure of 100kPa to 80kPa. The higher the suction, the more the power output of the vacuum.


Though most producers usually silent on this, but only declare the input power in amps or watts and this only means energy consumption in terms of electricity. However, some vacuum cleaners’ producer state the suction power of the product to guide you. Be vigilant!

  • Filtration system efficiency: Dust circulation in the vacuum cleaners is one of the biggest problems the users encountered when they put their vacuum into use. Filters are one of the essential components in the vacuums and must be put into consideration when procuring vacuum cleaner for your household. This particular consideration factor is directly concerned with the health of the user. Just like you are dusting your home with a rag, small particles tend to display on air everywhere in the area. Also, the exhausted air from the vacuum’s pump consists of tiny particles, moving everywhere and may enter the user’s lungs if not covered. This tends to happen no matter how effective the filtration system, these tiny dust and other microorganisms like mites still find their ways into the air.

This is as a result of clogging up of a perfect filtration which is immediate and not efficient enough. Though this issue is not linked to technical drawback, yet the manufacturers are committed to improving the design to make it more efficient in term of the filtration system, and they do this by working on effective filtration and ensuring optimal airflow within the system by designing below filtration options:

Washable filters: This is one of the giant steps taken by the producers towards solving the issues of filtering in the vacuum cleaner. These filters are foam-like materials which are durable and can last for years in operation. When they are dirty, they can be washed in dishwasher or washing machine, dry them and replace them into the vacuum cleaner. However, it is imperative to dry washable filters before replacing them.


Disposable filters: Disposable type of filters has also been introduced to solve the issue of filtering ineffectiveness. They may be in the form of closed container with an inlet for air discharge and has different layers to trap dust and making the whole system perfect. However, disposable filter (as its name implies) requires replacement every time and the period of time to replace depends on the manufacturer’s details in the manual. The only issue here is the cost of replacing the filter though it is affordable.


HEPA filtration: This filtering system is designed specifically to trap almost all tiny particles and release no dust to the environment. Any particles having a diameter of 0.3 microns and above are filtered off; thereby filter about 99.97% of particles generated in the equipment during operation. HEPA (which means High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is a perfect consideration for sensible allergic people.


Water filtration: A water filter vacuum cleaners are claimed to ensure 99.9% dust-free. They are able to achieve this result by passing the air sucked-in through water layer, get trapped and makes the dust particles wet, heavy and unable to move out of the unit. This filtration system relies on the natural water power spin around the filter at high speed. However, you must ensure quick cleaning of the water chamber for sanitary purposes.

Cyclonic separation: This is another solution to filtration issues as the system quickly cycles the air sucked into the vacuum cleaner, and the particles are forced to land into the dirt recipient by centrifugal force.


Odor filters: This type of filter removes dust particles together with any funny smells, making the environment re-freshened. They are designed out of active coils for this purpose.

  • Affordability: This factor has always been the only consideration whenever most people are shopping for a vacuum cleaner. However, buying the quality and suitable vacuums irrespective of your budget is very important. The good news is that there is always a suitable one for your budget no matter how big or small. The point here is that, either you go for the cheap product that may keep you going in your house cleaning for a couple of years or invest in the one that gets you through the next 20 – 25 years.

One thing is sure, your budget and options depend on your household cleaning needs. This means that if you have a small apartment, you are not expected to invest in a heavy duty vacuum used in the industry, or if you are occupying a very big mansion, you are not expected to go for the handheld type of vacuum which cannot serve the purpose. So, let your cleaning requirements always guide you in your selection. Long term investing is more cost effective than otherwise.

  • Weight: Though it shouldn’t be a major consideration factor, if you are the type that loves simple and neat things, it may apply to your vacuum selection. Some people like it lighter while some like it rigidity. Whichever way, the trick is to purchase the one that is equipped with self-propelled, and that can serve the purpose. The vacuum that will be easy to use especially when there is a need to vacuum large surfaces or areas. There are different vacuum cleaners with various weights.

If weight poses a threat to your health such as having issues with your back, you may decide to buy the stick versions produced recently. However, it is worthy of note that, too low weight models don’t usually perform optimally especially on deep rugs and it will require additional efforts to get to the fibre’ root. A weight range between 5 – 20 pounds of vacuum has been reviewed to perform better based on the workload match.

  • With or without a bag: Based on the frequency of your cleaning requirement, you may wish to go for bagged vacuums which require replacement with a new bag, say every two months. You only need to be buying bags once in a while and replace it based on your cleaning frequency. However, if you will not be comfortable with that, you can go for the model without a bag. They are eco-friendly, and you don’t need to be replacing its bags now and then. But it is important to be cleaning the dust container to eliminate the stuck hair in the compartment.


  • Corded or cordless: Recently, the vacuum cleaner manufacturers are producing the cordless types of vacuum that use an in-built battery to power the device. However, care must be taken if your house is large or on an average size, opting for cordless vacuums may not be the best option for you. This is due to the fact that the top rated cordless vacuum models can only last for 30 minutes and need to be recharged. Another issue is their decreased suction power experienced.


The vacuum cleaner is one of the necessities in every home no matter the size. Every home deserves one or two to suit their cleaning needs. Many homes have more than one vacuum cleaner, each for its purpose. There are different vacuums for specific uses, and this has made the manufacturers come up with varieties now and then.

Now, the issue is how you can select suitable one for your needs? The producers keep improving in their designs to minimize allergens such as dust mites, dust, and pet hair which have been causing health issues to the users. Currently, there are several safe types in the market and the only problem is to know how to select the best for your need.

However, this article has highlighted what is needed to put into consideration when shopping for your house cleaning vacuum cleaner in Australia. Clean House Melbourne did a thorough research to come up with this information, and this is all you need to know to select the most suitable and cost effective vacuum cleaners for your home. In our next article, we will be discussing on some suggested vacuum cleaners with their features based on the above design considerations. Stay tuned!

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